A Human Life

Life is a strange, wonderful, happy, sad, and lonely experience. When we are children, we are taught that certain actions are right and that certain actions are wrong. At this time in life, right is right and wrong is wrong, because that is how life is. We grow older and our bodies begin to want pleasure. We start wanting to experience love, relationships, and adulthood. We say to our lovers that our love will be different. We will not be like the others. Others fight, but we shall not. Our love is special and it will carry us through the silly teenage years, until we reach Social Security. At this time, we pretend that the small annoyances of our lovers aren't real or we say that love is greater than the small annoyances.

Then one day we discover that the small annoyances have snowballed. When we look into our lover's face, we see one big annoyance. The face that we had seen as pretty and lovely is now ugly and disgusting, so we break our bonds of love and now we are free. Do we pursue the noble goal? No, we leave the noble goal to others and to our children. We feel that God has cheated us by giving us a sour love affair, so we set out to fix this. I was cheated, says we. Nature owes us a lover and we will find one even if we have to screw a thousand people. After awhile and once again we find a new younger lover.

This lover reminds us of our youth when everything existed, because it is the nature of things to exist. We feel young and we are young again. Then it happens, we can no longer raise the flesh to please our young lover. The young lover is gone and we are staring into a mirror. Grey and old, covered in spots, and missing parts is what we see. We are like a young person again. Our bodies don't work, so lust is gone. Once again right is right and wrong is wrong, because that is how it is. The noble cause fills our spirits with joy. We warn the young person to flee love and pursue the noble cause. Listen to us, young person, our wrinkles and grey hair are the marks of our experiences. Listen to us and save yourself a world of grief.

At first, they were amused by our tales of the good old days, but now they are annoyed with us. You had your pleasures and pain. You had your lovers and broken hearts. We rebel against your authority of experience. You see, we are different and our love is special. We will not have a broken love or a broken life, for we are different. And the whole damn cycle starts all over again. We die and we are buried. Our body fertilizes the soil and from the ground grows a beautiful rose. A rose made by the soil enhanced by our bodies. Our human life was not in vain, for it produced a single beautiful rose. A rose to stand-alone in the world of human ugliness and say there is hope.