They don't always come on string.




I watch.

I stare.

I observe.

I listen to every word.

I hear.

I nod.

I talk.

I smile on command.

I laugh.

I breathe.

I understand.

I live for her.

I comfort.

I cry.

I love.

I don't let my head drop.

And her? She'll never know how grateful I am for her. It's because she's the highlight of my day. The sunshine that comes after the rain. When she smiles I feel happy and then it occurs to me—I'm in love. In love with a girl who will never know my secrets, someone who simply just gives me a helping hand.

At times, I wish it wasn't like this, that I wasn't so dependent on this girl. If I were someone different; would I even give her a second glance? Probably not. The thing is, I'm not that person and I plan on not turning out like that. I can't be selfish and have her all to myself, so I've learned to let go and watch her soar. This—what I do, it's for the best.

Even if she never knows, I'll still love her and do my best to keep her happy. In certain ways, she's my secret. Or maybe . . . I'm hers. She'll forever be in my heart no matter what because she's shown me things I never thought I could relearn. Yet I did.

So, as I sit here writing this, I'll say it aloud—I love you.

Yes, I understand you don't know who I am, but I still confessed . . . in a secretive kind of way.

Thank you for what you have shown me.



So what'd you think
of that? I guessed I
should write something
a bit fluffy for you guys
since I didn't want you
all crying. XD (Yeah right!)
I know it may not be the best
but hey, I gave it effort. Meaning,
I wrote this in ten minutes flat.
Ah...well, hope you enjoyed! And
the seventh story I write and post
will be dedicated to someone! :)
I bet you already know who you are.


Best wishes,