The Kidnapping of Jeffery Fox

It was a dark night. The air had an unseasonable nip about it. Edward Finn was hunched over his desk, writing notes to himself concerning the case he had just completed successfully. He was cheerfully working the night away, until he heard a knock at his office door. Before he could shout come in, a woman burst open the door and entered the small office. She wore a red suit coat and a skirt that came pass her dark nylon covered knees. Her face was pale as milk, made even paler by the red lipstick that she had on. Ed motioned her to take a seat.

"What brings you out on such a cold night?"

"I need your help. I need you to rescue my husband from his kidnappers."

"That sounds like a matter for the police. I am a detective, not a soldier of fortune."

"I'm willing to pay one hundred thousand dollars cash to have my husband saved."

Ed's eyes lit up. A hundred thousand dollars was a lot of money, especially in cash.

"Give me all the information you can."

"My name is Lori Windsor Fox."

"You are the daughter of Frederick Windsor, the man who owns half this town."

"Yes. My husband is having an affair. Jeffery has some kinky sexual desires that I am unable to fulfill. So, he went to the Diamond Lite Club to meet a woman."

"I see."

"He wanted a woman to tie him up and spank him with a cane. It seems this fulfilled a sick fantasy of his."

"Why didn't you just leave the bastard?"

"I love him."

"A woman's love is a mystery so great, not even Sherlock Holmes could untangle it."

Lori smiled at that remark and continued her story.

"Jeffery met a woman that could fulfill this desire for him. She called herself Ms. Black. After a session with Ms. Black, Jeffery would come home with welts on his back and buttocks. Every third Thursday, Jeffery would meet her. Yesterday, he didn't come home. I grew concerned about Jeffery and this morning my fears were realized. A note was in my mailbox. This note read: 'One million dollars or Jeffery Fox dies. Further instructions shall be sent to you on Monday. Don't call the police or your father.'

"Along with this note was a picture of my husband tied up to a bed, beside him was a man dressed like a mediaeval executioner."

"Do you have the picture?"


Lori reached into her pocketbook and pulled out an envelope and handed it to Ed.

"Thank-you, Mrs. Fox, this should help."

"There are a few more things, Mr. Finn. I want my husband back by Sunday night and this is to be done quietly. I don't want the Windsor name tainted. I am paying you in tax-free cash."

"I understand. My brothers and I can handle it."

Without speaking another word Lori got up and walked out of the office. Ed grabbed a pipe from his pipe rack, filled it, and smoked away. What a weekend for him! It looked to be hundred thousand dollar weekend. After the pipe smoke, Ed went home to get some rest.

Saturday morning found Ed back at his office with his two brothers, Bartholomew and Benjamin. Bartholomew was just a few years younger than Ed, while their half-brother Benjamin was ten years younger than Bartholomew.

"Damn it, I hate working Saturdays," shouted Benjamin.

"Would you like a third of a hundred thousand dollars?" asked Ed, while grinning.

Benjamin's eyes lit up. Ed told Ben and Bartholomew the complete story.

"Can I see the note?" asked Bartholomew.

Ed handed Bart the letter and he studied it.

"Odd handwriting, Ed. A man with a strong hand wrote this letter, probably the executioner. Look at the arms on this brute. They are nearly as big as your own. What an unskilled artist who done that tattoo on his arm."

"Looks like a snake," observed Ben, while looking over Bart's shoulder.

Bart handed the letter and picture back to Ed.

"What's your plan?" asked Ben.

"Do you know where the Diamond Lite Club is?"

"Yeah, it is across town. It is a modern nightclub. It is where all the business men, doctors, lawyers, and educated people go to meet some kinky women to spice up their sex life."

Ed thought for a moment.

"I have a plan. We will send Bart to the Diamond Lite Club and see if he can make contact with Ms. Black. Once he meets her, he can lure her outside behind an alley or something and we can convince her to tell us what she has done with poor kinky Jeffery."

