(A/N: Story Notes. I wanna say this is a historical pieces but it's not. I think of it as just a completely different world. Where electricity exist but no cars, old civil war guns exist but no gas stoves. Hot water, well its some intricate system. It's a different Science. A different world. So don't try to label it, don't try to go, 'but that didn't exist in the 1700's in the 1800's.' Its fiction, anything goes. Enjoy.)

Chapter 1. Voyage

The streets of the market place were busy; the cold salty air had every merchant wrapped around in a long sleeve tunic. Not us though, a flimsy piece of cotton was the only thing draped around us.

My backside was completely exposed, my breast ached as the cold air whipped them harshly. My arms ached from the shackles; I couldn't raise them to cover myself.

My teeth rattled uncontrollably. It was torture standing here, the wood splinters poked into the soles of my feet. I was fairly sure I was bleeding.

"Fair Citizens of Vanderlip, the bidding will start soon. Please make your way to the town square."

I glanced up to see people in bright tunics, others in some different types of clothing. Almost a mixture of the military uniforms but they weren't military, most likely they were high class.

Then the military personnel, men and women on horses. They're piercing eyes bore into every one. They watched over the streets watching for any rowdiness.

I made eye contact with a man; he had a neatly trimmed beard. His hat sat on his head perfectly hiding his hair but his eyes bore into me.

I wished he could save me but this was part of society.

Selling and trading human beings was normal.

If things could not be worse, I see various men approaching us, studying us. I feel hands on me as they grip my arms, my chin is grabbed. They check my teeth, they ruffled my hair. I keep my eyes close. I don't want to see.

I hear mumbles of approval and I wish I could just die. Once I'm left alone I glance to the side to see the other slaves. I only spoke briefly with another woman, she told me what she had heard. She told me the types of people that could potentially own me. She described how the worst place to be kept was at the soldiers barrack, mostly because the soldiers were brash and rude. They rape and pillage amongst themselves even. Being owned in a barrack was no treat and I wouldn't last. Every slave that enters into the barracks somehow ends up at the local brothel. That was the pathway of that route.

The other place was the king's servant quarters. It was safer but the staff, the slaves themselves were the real enemies. No one wanted to be kicked out of the main castle. So they pitted against each other trying to permanently secure their spot among the royal family.

Then finally the high class families and the high commanding officers. She told me that was essentially the best place to end.

She didn't tell me exactly why, my boat ride had been interrupted.

I kept my eyes down; I kept my eyes at my feet. I tried to block out the feeling, the stench, the feel of his hands on me. The way he was inside me. Whatever my fate would turn into I wish that it wouldn't be as bad as what I experience on the boat ride over.

I shudder and vile fills my mouth.

If only I had the strength, if only I was someone. Someone of regal status. Not some lowly farmer's daughter who was sold to pay off the debt of the land.

My father would not look me in the eye, as he shook hands, and sealed my fate.

My sisters, screaming and pounding at his chest. I desperately grabbed at them as I was taken away.

Taken away and stripped from my dignity. We were poor but by gods I was human and my dignity was the last bit of thing that was mine.

I see members of the high military personnel walking, some are on horses. If only I had power.

They were powerful; they control the safety of the land. They went to war and ended battles with a decisive strike.

Any rebellion was squashed immediately.

They were powerful.

A loud bell rings and brings the commotion down to a whisper.

We're displayed in the middle of the town square. I see the trader undo the shackles of a young man. He might be in his teens. He is scrawny, light skin with long brown hair. I glance towards the crow and I see men licking their lips.

I swallow hard, I fear for his fate, just as mine.

Oh heaven it dawns on me.

I'm going into something much worse. My nether regions still ache, I feel so dirty. Maybe If I retaliate they would kill me on the spot. I cannot be used and thrown away. I cannot. I needed to be killed.

I'd be free from this hell hole. Better end it now than suffer more.

"Sold." I inhale deeply and whip my head around.

