Broken Souls Chapter One:

Chapter One:

This story contains girl on girl love. If you are offended, do not read and do not flame. If this doesn't bother you, go ahead and read and enjoy. If you like this and like other stories like this, read my other stories like No Bound Love, Heart Notes, and Fallen Wings.

Marissa sighed as she woke up in her new bedroom. It had been one month since her and her parents and her little sister moved to the small town in Newport. She missed her big city apartment and her friends as well as her school. She wanted to move back. Being a sixteen year old girl, she basically had no choice. She vowed that one day when she turned eighteen, she will find a way to move back to where she felt like home. This small town wasn't home, it was like a foreign country to her. There was no big mall where she can be alone or the other kids from her high school hang out at, there is no fast food restaurants, nothing that reminded her of home. The apartment buildings even look strange. They looked modern in Newport, rather than that old brick, historical feeling that she had.

"Marissa, Marissa! Come down stairs! Your breakfast is getting cold!" her mother Amy Bowen said. Marissa sighed as she climbed out of her bed. She changed her clothes, brushed her hair, brushed her teeth, and ran downstairs. Her mother wasn't the most patient woman in the world. If Marissa didn't do what her mother wanted her to do, right when her mother said so, she will yell and belittle Marissa. Her mother was the reason why her and her family had to move to Newport. Her mother had accepted a new job as an administrative assistant and her father had to move his practice to Newport. She had a feeling that her father wasn't too happy about what was going on either. But around Marissa, he always put up a happy front as she could talk to her father where she couldn't talk to her mother. Her mother wasn't the typical nurturing mother type. She would yell, and belittle her, and she would seem cold and unresponsive with her daughter. Being the older child wasn't easy either. Marissa was often alone and sad.

(Later on that day after school)

Justice sighed as she watched the kids leave the school building. She noticed a new girl. Marissa Bowen, a small dark brown long hair girl with green eyes came into school today. Being the most popular girl in school does have some advantages. She played basketball on the girls basketball team. She got good grades, even the teachers were impressed with her, and also she carried herself as a strong and confident girl with a tough attitude. Growing up in foster care after her dad left and her mother died from a drug overdose, Justice decided she would not go down like her mother. She told some of her friends that she would work hard and take care of her foster family. She was tough. She often wore her hair long, as a matter of fact, her hair, make up, and jewelry were the only feminine thing about her. She were guy clothes, and she never showed interest in the boys in school. Justice's mother had her as a teenager, and Justice decided not to follow in her mother's footsteps. She decided to pursue a career in law enforcement, just like her adopted father. Her adopted mother was a realtor. She was a great success at it. She managed to sell the worst houses in the local market. Her husband, was the detective in the small town in Newport. In a small town, the worst crime was shoplifting and drug dealing. There were hardly any murder or domestic dispute, and the only repeated crimes would be an occasional fist fight in a bar. Justice saw the road that some girls go on, drug use, chasing boys, and some negative attitudes.

Justice never thought she was better than everyone else, but she was set on her goals. She wanted to go to college and gain a career. As far as the boys, she was never interested in them. For some reason, she was never attracted to the boys. She was never boy crazy or thought they were sexy. She didn't think she was gay. She just thought that boys were trouble. She even thought that because of boys, it was the reason why her birth mom went down the bad road she did and ended up dead in an alley.

Justice watched the girl as she walked away. For some reason, the new girl intrigued her. She stood out from the rest of the girls. She wore a gray skirt and a loose white blouse. She wore black Converse shoes. Her hair was in a ponytail. Most of the girls wore make up and low rise jeans and fancy T shirts and sweaters.

Justice wanted to meet the girl and introduce herself to her. She didn't know why. She couldn't understand why she even wanted to. All she can think about that since she was a new girl, and she never really have seen her hang around anyone, she must've been lonely. It was hard being the new girl. Justice understood what it was like being the new girl. Growing up in the city, coming from what some people may call, "the Bad Streets," and having to go into foster care, it can get confusing and overwhelming.

Suddenly, someone grabbed Justice from behind and climbed onto her back.

"Ahh!" she screamed. But then, she realized who it was.

"JUSTICE!" the girl who jumped her cried out. Alexis, who was a perky blonde hair girl, was Justice's best friend. Justice sighed.

"Ugh, Lexi, get off of me, you are heavy," Justice complained.

"Aw, Jus, I wanted to hug you, I had a bad day," Alexis complained as Justice managed to gently pushed her off.

"Bad day?" she asked as Justice and Alexis walked.

"I wanted to talk to that Ryan dude, and I managed to sit next to him at lunch, but then he acted like he wasn't interested in me, at ALL!" Alexis complained.

"What you have a crush on him or something?" Justice asked.

