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They always say miracles exist.

And they do, don't they?

That's what my parents think. I was their surprise child. Born in my grandparent's flower shop. That's where my name comes from.


Flora Cassidy. Age 15 now. Born mid June.

But my miracle is that I see things. Things that haven't happened yet. I haven't told anyone, but sometime's I'll just black out completely. It's not schizophrenia, as some people might think. But it's when I see things that haven't happened yet and I know it. I was 8 when I saw my first vision. A vision of what appeared to be a high speed car chase. I was in a man's point of view in a somewhat loud car that was in a race of some kind. Then something went wrong. I wasn't sure what was going through the man's head to start panicking, but then the wall came a lot quicker than both I, and the man, had expected.

I wasn't sure what it meant. But the next day, when I was in the living room with my Father, who was watching a Grand Prix of some kind... A head on crash. Straight into the wall.

My father was shocked. I had the feeling that it didn't normally happen. Then it was on the news.

Ayrton Senna's fatal crash.

He died.

The man in the car.

The man whose eyes I saw through.

I saw through his eyes. I foresaw it.

His death...

Then I saw another vision, when I was 11.

This time, I wasn't looking through another person's eyes. It was a series of flickering images right before my eyes. No. In my eyes. A limousine. A tunnel. A road. A woman. A driver. Then the limousine crashed into a wall.

Then, since I understand it better now I'm older... I saw that the woman was Princess Diana. In France. Princess from England.

Dead in a car crash.

And then I knew. I wasn't foreseeing disasters. Well, I was.

But I was foreseeing death. Death. And these are instant deaths. Not cancers and plagues. Not the slow and agonising tortures that take people's lives or rip their souls from their lifeless bodies. But instant, barely knowing, and not another thought, deaths.

Still no one knew of these things I was seeing, 4 years after her majesty's death. But I didn't see them often. Once every few years, depending on the disaster.

But my next vision was the thing that terrified me.

"Flora, come on. You've gotta get to school."

My older sister, Emmaline, tells me as she finishes her breakfast, and I barely have eaten it. Mostly because I woke up late.

"It doesn't start for half an hour and school is down the street." I told Emmaline "Not unlike yours and Mum's and Dad's work."

"My work doesn't start until 9:30. And I'm always there at 8:30," She replied with a smile "as does Mum and Dad."

I chuckled.

"Listen, finish this year at school and you'll be working where we are. You're smart enough."

"Tell that to the exam board."

"A's and A pluses in all subjects?"

"It's not easy."

"Is it just that start of school 'can't be bothered' mood?"

"Pretty much."

I stand up, picking up my backpack and putting on, and placed my plate by the sink, taking the remaining toast and starting to the door.

After saying my goodbyes to my family as I left the apartment, I started down the street in the direction of my school, checking the time again.

5 to 8. 20 minutes before school starts.


But then, as I walked down the street... A vision.

A sign. 'Logan Airport. Boston'.

Why am I seeing Boston?

Four men. Dark skinned men.

I don't know them.

A large aeroplane, passengers boarding. The four men boarded too. It said... It said... American Airlines. Flight 11.

There it ended.

What was that about? I think as I subconsciously continue walking down the street in early morning New York.

Those four men are almost definitely involved somehow. But why would they be involved? A plane. Some kind of disaster I know for a fact I cannot stop because it's halfway across the country from me. But something told me that they were going to die... But in a way they planned.

Dismissing my thoughts, I arrived at the school 10 minutes later, meeting Bobbie, my friend, in the canteen. Both of us are thick as thieves, but even that meant I didn't tell her everything. She has no idea about what I see in my visions.

But my last one confused me. Then I was met with another.

Similar. Logan Airport, Boston. Big aeroplane. American Airlines. Flight 175. Five more men. Different men. Different dark-skinned men. Different dark-skinned men boarding the plane amongst other passengers.

Why have I seen two versions of a similar vision? They are pretty much exactly the same. Same place. Similar people. Similar time. Same scenario.

"Earth to Rose."

"Huh?" I ask gormlessly.

"You were seriously spaced out."

"Yeah, I guess I was. And where the hell did 'Rose' come from?"

"Because your name is Flora. Meaning Flower. Meaning Rose."

I chuckled at her.

"That's very..." I started "Interesting logic."

"I'm full of 'em." She smiled "You got a free this morning?"

"Yeah, first thing."

"Sounds good."

By the time it was half past... My vision made me panic.

First, the first plane. The Flight 11 from Logan Airport. It had set off, and when it should have been going to Los Angeles... Oh god, it's been hijacked! Those five men! Hijacked the plane!

Oh god. That's bad!

My next series of images is New York. The Empire State Building. No. Surely they aren't coming here?

No. Not the Empire State Building. The... The...

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