I'm startle by the loud bang from a bell; I was so lost in thought, that I did not even notice that five slaves had already been sold.

The heavy shackles on my hands made my fingers numb. I can't feel them anymore. The tips of my nails are deep purple now. My skin is raw and red.

Soon my shackles are undone I feel excruciating pain as the blood returns to my weary wrist but I can't dwell on that pain. This is my one and only chance. I fling my hands and I scrapped the traders face. He's stunned, which is enough for me to jump off the platform.

Everyone is off guard that I manage to run pass two soldiers on foot. I run as fast I can, I ignore the stinging of my feet as I step on pebbles and large jagged rocks. I don't know where I am going, but as long as I try. I have to run ahead, away.

I can hear the gallop of a horse behind me I can hear the air being displace and suddenly my feet are tied by a whip and I fall forward. My face connects with a larger rock, my eyes water up instantly as dirt invades them. My mouth connect with the floor and it stings, it burns. I push myself off with my hands and I cough out the dirt and blood that's filling my throat.

I groan and whimper when I feel a boot on my back and I'm pressed into the floor again.

"Take care of your cattle better." My feet are release and I can hear the merchant's wife apologizing and thanking the soldier.

I can see the horses galloping away and then my hair is yanked back and my neck painfully bends backwards.

"You stupid stupid girl." She hisses into my faces and then lets me drop.

I lay there for a couple of minutes, I can hear her breathing heavy. She's thinking of what to do with me. I wonder if she is even contemplating killing me. Is it even an option?

She yanks me up by my hair and I spit in her face. I better make it an option. She slaps me and whispers low, "What in the gods name where you thinking?"

I stared at her golden brown eyes, full of anger. Her nostrils flare trying to stay calm. She breaths heavy and her breath invades me, smells of rotten fish and sea water.

"I rather die than to be sold and be raped over and over again." I can't muster anymore fluids, I can't spit anymore. Hurts to swallow now and the rush of energy is fading.

I can feel my body shutting down.

She frowns, "Raped? You stupid idiot we're aiming to sell you to the King's staff."

Only virgins were supposedly allowed in the castle. That's how they got you kicked out of the castle.

Rape was inevitable everywhere you went.

"After what your husband did to me. I know the castle staff only takes maidens." Her eyes darkened and she drops me.

I don't move the pain spreads all over. I ache all over. This is the opposite of what I was aiming for. I'm alive.

It doesn't matter, I tried. Better to have known I tried than to have not tried at all.

I guess I needed to die on the inside then. That would the only place I could control.

I close my eyes still hoping to no wake up again.


The voices bring me back, I'm lying face down on a cot, and I can hear screaming. Then the sound of a whip cuts through the air and I flinch. I keep my eyes close, but it's pointless because I'm yanked off the cot and I see the merchant trader and his wife.

There is a giant whip mark on his face she has her hand raised poise ready to whip me.

"You lie you whore."

I glare at her, I don't lower my gaze and she lowers her whip. I've never been so defiant but this short trip across the ocean has completely changed and I'm more resilient than I wish I should be.

I'm on my knees and once again I am renewed with the desire to escape, I see the opening behind them, but where would I go. Could I even run? My feet are badly cut, my knees feel weak.

My face stings and my vision is blurry, my right eyes feels tight. I bet it's swollen, my lips sting, but this pain has given me a renewed sense of strength. I will not be broken just yet.

"For heaven's sake Dominic you know how much money we could have made with her."

She flings her wrist and whips him again. He raises his hand and covers his face. He glares at me, but his attention is once again on his wife.

"Gold not measly silver. We could have had fucking gold Dominic."

He points at me with a trembling hand, "She seduced me."

She rolls her eyes at him, "Out of all the whore you had to fuck her. I hope your dick shrivels up. Where the fuck are we going to get gold. Tell me my dear, do you piss gold. Is that dick of yours worth anything?" She turns around and looks at me.

