There was a boy named Alex and he looked like an angel.

He always seemed like he just woke up, with hair sticking out in a thousand different directions and eyes droopy and half-closed. But he was so beautiful that it made her physically ache to look at him. She wanted to go wherever he went that made him so tired. The way he spoke and acted and breathed made her think of Peter Pan (probably because she had read that book so many times that it was falling apart), and she always kind of thought that he was from a different planet, anyway, so why not Neverland? It made her wonder, if he was Peter Pan, was she Tiger Lily, Wendy, or Tinkerbell?

(In all honesty, she didn't want to know.)

She loved him, loved him like the 'in love' kind of way, and wanted to be with him for the rest of her life, forever. Sixteen might have been too young for those sort of emotions, but she had them. She had them everywhere, in all of her. Each breath and heart beat and blink echoed his name.

"Alex, Alex, Alex, please love me too."

And he did, because it's kind of hard not to if you've known someone since you were in diapers, but not in the way she wanted.

He was too far away to love her like Peter loved Wendy, too close to love her like Peter loved Tinkerbell, too attached to love her like Peter loved Tiger Lily.

So he just chose not to love her at all.

There was a boy named Alex and he looked like an angel.

(But he broke her heart anyway).