My hooves are thundering against the hard ground, pounding down this lush, grass-covered hill. I neigh out across the land my joy, feeling the strain of my under-muscles to go faster, faster across the land, down and over the hills. I can hear the shouts of the violent two-leggeds, and the baying of their four-legged predator-companions as they want me back, but except for straining to run yet more, I ignore them.

It feels wondrous to stretch my legs, and to feel the strain of my muscles after so much standstill. The horrid two-leggeds had thrown the awful, scratchy vine-thing around my neck, riding upon some of my oppressed brethren, hoping to enslave me in much the same way as my brethren. But I was stronger than those brothers-of-mine. While the strength of three brothers was too much for me to fight the hold of the vine, after the two-leggeds had separated me from my herd and caged me into a small area surrounded by cut trees, I was able to overcome the pathetic strength of the two-legged within three sunrises. They had made many an attempt to restrain me with the strange contraptions which they used to command my oppressed brethren with, but they failed.

I had been steadily gaining anger at my captors, and my cage. After two sunrises, when the stupid two-leggeds returned yet again with their contraptions, I did something they had not been expecting - when they had unlatched the opening to the fence, being less careful than before as I had never done anything to escape like this before, I charged at them, screaming. They stumbled back, and I slammed through the wooden gate, crashing into the two-leggeds, knocking them off their hooves, and began to gallop as fast as possible towards the open land.

This is what led me here, to this glorious feeling of victory and freedom. The stupid two-leggeds had separated me from my herd - from my mother, and from my stallion. I can feel the burning of the muscles in my legs and back as I gallop, and I neigh yet again my triumph. I am confident in my speed - I am one of the fastest runners in my herd, and the only reason the two-legged had been able to catch me at all was because the caught me by surprise. While I may be a fast runner, I've never been extremely observant - which is the only reason I've not yet started my own herd or taken my place as leader in my own.

I can now hear the pounding of my enslaved brethren as the two-leggeds attempt to catch up with me, but I know they will not, and so I am unworried. I am filled with triumph and laughter at my newfound freedom. My only regret is that I was unable to save my brethren there, but that is not enough to make me look back.

It is time to find my herd. I keep running, listening as the sound of the other hooves get fainter, and I have no more regrets. I am wild, and free, and so I will remain. No two-legged will change that.

Written while listening to the soundtracks of the movie Brave (2012) - Touch the Sky, Into the Open Air, and Merida's home.