"That dick of yours is worthless never could even help bore a son." She stares down at her hands and grips the whip tighter. I can feel the leather breaking my skin. I tense waiting for it. Her angered, I can feel it, and I won't be surprised if she takes it out on me now.

She exhales and seems to calm down, but then she turns around and whips him again right on the neck. He hollers in pain and falls to the ground gripping his bleeding neck.

"Come on," she beckons me to stand. I do, I'm on unsteady feet and I hiss with every step but I follow her. Maybe she has taken pity on me. She folds the whip and latches it on her side. I've been whipped before and I don't want that. I don't want any more pain. We walk outside; the town square is no longer packed with people. The trading has concluded it seems.

The streets are bare now, the sun will sets in a few hours. The trading for the day is done. The only people walking around are soldiers. Soldiers on patrol.

The air is colder and the cold soothes my numb face, but lips still sting. My feet ache but I bite my tongue and hold back the cries of protest.

I see carriages rolling away; I see some of the people I came with being dragged away.

"Private?" I don't raise my head, but I can see the hoofs of a horse. It's a white horse; I remember seeing a black horse when I was captured.

"Do you think anyone on the compound might want to purchase a maid?"

"In the compound after that spectacle, she's a runner. We don't have time to be dealing with a wench like her."

She curses. She grips my wrist and forces me to walk faster. I contain the yelps of pain but my eyes cannot contain the tears.

"Come on," she hisses.

She's trying to get rid of me. I'm worthless at this point. Yet just enough worth to be kept alive.

My eyes focus on the ground; I can see a trail of blood. My blood.

"Well how much?" I look up to see a man with a full neatly trimmed beard. The same neatly trimmed beard the same hat only this time it shields his eyes; I can see the stripes on the side of his uniform.

His immaculate black uniform shone brightly in the waning sunlight.

He was no ordinary officer. He was a high officer. A very tall high officer.

"Thirty pieces of silver." He stares at me, "She's pretty beat up. I heard she's a runner and no longer pure."

She grinds her teeth.

"Ten," he mutters.

"Fifteen," she tries and he chuckles. He shakes his head and turns away. He stops and looks back, he looks me over. I'm sure I am a mess.

"Seven," and with that he turns to continue walking away.

"Okay seven." I hear her breathing heavy, swallowing hard. This is her only chance to get rid of me. She releases my wrist. I look at her and then back at him. He smiles at me and his right hand disappears into his pocket. His left elbow rests on the hilt of his saber.

He drops the shiny silver pieces into her open hand.

Just like that I'm sold for seven pieces of silver.

The walk to the compounds was long; I tried to keep up not daring to escape this time. His smile seemed sickly sweet. With the merchant's wife I knew where I stood and what would come to me. With him, it was up in the air the damage that could be bestowed upon me.

As much as I wanted death, I doubt he would give me that. I feel like if I crossed him, death would be the last thing to be granted.

We passed the barracks, it was rowdy and loud. Naked men ran out of the rooms chasing women. It was a perverted oasis of human... filth.

Soldiers who noticed the Officer stopped and saluted him, he didn't acknowledge them. I pushed myself to stay two steps behind him, I didn't want to get lost. This was the worst place to be on my own.

Now I understood all those rumors. Everything I had been told. This place was one level of hell if you didn't have a uniform on.

Finally we reached a set of tall wooden doors. Sentries at the front saluted him and then the door were pushed open. A completely different world greeted us.

A nice yard greeted us, trees along the pathway. A fountain towards the middle, I could see servants rushing about. Baskets of laundry were being hauled. Men and boys were hauling wood to several different cottages.

A completely different world.

We reached a set of red doors, inside I could hear a commotion, grunts and whimpers.

"Ah seems she's busy." He mumbled to himself he looked back at me and he smiled at me almost reassuringly.

He opened the door slowly and the moans and grunts became louder.

"Stand him up." This place looked like a training center. At the far end across the room there was a small light illuminating the corner.