Ben broke into the conversation.

"Bart can't go dressed like that. A three piece suit is too formal for this sort of club."

"Then you take him shopping and buy him some clothes."

"What will you be doing?"

"I will be working out."

Bart and Ben left the office to go shopping, while Ed went to the basement to workout. The basement was where Ed kept all of his weights, punching bags, and fitness machines. A few hours passed and the brothers walked down to the basement to show Ed how Bart looked.

"He looks like a fairy in that outfit, Ben," laughed Ed.

"Thank-you. That was what I was trying for."

Bart's face got red and he spoke, "Why don't Ben go in my place or you?"

"Ben is too young and I am too heavy to look like a kinky business man."

"Can't heavy set men be kinky?"

"Sure, but it isn't as common as a trim tall guy such as yourself."

"What if I get into trouble?"

"Well, you do have a black belt. Me and the kid will be around the joint."

Ben walked over to the bench and tried to lift the weight that Ed had placed there.

"How much does this weigh, Ed?"

"Three hundred pounds. I thought I'd like a light work-out for a change."

Ben gave Ed a smirk.

"Change your clothes, boys, and join me in a work-out."

"No, thanks. I don't want to ruin these clothes," spoke Bart.

Night came and found Bart standing in a long line at the club. It was one of those places where a bouncer decided who got in and who didn't. He screened the guests to be sure they were the right kind the club wanted within its doors. After awhile the bouncer walked up to Bart and asked, "Hello, stranger. What are you looking for?"

"Excitement," answered Bart.

"Where are you from?"


"I don't like your looks. You look like an asshole, so beat it!"

"Let me in. I want to meet a certain woman."


"Ms. Black."

The bouncer grew angry and shoved Bart back. As he done this, the sleeve came up on his black leather jacket, revealing a tattoo of a snake.

"Why don't we step in that alley and we can settle this thing like men," spoke Bart.

The bouncer laughed as he followed Bart to the alley. The bouncer shoved Bart against a brick wall with such force that it knocked the wind from Bart. The big man grabbed Bart and threw him to the ground.

"Now, little man, I'm going to kick your guts out."

"I would reconsider that," spoke a deep baritone voice.

The bouncer turned around and saw a man dressed in a three-piece suit with a fedora pulled over his face to conceal his features.

"What the hell? Is this your butt buddy or sumthing?"

Ed laughed at that remark.

"Nope, but that is funny coming from a sissy like yourself."

At that remark the bouncer charged at Ed, but a quick punch sent him falling to the ground.

Bart got up.

"He is the executioner, Ed. He has the snake tattoo."

"Good. Let's take him to our cabin in the woods. We can make him talk there."

Ed threw the bouncer over his shoulders and carried him to the car. Ben drove them to the cabin.

Larry the bouncer woke-up with his hands tied.

"We know who you are, Mr. Lane."


"Simple, I searched your wallet. Now tell me where Mister Fox is," spoke Ed as he slapped Larry across the mouth.

A thin stream of blood poured from his mouth covering his white t-shirt. A few more slaps and Larry started talking.

"Ok. I can't stand it any longer. We didn't kidnap Jeff. He had Maggie Black tie him up and he had me pose in that silly costume with the axe. Easy money he said."

Ed and his brothers started laughing.

"That kinky son of a gun came up with a good one. Fake his own kidnapping and run off with Ms. Black."

"That's about right."

"Give us the address where Jeffery is at."

The three brothers went to the address that Larry Lane had given them. They found the door locked, so Ed pushed it open.

"Help," they heard a man's voice scream. They ran through the house until they came to a bedroom. Inside the bedroom they saw Jeffery Fox tied up with a knife sticking in his back. Bart felt Jeffery's wrist, sure enough he was dead. Ben grabbed Ms. Black and wrestled her to the ground, while Ed called the police. Needless to say, they did not collect the hundred thousand dollars.