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Chapter Four


"Thanks Merrick, we'll talk later." My dad said, coming into the living room from the bedrooms. "Hiro, Ayase is awake,"

I felt my heart give a relieved little thump and I stopped in the midst of pacing to take a deep calming breath. Marissa had said things would look better for Aya once he was awake. "Can I go see him?" I asked hopefully.

I looked up to see that my dad was shaking his head.

"Dad, it's not fair, they are my brothers, I think I deserve to see them." I whined.

My dad's dark blue eyes were cloudy with sadness. "Hiro, don't you think I want to be there with them too? They don't know that I'm alive let alone that you exist." He said, trying to reason with me.

I turned my gaze down and away from him. "Can't we tell them the truth? This is killing me." I begged, pacing up and down the length of the New York apartment, going a little stir crazy especially when my siblings were in the hospital.

"Hiro…" my dad started but was cut off by my little cousin flinging himself into my arms.

"Hi-chan, I thought you loved me!" Kaname cried wrapping his arms tight around my neck.

I chuckled a little and ruffled his dirty blond hair. "Of course I love you Name-chan but I love my brothers too,"

Kaname nipped my throat and wouldn't let go. "Hiro is all mine," Kaname said and I heard the playful but possessive tone in his voice. Kaname and I had grown up just like brothers since I'd been moved to London with my uncle and because Kaname had no siblings of his own, he took to me quickly and seemed to enjoy every moment he had with me.

My dad was smiling softly at us but I saw the sadness in his eyes, he would rather this teasing be between my brothers and I, not that he didn't like Kaname, but it saddened him that he'd been forced to separate us. The last time I had seen my younger twin… he was weak from a poison given to him by a slayer. He had nearly died right in my arms. My dad had to drain nearly half of his body's blood supply, then forced him to stay awake and drink from him to counteract the effects of the poison. I'd never seen my brother so weak and I had already been planning on ways to help him feel better when my uncle came over and began to erase his memories of me and the supernatural world before I could do anything.

My siblings were ripped away from me before my dad and uncle would let me even argue the case. We carefully crafted my father's "death" and took a plane to the UK, leaving my brothers with my mother, who also had her memory of me and the supernatural erase. She was none the wiser that my dad was still alive, nor I existed. Slayers had ruined my life, I missed my brothers and my mom so much, I couldn't even be there to bury my own mother.

I wanted to see Ayase and Angel, even if it was just for a little while. It had been so long since the last time I had seen them that just a few minutes would be enough for now. It would help calm the ache in my heart.

"Dad, can we go sit in their room once they are sound asleep?" I requested, giving my dad my best pleading look.

My dad sighed. "Let me call your uncle."

I smiled, but it was a sad smile. I wanted things to go back to the way they were three years ago, before mom died, before Victor came into the picture, before my dad had to fake his death, and before my uncle erased me so completely from my brothers memories. I wanted my life back.

My dad got up from his chair, stretched and walked into the dining room to make the call even though it didn't matter, because I could hear him clear as day anyway. "Hey Merrick," my dad greeted as my uncle picked up.

I vaguely could hear my uncle as Kaname stared playing with my hair, I'd let it grow long again and he loved to braid it. "Aaron what's up?"

"Hiro has been persistently asking if he can come see his brothers, would it be okay if we swing by tonight while they are asleep?" dad asked.

"I don't see why not," Merrick replied.

I heard my dad give a relieved sigh then he dropped his voice to a near whisper and I had to strain to hear him. "Merrick, don't you think it's about time that we reverse the spell on them, especially if we are going to bring them home with us?" he asked and I felt my heart skip two beats.

Merrick paused for a long time. "I don't know if they're strong enough yet, well Angel is, but Ayase may not be and I don't want to reverse one and not the other." He said.

"Ask Marissa, she knows our secret." My dad argued, he wanted back into Angel and Ayase's lives as much as I did.

I heard Merrick sigh. "Fine, I'll go find her again, I'll see you tonight." He said and I heard my dad snap his phone shut.

"That sounded like good news," Kaname said and leaned against my shoulder, letting my hair fall against my back.

"Yeah," I said softly.

Kaname looked up at me and smiled a little. "You really miss them don't you?" he asked.

I nodded slowly and looked up as my dad came in. "You're uncle doesn't see a problem with us going to see them tonight."

"Thanks dad," I said.

"Don't mention it," he gave me a dismissing wave and walked back towards the bedrooms. "I'm going to take a shower, you kids be good."

Its wasn't long before night had fallen and my dad and I drove to the hospital, keeping up the mortal façade. We did however have to use a little magic to get ourselves into the room seeing how visiting hours were over.

As soon as our feet were placed firmly in the room, I had to hold myself together to keep from crying when I saw Ayase hooked up to so many wires and tubes, a large bulge of gauze under the hospital gown, and Angel covered in white gauze, protecting his injuries.

I stepped away from my dad and moved closer to my brothers. Angel was curled up on Ayase's bed, his small chest moving evenly. I could feel my heart aching, begging me to wake them and talk to them, my vampire instincts wanted to know that they were really okay. Angel looked so pale and he had dark circles around his eyes, he must have worried himself sick over Ayase. And goddess had he gotten big since I'd last seen him.

Aya looked equally as pale and he looked so weak, like a single touch could break him.

I stepped closer and let my fingers graze over his open pale, it looked as if Merrick had been holding his hand just minutes ago. I dared to gently wrap my fingers around his hand, the skin was so soft under my fingertips. "Aya," I whispered without meaning to making him twitch a little and tighten his hand around mine.

I felt tears in my eyes and dad placed his hands on my shoulders. "Merrick, how are they doing?" he asked and I looked up to see that Merrick was leaning against the wall by the door, blending in with the shadows easily.

"Marissa says that things can only go up from here. We've been feeding my blood to Aya intravenously since he was brought in and he's been getting a lot stronger. And I make sure Angel drinks a cup of water with a few drops of my blood in it every night before he goes to sleep. They should be out of here before the weeks end." He said.

"You're going to need to feed soon." Dad said, rubbing his thumbs against my shoulder blades.

Merrick gave a small shake of his head. "Marissa has been giving me blood bags as sustenance while I do this for them." He said. "She's trying her best for them but mortal medicine can only get you so far."

I looked up at Merrick with sincere eyes. "I want you to reverse the spell," I said.

Merrick stared at me for a moment then looked at dad. "Hiro…"

"Did Marissa say they were strong enough?" Dad asked.

Merrick nodded, then let a sweet smile cross his face. "Looks like the family will be all back together again, minus a few members… but I think we can manage with what we have." He said.

I felt a board smile spread across my mouth. "Thank you Merrick," I said.

Merrick came over to me and softly pressed his lips to my forehead. "If I'm doing this now you two better stick around 'til morning, these memories are going to snap back to them as though they never left in the first place."

My heart soared, I was going to have my brothers back.

I gave Aya's hand a tight squeeze and smiled. "We'll be together again soon Aya, promise." I whispered.