"Feed him water."

"My dear dear Lieutenant." He spoke taking his cap off. Blond tresses came into view.

"It's Lieutenant Colonel to you." He chuckled and then nodded to the soldiers, their uniform was more simplistic. It was a dark hue of grey. No elegant design aside the buttons on the jacket.

The other office on the other hand, had black pants like the high officer. She was missing her jacket. Suspenders held hers up, she had a white collar shirt on and her sleeves had been rolled up. She had a handkerchief and she was wiping her knuckles.

She seemed to be wearing some type of leather cover. There a third man he was kneeling and was being force to drink water.

"What did he do?" The officer asked.

She raised her hand so the soldiers so he would cease the water torture.

"Would you care to tell your superior officer McMill what did you do?" The solder tried to speak but he just spat and drooled.

She flicked her wrist indicating for the soldier to be raise up to his feet. I couldn't really make out her figure, but she had short hair, not short short but long enough to barely put it up in a ponytail. I could tell the small fluff of hair bounced as she swung and punched him in the stomach.

"Please no more." The soldier groaned.

"What do you want Brian?" She grunted as she punched over and over and I had to look away, so much blood and the sounds of his pleas made my body shiver. Why were we here?

"I bought you something?" My eyes widened and I look up to see the officer smirking at me. He wasn't my owner. She was?

He was amused at my expression and he ruffled my hair.

His hand was heavy, this man with one hand could break me. Thank the heavens I wasn't that stupid to run away. These people didn't kill you, they tortured.

He realized my fear and he winked at me. Glad to see he was highly amused with this.

She stopped mid punched and composed herself. She groaned in frustration. She briefly looked at me and then back to him.

"Damn it Brian. Take him to the cells." She pointed to the soldiers and they silently complied.

As they exited a flood of light lit the whole room and I could see there was an arena, weapons along the walls, wooden and real ones. It was a training center.

"I've also told you if your gonna address me by rank, address me by my correct one in front of the privates."

He chuckled out loud and then stepped to the side to let me come into view.

"Holy shit." She mumbled as she studied me.

"She looks rough but I saw her before the bruises a piece of beauty when she heals."

She shook her head.

"She looks more than rough, just as bad as if I have to dole punishment on someone."

"I already paid thirty pieces of silver." I raised an eyebrow at him and he winked at me.

"You're an idiot for paying that much." She started to walk away and he ran to catch up. I had to hobble faster to keep up as well. By now all the adrenaline that kept the pain at bay was gone. I was in so much pain, I fought to keep it hidden, but my insides screamed in protest. My heart was beating unbelievably fast and I was gasping for air.

She took her jacket off a hook on the wall and draped it over her shoulder and stepped outside.

A young servant boy was passing by.

"You" she shouted. They boy froze and nodded his head down.

"Cottage two was my water heated." He nodded vigorously. She nodded dismissing him.

"Look she's yours or send her to the brothel. Your choice." He placed his hat on his head then ruffled my hair once again. The brothel was just as bad as the barracks, no I needed to stay here. For now at least.

"I bid you good evening, Lieutenant."

"Private." She responded He smiled and started to walk away.

I wanted to go after him, but we all knew what just happened I had transferred hands again.

"Your name?" her piercing green eyes bore into me. I swallowed hard and trembled as I fought to find my voice. They way she addressed me made my stomach feel mix.

"Em-m-mma." My voice cracked. I cursed internally I could not even control my voice anymore. I followed her gaze as she looked down at me. I was covered in dirt and blood. I know I was in bad shape, I felt it.

"Come on." She turned and started to walk at a much faster pace than Brian. She slipped her jacket on, unlike Brian she had no cap but she did have a saber on her hip. Her strides were long and fast. Her boots made a large thudding noise.

I could not keep up. My feet slapped the brick pathway. Blood footprints were being left behind. The dirt stuck in the cuts of my feet made every step a torture.

My body was ready to collapse again, the pain unbearable.