"Yes! At first he was all flirty with me in classes, but now, he is just I don't know, just brushed me off," Alexis complained.

"Well, guys are like that, you would be better off, you know, you know guys around here, they are not worth it, the only thing they want is sex," Justice said. Then, she turned towards the strip mall in town.

"Come on, let's go get a Iced Mocha," she suggested. Alexis sighed.

"I don't know, sometimes, I would love to go into a guy's mind, ya know? Just curious about what they think," Alexis asked. Justice looked at her best friend. She had pretty blonde hair, blue eyes, and she had a nice feminine figure. She wore a sky blue t shirt, with a black leather jacket, and she had a red plaid skirt. She wore black boots. Justice wore black baggy jeans, a black T shirt that had a red heart on it with a dagger through it and a black jacket with grudge metal patches on it. She wore black and silver sneakers. Her back pack was black too. Alexis had a small black purse with a pink back pack with black zippers. The two girls were different and some people would wonder what they had in common. But somehow they became best friends. Justice had always had special feelings for girls. But she cannot understand how or why.

"I wouldn't. I don't think so," Justice said. They walked up to the coffee shop to get the drinks.

"Why? Why are you so scared of boys?" Alexis asked.

"I am not scared, I am just not interested of the boys around here, I know how they all are, they are heartbreakers, you cannot believe all the horror stories I hear of girls getting their hearts broke, or something like that happen," Justice answered.

Alexis grabbed her hand.

"Justice, seriously, some people are starting to talk," she stated.

"What do you mean, starting to talk?" Justice asked.

"Well, some people are starting to think that maybe you might be a lesbian," Alexis answered.

"Hmph," she said as she rolled her eyes.

"I don't care what people think, let them talk, they don't know me well enough, besides, I have the respect of my teammates, my friends and my 'real' family," she said. Alexis seemed to be satisfied with that.

"Okay," she said.

Victoria, Marissa's little sister stared at her sister as Marissa was eating the tomato bisque soup her mother cooked. Her mother was in the kitchen, slicing up the roasted chicken that she spent two hours cooking, and her father was setting out the mashed potatoes and the salad. Everyone was served the tomato bisque soup. He looked at both of his daughters. Marissa had the beautiful looks his wife once had when he met her. Victoria had his dark hair and his brown eyes and the darker skin tone. Amy, his wife, had brown hair and green eyes, and also had a pale complexion.

Marissa noticed Victoria watching her.

"What?" she asked. Victoria didn't say anything just continued to stare at her. Her father, Dr. Kurt Bowen, heard his older daughter.

"What is going on?" he asked.

"Victoria, she is just staring at me," Marissa complained.

"I am not!" the seven year old girl answered.

"Okay girls, that is enough, okay?" Kurt said. Amy, their mother, walked into the dining room with the roasted chicken.

"Alright time to eat," she said as her and her husband sat down to dinner. Marissa sighed. Her first day of school was not good. She got lost in the school three times, sat by herself in the lunchroom, and she hadn't made any friends. There was this one girl, who might have been named "Justice," noticed her. But she wasn't sure. She ate quietly as she heard her parents talk about their day, and also her sister constantly asking for more milk.

"How was your day?" her father asked finally.

"Eat Marissa," her mother said.

"Meh, it was okay, I guess," Marissa answered. She barely touched her chicken and mashed potatoes.

"Made any new friends, or learned anything interesting?" her father asked.

"I learned about dinosaurs!" Victoria answered.

"I know what classes I am taking," Marissa answered, partly relieved that she still had her close relationship with her father. At least that didn't change.

"Oh?" her father asked.

"American History, Algebra, English, and I have Gym every Monday and Wednesday, and Friday, and I have study hall Tuesday and Thursday," Marissa answered.

"I see, well American History, that is one of your favorite classes, huh?" Kurt asked. Marissa nodded.

"Daddy, I drew a pretty picture," Victoria exclaimed.

"Let me see," he said. Victoria pulled out a scribbled picture of a flower. Kurt smiled at it.

"I think we should hang this up on the fridge," he suggested.

"Why did we have to move?" Marissa asked.

"Because I had to accept that job Marissa you know that," Amy answered.

"But I miss my old school and I miss my friends," Marissa said.

"You have a laptop, and your cell phone, you can stay in contact with them right?" she asked.

"It is not the same, it was horrible, no one knew me, the boys ignored me, and I got lost in school so many times," Marissa complained.

"Marissa, you know we have no choice, we needed the extra money," Amy said.

"You had a bad day hun, it happens to everyone, I couldn't remember my nurse's name half way through out the day, and I only had one patient, but still, tomorrow is a new day, something good will come along," Kurt encouraged. Marissa sighed.