Broken Souls Chapter Thirty Six:

Chapter Thirty Six:

Graduation Day two years later

Marissa looked at herself again in the mirror of her room. It was two years since the first time she was in front of this mirror where she was unsure about anything. It was graduation day for her, Justice, Lexi and Josh. It was two years ago since the prom, since Brianna, Katie, and it had been two years since they met and fell in love. Her purple graduation gown was laid out on the bed behind her.

Marissa looked at herself in the mirror again. The first time, she was sad about leaving everything she knew behind, and starting in a new school. Now, she had conquered her demons, even though the fight itself almost destroyed her. She had met people in her life that meant so much to her, Lexi, Josh, and Anna, who became the new co captain of the Lady Gladiators and she became friends with her and Justice. The biggest blessing she could have was Justice. Anyone in her situation, probably didn't knew what to do. But then again, that is what life is about. Whether or not you are a broken soul. Her sadness and her mentality made her a broken soul, but her heart made her mend. The scars on her arm proved that. They were barely there now. No one would be able to notice them now, even though that Marissa and those close around her would know.

"Marissa, come down for breakfast!" her mother Amy called out. Marissa smiled.

Marissa sat down in her homeroom classroom. The rooms were familiar, same light grey color.

Just then, someone sat down next to her. Marissa looked at the same loving face that had been with her in two years.

"Hey, you," Justice said. Marissa smiled and leaned to her and kissed her. Everyone had gotten used to them being together. There were no gasps, no stares, no negative feelings towards them. All that died with Brianna and Katie that night.

"Hey, how are you?" Marissa asked.

"Good, now that I see you," Justice answered. Justice looked at the pencil that was sitting on Marissa's desk.

"I forgot my pencil again," she said in a pretend whiny voice. Marissa looked at her.

"Again?" she asked.

"Yeah," Justice answered. Now that she had thought about it, Justice didn't give back the first pencil she burrowed.

It was the end of the day. Everyone was leaving early for the graduation ceremony tonight. When Marissa was stepping outside, there was Justice, looking up at her from the bottom of the stairs. Marissa smiled at her and ran down the steps to her. They embraced each other.

"CLASS OF 2017, everyone, change your tassles!" The new principal, Ms. Kelley announced over the microphone. It was graduation night. All the girls were wearing purple graduation gowns and the boys were wearing blue graduation gowns. Marissa sat next to Justice on one side, and then, with Lexi on the other side. She looked over their row, there was Anna, the blonde that always had Justice's back, and Brooke and Keith. The blonde that was best friends with Brianna rubbed her stomach. Marissa felt bad for her. She lost her best friend that night. Before that, there was that fight. She was one of the girls that bullied and attacked her and Justice, but still she didn't deserved that. Brianna didn't deserve that either. She didn't deserve to die that way. Some people thought that Brianna deserved it, after what she did to Katie. It was found out that Brianna started the fire that burned Katie almost to death and almost destroyed the gym. When the police investigated what happened at the prom, they found Katie's diaries. She had written about what happened in the gym in her diaries, and the gun was found to be bought illegally with a fake ID. There were also photos of Brianna that had her face scratched out. Justice and Marissa talked to the police about what happened. Marissa had nightmares for a while after that night. Brooke rubbed her stomach again. There were rumors spreading that she might have been pregnant, by Keith. Marissa looked away.

Then, she felt someone hold her hand, lacing their fingers with hers. Marissa looked and smiled as she saw Justice's smiling face.

They turned their tassles. They reached for the graduation cap.

"CONGRAULATIONS CLASS OF 2017! YOU ARE NOW GRADUATED!" Ms. Kelley cheered into the microphone. Everyone cheered. Cameras flashed. Marissa and Justice threw their caps into the air. Everyone did. The air was filled with flying and falling purple and blue caps. Marissa, Justice, Lexi, and Josh joined in a group hug. Ms. Kelley was joined by Coach Williams, who was her girlfriend. They had moved in together, and they had been happy since then.

After Marissa and Justice attended the graduation ceremony, they took a drive. They went to the rocks by the creek.

"I have a surprise for you baby," Justice teased. Marissa looked at her.

"Okay," she agreed.

Then they arrived at the site, Marissa gasped. On top of the rocks, there were candles that were lit, and there was what looked like a bottle of wine sitting on the rocks. Marissa never drank alcohol before, but she trusted Justice. Justice grabbed her hand.

"Come here," she said. Marissa smiled and blushed a little. She knew something good was about to happen, but she didn't know what.

When they climbed on top of the rocks, they looked out over the creek, which was bubbling and running over the rocks that sticking out of the water.

"I remembered we kissed for the first time here," Marissa said. Justice looked at each other.

"We experienced a lot of first together, didn't we?" Justice asked.

"Had sex together for the first time," Marissa started to say.

"Shared first kisses together," Justice agreed.

"First time kissing a girl," Marissa said.

"First time falling in love," Justice agreed.

"Yeah, first time for me, feeling real love with someone," Marissa said.

"Last time falling in love with someone," Justice said. Marissa looked at her confused.

"Last time?" she asked. Justice looked at her.

"I wanted you to be my first, and also I want you to my last," Justice said. Marissa looked at her.

"How?" she asked. Then, Justice pulled out a small velvet box. She slowly opened it. Inside was a small gold ring with a small diamond in the middle of it. Marissa looked at Justice. Justice looked around.

"I don't think that I planned this right," she joked, as she tried to stand up on the rock. She was wobbly, despite her athletic body.

"No, don't fall," Marissa cried out as she reached up and grabbed her hand.

"Yep, I definitely didn't thought of this right," Justice said as she sat back down. Then, Marissa wrapped her arms around Justice, as if to stop her from falling. Justice wrapped her arms around her and pulled her close. They pressed their foreheads together.

"When I first met you, I fell in love with you," Justice said.

"When I first met you, you saved me," Marissa said. Justice looked at her. She kissed her. Marissa kissed her back.

"Will you be my wife? I know we are young, and I know that I am going to college in the fall, but if I can fix everything, will you still be my wife?" Justice asked. Marissa gasped. She felt like crying but in a happy way. She was unsure about the future. Justice did accept a basketball scholarship from a state university. Marissa may have to apply for student loans to attend college. She had her eye on a community college to become a counselor. What happened in her high school years inspired her to want to do that. She told Justice about her plans. Justice told her about her scholarship. They were afraid that it would tear them apart. Marissa would never ask Justice to give up her scholarship. Justice had been doing what she had to do to keep herself away from drugs and men, which destroyed her birth mother. Marissa smiled and kissed her.

"Yes," she agreed. Justice hugged her. Marissa hugged her back. They kissed.

"I love you," Justice said.

"I love you too," Marissa said.

Two broken souls, sitting under the stars, unsure about their future, unsure about life, but they had love. They had each other in this life, and they may mend their own souls, and bring together their hearts.