Her name was Paris, because she always spoke of France, and she was loud and quiet all at the same time. It was confusing, honestly, to be near her. Hearing all that chaos and silence at the same time was disorienting.

She always wore this leather jacket, black with a blue satin inside that she ran her fingers over when she was nervous, and had a countless number of bracelets that were always clinking together on her pale wrists. Wrists and elbows and knees and ankles, that's all she was. Maybe a wisp of a girl between them all, because she was so skinny you were almost able to see right through her. People used to worry that she was anorexic, but she swore up and down and sideways and backwards that, honestly, guys, really, I'm just this thin, I'm not anorexic, I promise. And because her promises meant something, people dropped it.

At least they meant something until she broke every single one she ever made (except the eating disorder thing. really, she was just that skinny).

Like he said, she was loud like thunder, loud like bells, loud like every instrument in the world was playing at once. He loved that about her, loved her so much.

Maybe that's why she left.

She used to wear these crazy-colored leggings, blue and purple and green and red, with that leather jacket with the blue satin inside, with all those bracelets, and her pink bubblegum hair sitting on top of it all, messy and wild and her. She used to smile at him, this wide smile full of everything good in the world, and he misses that more than anything.

Because he loved her, and he knows that's why she left.

Paris flew all the way to Paris to escape a boy, and honestly he's kind of disappointed she didn't pick some place not obvious, like Madrid or Sydney.

Who knows, he wonders, maybe that's her new name all the way in France. He can imagine her walking down the street with those rainbow leggings and black leather jacket, rubbing the blue satin inside as a boy runs to catch up with her, calling, "Sydney! Sydney!"

And who knows, he wonders.

Maybe she smiles full of everything good in the world at him, too.