She turned back annoyed that I was a few feet behind, she then notice my half bandage feet and the blood trail I was leaving.

"For heavens sake." She approached me fast and I felt as if she was going to strike me, I raised my hands and covered my face, but instead I was hoisted up. She carried me like a small child. She didn't even grunt, compare to her I was smaller. I was shorter and I weight a third less than her.

"I don't have time for this." Her warm breath burned my cheek. I shouldn't trust her, It wasn't time to relax. I could feel a deadly essence off her.

Her hands I could smell the blood coming off of them.

We reached the end of the pathway and then turned left it was an open field then Trees covered the area further ahead and the brick road turned into a dirt pathway. We reached the end. Next to the giant wall that enclose the castle courtyard was a small cottage. Almost completely separated from the other cottages. A flag above her door greeted us. An Eagle with its wings sprawled open and a two swords crossed behind it. The flag itself was bright red.

I think this was her crest.

I didn't have a chance to see the interior as we walked through it quickly and we were outside again, a small fenced covered the back yard giving us privacy.

There was a small well and two bucket at the side. A tub near the right side wooden fence, and next to the house was large pile off wood. I could see smoke coming from the other end of the house, the cottage wasn't made of wood on that section but of brick and metal. There was like a cave like section and wood had been place inside.

"That's how I heat my tub inside."

She saw me studying the weird construction. So there was another tub inside, I'm assuming next to the wall so the heat of the wood would warm the tub and warm the water.

Warm water, I've always bathed with cold river water, I wonder how that would be.

"Strip, get in the tub." She pointed to the tub by the wall and I swallowed hard undoing the piece of twine that held my ratty cloth. I notice my hands are black and dirty and my fingernails are cracked and bloody.

I could feel her eyes boring into my back side when I turned away from her and I walked over and slowly got in standing inside the tub. The cold metal soothed my sore feet.

She hauled two buckets of water over and looked at me and I stared back unsure.

"Well?" she asked annoyed.

For that split second I made eye contact with her, the setting sun behind her made her eyes stand out more. Her dark brown hair was unruly probably from all the punching, her arms were well toned. Not muscle protruding but I could tell the strain she was putting as she lifted the heavy bucket.

I was shocked back into reality as the cold water drenched me. I stared at her bewildered but she's unfazed.

"I don't have your time. Ready for the next one." I nodded and she poured it.

"There on the ledge is a bar of soap." I looked around and on the fence was a small ledge with a tiny bar. I grabbed it and lathered all over, it stung my hands and face, my back. But it felt nice to feel clean again. I pass the slippery bar all over my body, not enough lathered was made but I could see the dirt pooling around my feet.

I knelt down and I scrub underneath my feet and I whimpered out loud.

She returns with two more buckets filled.

"Ready?" This time I nod not waiting and she drenched me.

I gasped as I wiped the water off my face. It's cold and I can see bumps all over my skin. I visibly shake and once again my eyes land on hers.

Was I allowed to make eye contact? She wasn't reprimanding me.

"Well nice to see a woman underneath that mess." She smiled at me. Her smile seemed genuine, she seemed amused. I nod ready for the next bucket.

She pours it over my head slowly and I rinse. I touch my face and I feel the small bump underneath my eye, I see my hands they're still bleeding slightly. I looked down to see cake dirt and blood inside the white tub.

I look up at her and she nods approving that I'm cleaner now. She leaves and returns with two more buckets and she doesn't wait for me to nod, she just pour one after another.

My teeth rattle uncontrollably.

"This will do for now." She grabs the empty buckets and places them next to the well, she walks inside and I just stand there unsure of what to do.

Do I get out, do I follow?

My doubts are resolved when she returns, she has a towel draped over her arm and is carrying a white small tunic. It would barely cover my behind but modestly was the last thing I should really be worried about.

"This will do for now until I get you something more appropriate to wear. She indicated with her head for me to get out and the soft plush green grass tickle my feet.

