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Isabelle yawned as she awoke early one morning. Today was a special day. Taking a glance at her clock, she smiled. Today just happened to be her birthday. She couldn't wait for all the birthday wishes she'd receive from her fellow students and teachers, and above all, Zero. Isabelle's heart raced at the thought of what he would surprise her with.

A kiss as soon as he saw her or maybe even— "Happy birthday~!" A chirpy voice sang, and two arms latched around Isabelle's neck. Robin. She was up earlier than she ever did. Usually, the Hunter would wake by 10 and visit the classes. Never so early as though she attended them.

"Whoa, you remembered." Isabelle beamed, "Thanks."

"How could I forget? Well, I had for a little while–But I realized it last night after seeing all that." Robin gestured to Isabelle's side of the room where there were dozens of outfits strewn around messily, "Can I ask why?"

Isabelle giggled, "I thought Zero would take me out to the town today, so I was having trouble picking what to wear."

"Love is all about the dates, huh?" Robin scratched her head, glancing in a mirror above her bed and then grimacing. She looked like a mess, and that was only because she hadn't slept very well. So she was tired. "Alright, I'm gonna sleep for a while longer. Update me on how your date in town goes and stuff..."

Isabelle smiled and took time in grooming herself as she got ready for school. She curled the bottom of her long hair and applied the slightest bit of eye shadow to her normally bare eyelids. Inwardly, she hoped Zero realized the differences. As she got into the classroom, she was bombarded with all the students wishing her a happy birthday. They broke out into song and Isabelle couldn't have been happier, but something was missing from her perfect birthday equation. Where was Zero? "Yuuki, do you know where Zero is?" Isabelle asked her friend who shook her head.

"Headmaster asked Zero to groom Lily, but he's not in the stable anymore." Lily was Cross Academy's proud stallion. She was virtually un-mountable, because Zero was the only one who was ever able to get close to her. Isabelle was sure she could do the same thing, but she had never felt like doing so. Isabelle's eyes darkened just as class began. It was beginning to put a damper on her mood that Zero was nowhere in sight but... She had to keep at it.

At the end of class, Isabelle darted out the doors quicker than the other students, hoping to find Zero lurking about like he normally did.

As she exited the door, she collided with someone, "Oh–!"

Her eyes brightened. It was Zero! "Hey, I–!" She was hoping to talk to him but, Zero brushed her off.

"Sorry, I'm busy." He said brusquely and rushed inside the classroom. Isabelle noticed him talk with Yuki and she sighed. Now this was beginning to bring her down.

Not even a birthday wish... She felt as though her date might not even happen.

Robin walked up to her, "Yeah, sorry, didn't mean to spy, but I saw a bit of that. I don't have a clue why he's being so odd today, but by this afternoon, everything should be better, right?"

"Yeah, guess so." But Isabelle really wasn't sure.

During lunch, Zero was nowhere to be found. It was like whatever he was doing was more important than wishing his girlfriend a happy birthday. She was miffed at the thought, but he was more than eager to talk with Yuuki. She caught the shorter girl with her friend Sayori at another table. Isabelle was actually tempted to go over there, but she thought against it. Who knows what they may have been talking about.


At the sound of a new voice, Isabelle prayed it was Zero. But it was clearly feminine so... "What is it?"

"Sourpuss." Robin sighed, taking a seat beside the lonesome Isabelle, "I wish I could stay, but I gotta catch Kaname before he goes anywhere. Any news with Zero?"

"Nothing. I haven't seen him." Isabelle said flatly.

"Oh well, I'm sure he'll seek you out later. Oh–Kaname! Oh, gotta go!" Robin darted away, chasing after the king of the night class as he took a stroll through the pavilion.

Isabelle wasn't sure what Robin wanted Kaname for, but she was definitely succeeding. More so than Isabelle.

She was about ready to break up with that Zero. He hadn't texted or called or even smiled (Well, it was rare...) all day. She still had no idea where he was and it was driving her crazy. Sure, it was a dumb reason to dump someone, but to a girl, it meant a lot. A birthday meant a lot.

It was evening, and the sun was about to set. Soon, her birthday would be over and it would be just a regular day. She hadn't been keen on spending her day with anyone but Zero because he meant the world to her. Robin hadn't been all that helpful either, because she was missing for most of the afternoon as well. It was the start of the month, which meant she had to report back to the association.

Isabelle clenched her pillow tightly and angrily tore off her specially picked earrings that she had especially chosen specially for this one SPECIAL day. No. Special was not yet an overused word.

For the umpteenth time that day, she checked her phone for any unread messages. Same old birthday messages from her classmates and a lone message from Robin that involved Isabelle updating her about what was going on.

She didn't feel like saying anything. The only thing she was close to doing was ripping the head off Robin's favorite lime-tinted stuffed bunny. But even that was taking too much of her energy...

Suddenly, she shot upright when she heard something soft land on her window and bounce off. Narrowing her eyes, she opened the window and gasped at who she saw, "Zero..."

He was standing in a trench coat and khakis below her windowsill. It was sort of... Picturesque, much different than what he normally looked like. But why was he there? "What do YOU want?"

He crossed his arms, "Check your phone."

She picked up her discarded cellphone from the floor, 'One new message from Zero Kiryu' flashed on her lock screen.

From: Zero Kiryu
Subject: Come down.
'Let's go into town. Happy Birthday.'

And even though the message was painfully blunt and lacking any sort of happiness, it filled her with warmth to know that he still cared enough to stage this entire thing. Slipping down from her windowsill, she smiled as she hooked arms with his, "Where are we going?"


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