Chapter 3: The Date

I knocked at her door. The lights from the window were dim. It quickly crossed my mind that Teena might have given me the wrong address. The door could be opened by a three hundred pound psychopathic killer. I started imagining him twisting my body into the shape of a pretzel. The door opened and it sure the hell was no psychopathic killer, it was Teena. She was wearing a long black silken nightgown. I looked her up and down; even her toenails were painted black.

"My love, you came. Come sit by me."

She took my hand in hers and guided me to a long black couch. We sat down beside each other, and then she turned on her kick ass stereo system with a remote control. I heard the voices of the Mediaeval Baebes and their new album exceeded my expectations. She handed me a wine glass and I sipped the mead.

She placed her soft hand on my knee and started rubbing my thigh up and down. My muscles tensed and the air seemed to grow painfully thin in the room.

"Oh, relax, Herb. Just leave everything to Teena."

She took the wine glass from my hand and placed it on the coffee table that was in front of us.

"Have you ever been with a woman before?"

It was a deeply personal question. I shook my head no.

"Good. There's nothing like your first taste," smiled Teena.

She leaned her head over to mine and started kissing my ear. It was strange, but it sent a shock of pleasure through out my entire body. She placed her tongue in my ear and started licking it. Then she started to suck the hangy down part. I was lost in a world of heavenly delight.

Pain shot through my body like a hot poker. I was scared, her teeth had clamped down on the hangy down part of my ear. I struggled to get free and wiggled to the far end of the couch to escape the pain. I stared at her face in disbelief. Blood was running down her chin, it made a strange contrast with her black lipstick. She was chewing something then swallowed.

The hangy down part of my ear, she had eaten it! Blood poured down my shirt from my injured ear. I was in too much shock to scream out.

"A piece of you is with me forever," she purred.

I started to get up, but she was on top of me in a moment. I found myself trapped underneath her, pinned to the couch by her massive frame. I could feel silk and body heat coming from her mountainous breasts. She looked me in the eyes as she lowered her bloody lips to mine. I tasted my blood and her saliva on my tongue. It filled my body with a sick sensation and made me a part of her forever more.