...skeleton ivy...
( black )


you and i seemed to suffer
the same curse of the moon
because we both swallowed
a similar poison left in a
moment of chaos from the
last breath of stars

we were both crucified by
the darkness to forever dream
with our eyes open like
a ghost of the sun

i showed you the angel wings
tattooed on my back and
the poetry i scribbled on
my notebook while we
listened to annasay
every chance we got

you were the local bad boy
with needle tracks and
tongue piercings and
you called me your
skeleton ivy like i was
one of your favorite things

you lit a fire to burn my lips black
whenever you kissed me but
eventually, these porcelain chains
you wrapped around my heart
started to suffocate me

this piece of paper was our dance floor
where we waltzed to the beat of tragedy
to tell our story because we were merely
corpses buried underneath
the epitaphs of sinners


inspired by:

"love exists in powder.
love exists in pills.
we are all addicts."

~ pete wentz, gray