Pretty Girl

I watch her daily from my window. There she is now getting her morning paper. She is a beautiful woman to be sure. Just look at her, would you? Her long raven black hair, almond eyes, and her bare legs and feet. Her robe is so short that I can see her thick inner thighs. She walks slowly to her front lawn to get the newspaper. Every morning the wind blows her robe around and I can see her entire nude body.

They tease me, the pretty girls do. They think their kind smiles and soft words should please an ugly man like me. When their sink needs repaired, you know who they call? That is right; they call on men like me. And when they want to have fun, they call on the jocks and all those other silly fools.

Last week the pretty girl from across the street called me to fix her toilet. I tried to resist her pleading soft voice, but I could not. She did not even pay me; offer me a snack, or anything. She just smiled at me. As if her dental white smile should fill the longing in my soul.

Why am I the butt of a pretty girl's joke? She and her blond haired boyfriend laughed at me. They were not even polite enough to pretend that they were laughing at someone else. Again and again they called me names. She left her bedroom curtains open, hoping that I would watch them. It is sick how pretty girls tease an ugly man. I am going to teach her a lesson and that's why I have this butcher knife in my hand. I am going to disfigure her. We shall see how she likes being ugly in a world made for pretty people. Let's see how she laughs at ugly people when no one can bear looking at her face.

The moment has come at last. I dash out of my house with the knife in my hand.

"Hello, Mr. Brown," she says while smiling.

"Why did you laugh at me the other day?"

"You were so funny lookin' in your Burger Barn uniform."

The knife is in my hand and she still mocks me. Does she not know what I am about to do?

"Do you have no heart? Was it not I who fixed your toilet the other day?"

"So what? You should be thankful that I allowed you near me. Didn't you notice the see through blouse that I wore? That was your payment. You can picture that image in your head anytime and jerk off to it. That's all creepos like you deserve."

"I am not that way."

"Bullshit, asshole. I see you stare at me every morning. I bet you feel funny and frustrated all day long."

My blood is boiling. I cannot believe the nerve of this vile creature. I hold the knife up so she can look at it real good.

"You think you are something, don't you? You have only your pretty looks and nothing more. I have come here to disfigure you. Let's see how you like being ugly."

She is laughing at me. Why does she not take me serious? Her laughter is causing me to shake. I can't hold the knife and it is slipping from my hands.

I feel a sharp pain go through my chest as she rams the knife into me. I fall to the ground with her laughter filling my ears.

Damn the pretty girls! They always have the last laugh.