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I stayed up all night talking to him. Talking about our very young parents. My dad's stupid girlfriend. His love for physics. My love for physics. His smoking habits. How he wanted me to call him "Jamie" from now on. We laughed and shared thoughts about each other until my alarm clock went off. I slammed my hand on the button and yawned before looking at the phone. "Oh. My God. We stayed up all night talking. I can't believe we did that."

He paused and then laughed. "Oh. Shit. We did. How about that?"

"Um…we have to go to school."

"We do. Which means that we'll see each other," James reminded. This made me smile and I hurriedly got out of bed. "We will. Won't we?" he asked.

"Of course, we will." I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans and sat down on the bed to take off my leg braces. "I don't want to hang up, though. At the same time, I don't want to be one of those whiny bastards who says, 'No, you hang up first.'"

He laughed. "Me neither. So who's going to hang up first?"

"Me! Bye!" I said before hanging up and sliding into my skinny jeans. Moments later, I received a text message from him.

Well, fuck you, too. I tittered at the text and there was a knock on my door. My dad always came in to ask me what I wanted for breakfast, so I invited him in. But it wasn't Dad. It was Lilly.

"Hi, it's time—Oh, my goodness, what happened to you?" My smile faded in an instant and I sighed.


"You look really tired," she said, worried.


"O—okay, then. I—er—um—Dad told me that we needed to bond. So I'm driving to you to and from school today!" Said declaration made me grumble.

"If you really knew anything about me Lilly, you'd know that every Tuesday and Thursday, I go to the university to take courses. Which means that Dad would have to take me home since he works there, unless he wants to waste gas—which, I know he doesn't. So try harder next time."

She frowned as I got up and dug into my drawer for a sweater and put it on. "You don't have to be such an ass," she sighed.

"I'm an ass because you don't want a relationship with me. So, if you don't want it, why push it?" I asked rhetorically. "Because you 'love' my dad and that's what he wants. I don't hate you because you're a replacement. I hate you because you can't even see the good things about me. You care about the fact that I'm shy and disabled and without friends. But I can't help any of those. It isn't my fault I can't walk."

She looked at me and bit her lip before quickly looking away. She looked as if that's exactly what she thinking. That I can help all of this. But I can't.

"What happened to you? Your dad won't tell me. I know the anniversary is coming, but—" I didn't want to hear it. I grabbed my bag and put my glasses on prior to waddling past her with a sigh.

"Let's go, Lilly."

She talked and talked and talked as though she could never shut up. As she went on, it seemed that the possibility of her piping down slowly diminished. I leaned on the table, gazed out the window, waiting for an end to her one-sided conversation, and then I saw him.

He was past the front gates, in the courtyard with his friends. I was ready to jump out of the car when I saw him. The grin that appeared on my face could not be suppressed and I was literally ready to jump out of the car. "It's him," I whispered to myself. "Lilly, stop the car. Thanks for the ride. I'll see you later." I quickly snatched my shoulder bag and opened the door before grabbing my legs by my skinny jeans and swinging them out of the car.

"Wait! August! What are you—?" It was too late.

I pushed myself out of the car—with great effort and determination to get my ass away from her, might I add—and smiled. Nevertheless, I realised something. How was I just supposed to approach him in front of everyone in the courtyard? Shit. My motivation and enthusiasm simultaneously shattered in that split-second. I began my old, stupid gait that I really couldn't help, but still couldn't help but to blame myself for, and walked on the pathway towards him.

I tried my best not to look over at him as I passed, but I nervously glanced over. This guy was different. He looked exactly like James in the face, but his layered hair draped around his face. He had an eyebrow piercing only that I could barely see with his glasses in the way. A sweater over a dress shirt and Toms? That wasn't James.

Someone wrapped their arms around me from behind, causing me to yelp and grab their wrists. "Chill out. It's James," he said.

I playfully pushed him off and turned around. Skinny jeans, a black shirt and a grey beanie with the same, black skate shoes from the previous day. He was wearing glasses as well, but his were bigger—the Buddy Holly sort. In addition, he had tattoos from his wrist all the way to his jaw just like when I saw him.

"What?" I asked in confusion. "If you're James—"

"Jamie. Call me Jamie," he interrupted.

"O—okay. Anyways, if you're the guy I met yesterday, then who is that?" I asked as I pointed to the kid who looked just like him. He looked over and smiled.

"That's my brother, Emile. Yeah, we're the Lovett twins. Pretty cool, right?"

"You didn't tell me you had a twin brother?" I laughed. "Is he a douche?"

"No. He's a lot like me. He just dresses differently."

"Oh." Cool news. I have to figure out which one is which. However, James has more piercings and tattoos and a different sense of style. "Can I…hang out with you for now? I don't have any friends. I can just sit on the stairs and brainstorm about biology if you don't want—"

He grabbed my hand and smiled. "I'd love to hang out with you. Even after school."

No one could stop my cheeks from reddening at that moment. He was being too kittenish. Maybe he was just naturally charming. Either way, it was nice to hear all of these warm-hearted comments for once.

"But—I can't—I have to go to the university for dual enrollment classes after lunch," I stammered.

"I have that period free. Block schedule rules. No class for two hours. I just stick around and do homework until lacrosse or baseball practice. And I don't have practice today."

"My—uh—Dad teaches the class I'm going to today."

"Well, he shouldn't mind me being there. Since we're friends and I saved you."

"We're friends?" I asked.

"We better be friends."