"Dry with this, put this on. Then hang the towel over there and get inside and sit. Don't touch anything. I'll figure something out later."

With that she turned around and I notice she was bare foot and she disappeared into the house.

I slowly stepped inside the home, everything was well organized and clean. Bookshelves full of books. I had never read but I wondered what type of tales lie between the pages. On top of stove in the kitchen was a big pot, cast iron pot. I could see the piping hot steam flowing out of it and what ever was inside smelled divined.

My stomach decided to make itself known, I had not eaten the whole day moving about and being beaten, I was at my limit. My body could barely keep up, my eyes could barely stay open. I sat on the floor next to a bunch of pillows.

They were more comfortable than the little cot I shared with my sister back home. She softness of the pillow soothed my aching bones.

I closed my eyes and slowly drifted off.


"Hey girl wake up." My shoulder was being pushed and I snapped my eyes open.

"Oh thank the gods, please get up." I see another woman, maybe a little older than me. She had a worried look on her face, the blood practically drained from her face. I sit up and groan at the aches in my body.

"The Lt. Colonel is going to kill me." She whimpers to herself and I finally look around, by the pillows I fell asleep on. I accidentally bled onto them.

"Where is she?" I look around worried as well.

"She's at the mess hall giving a speech about stealing. She beat Leander to a bloody mess."

So that's who she was punishing.

"Your new, fresh off the boat?" I nod, she strips the pillow of its cover and walks outside. I force myself up to my feet and I feel the soles of my feet stinging. The skin re-breaking.

I look down to see a bloody footprint on the hardwood floor.

"Damn," I muttered under my breath, I can hear her furiously scrubbing outside. I make large strides and I step outside into the cold night.

So this is how winter is in these parts. It's cold and windy but no snow. Unlike home, it would be a white sea by now.

"Your feet?" I sit in the wooden step and let my feet dangle off, the cold air soothing them.

"I'm sorry, I'll tell the Lieutenant." I was not one to cause someone else's suffering and the way she trembled she must have been petrified of the Lt.

"It's Lt. Colonel, Major Mcmill likes to tease and call her a lower rank. It's a long story." Seems she has been here for a while then.

I nod, "What are you doing here, are you her slave as well."

She shakes her head and smiles sadly, "My Master is first class officer Bull Arminghton. He's a specialist in explosions, but he's away a lot and I tend to his living quarters and the Lt. Colonels... They don't call us slaves more like servants."

I scoff and she admonishes me by shaking her head. I should not voice any discomfort out loud.

She swallows hard, she wasn't telling me everything, but that was fine. My main concern at the moment was figuring out what my fate was.

Should I attempt and escape, should I be grateful I am in a high officers quarters.

First thing I needed to tend do was tend to my wounds.

"I'll ask permission to the Lt. Colonel to bring in some herbs that will help with the pain and sooth the bruises. You won't be able to see the Nurse, but it's the least we can do."

"I look horrible?" She smiles softly.

"I've seen worse."

The door slams open and I turn around to see the Lieutenant walking in.

"Damn the gods," the girl speaks and I realize we have not introduce ourselves.

I see the three bloody prints on the floor and I forget how to swallow.

"Arline," she calls out and I see Arline quickly bow her head and take the Lt. Jacket.

"Bull will be back in a forth night. So prepare the house tomorrow and make sure the wood is stock for his return."


I see the Lt. eying the floor and she sees the bloody footprints.

"Arline," she goes white clutching the jacket in between her fingers.

"Hang my jacket and get a bucket and clean this. Where's Emma?" Arline points to the back door and the Lt. Spots me.

We're both surprise, she's not yelling.

"Glad to see your up, but you cannot leave a bloody mess around my quarters. Literally."

I swallow hard and I nod, "Pain?" she ask and I forgot all about my aches, Fear of new ones have appeased my body.

I don't answer and I see a slight annoyance.

Arline walks by us to the well, she returns and silently scrubs away.

I feel guilt. Someone else is suffering because of me.

She sighs and inhales deeply as a cool breeze spreads around us.

"Arline, starts a fire please and pour some soup."


The Lt. turns around and Arline fidgets with her hands.

"Three bowls Arline, you know they always bring me too much food." So we were getting fed. The prospect of food made my stomach grumbled.

"Now to you." The Lt. whispers more to herself than me, she was intimidating, but her voice was calm serene, even timber. She notices my discomfort and she wipes her hands on her pants.

I expect her to be vicious, I mean she practically killed a man today. She probably has, if she was in the great war. To be the rank she is.

She kneels down to my level and gently grips my chin with her thumb and index finger. She turns my head and I feel her eyes boring into my face. With her left hand she gently pokes underneath my eyes and I involuntarily pull away yanking my head out of her hands.

I gasp, "Sorry."

"Hurts, Understandable." She took my hands and I was surprised at how soft they were, heavy hands but soft. I felt my cheeks warm up, she wasn't looking at me anymore and I was grateful. She inspected my hands, my arms. Then finally my feet.

She finally finishes her inspection and stand up.

"Arline, gather what ever you need from my healers kit."

"Wash your feet again and wait out here until Arline bandages your feet, I doubt she wants to clean your mess again." I watched Arline lower her head and the lieutenant walked back inside. She disappeared from view, and Arline quickly dried the floor and then ran out and dumped the water at the far side of the yard. She ran back in and came out with a small satchel.

"I'm really sorry about this." I apologized while Arline fetched clean water and helped me clean the blood off my feet.

"It's fine, I can only imagine the things you have gone through." She dried my feet and started to place some type of ointment on them. It stung.

Somehow I was fairing well considering all the damage I had gone through, but my hatred fueled me and I had no time to wallop in pain or pity.

"I hope the Gods deliver some type of punishment to the boat merchant." I gritted through clenched teeth.

Arline smiled and looked up trying to make out where the Lieutenant was.

"You might fit in just right in here then." She dried my feet and slowly started to wrap the bandages starting above my ankle.

"How so?"

"The Lt. is in charge of punishment for the barracks. Her main job is hurting people and getting revenge."

We heard footsteps and we both gasped and went silent.

"Done?" She asked stepping outside again. She was dressed in just a white shirt and some type of shorts. Her legs were so toned, I raised my gaze and ended meeting hers. She raised an eyebrow at me. She had her bowl of stew in her hands and was eating already.

Sorry I mouthed and looked away.

"Eat, Set her up and when your done. I'll be in my room." Arline held her breath and barely mumbled okay.

Arline finally exhaled when the Lt. was gone.

"Well I'm sure you'll enjoy your dinner." Arline mumbled bitterly. I don't know who she was addressing.

"Are you not gonna eat?" She helped me stand and I hobbled back into the house. Behind her. We stood in the kitchen and she moved the bowls she had served onto the table. There were only two chairs and we sat down. We kept our voices low.

"I'm not really hungry eat and then you can have the rest of mine, you need your strength."

I wasn't going to deny the extra ratio of food. I nodded in gratitude.

"Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet. My piece of advice, don't fight the Lt. Don't deny her."


After we ate in somewhat uncomfortable silence. Arline gave me an old pillow, if my face leaked there would be no repercussion for having stained it. She also gave me a thick short blanket my feet were exposed but if I curled up I could be completely covered. I laid in the middle of the sitting room, I could hear random noises. An owl shrieking by, then it was soft but I heard a whimper.

I sat up, the room was warm the dying ember in the fire place were keeping me warm. I closed my eyes and focused on the sound, I heard it again but this time followed by some grunts. I wanted to get closer to the closed door but I was so tired, but now that I was aware of the noises I could hear them better. I knew what was going on in there and I guess that's why Arline was so nervous and slightly bitter.

I was right so much for being 'servants.' How ever you wanted to paint it, we were still slaves.

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