Author's note: The first chapter of this story is a revised version of a deleted one-chapter story I had originally posted known as "Confessions of a Truth Seeker." The reason why I deleted it in less than one hour from when it was posted was because when I published it I didn't know how to properly double space and because of this the story was cluttered up regardless of what I attempted to do to fix it. Now, I've not only solved the issue I had before but also revised the beginning of the story as well. Otherwise, I hope all of you enjoy the beginning to the story. Reviews are always welcome and would be much appreciated if you take the time to write one. Special thanks to inkfngrz for Beta Reading. Enjoy!

The dream is always the same; I'm standing, waiting for something.
Something that affects my desires, goals, and sanity.
Then I look at the view, as I see the world in flames.
Thousands die every minute.
Infectious diseases are inevitable to blight one's health.
Poisonous foods are the only option to cure one's hunger.
Fluoridated water is installed into hydraulic pipelines.
Mass surveillance is dominant and unavoidable wherever one goes.
Mind control is enforced upon the masses.
Electrical meters that cause harmful radiation waves to the brain are installed in every home throughout the world.
Depopulation is occurring at a rate of no return.
Tyranny is everywhere, regardless of where you are.
Lives are lost, people who survive are enslaved, and a new era begins.
If they knew about these dreams, they'd kill me off.
The question isn't whether this is all true, that's another matter.
The question is, will I be in time to save the Earth.

I wake up, inhaling and exhaling the air, continuing my life with the knowledge I have.
I wake up every morning as my thoughts continue to shout voices in my head.
"We need you!"
"Ensure our survival! The future depends on you!"
"You know it, allow others to understand!"
"You must stop this!"
"You know what you have to do!"
As tempted as I am, I ignore these voices. My reasons are understandable.
My resources are scarce and insignificant.
The desire I have for honesty cannot be of my reach.
I have knowledge, I have understanding, I have competence, but not resources.
My understanding is a matter that cannot be dealt with directly or indirectly.
We are haunted by emotions we cannot conceive.
We have a house of scholars for a school, but with no true education.
We are marked in life everyday not from what we learn, but from what we obey, thus taking the mark of the pen's toll.
We are manipulated and lied to without notice to others and to ourselves.
We are of the same color of dots on this planet Earth with too few of another.
We wake up every morning from a battery-charger as we recharge ourselves without question.
We use our energy for what we think is important, not for what's productive.
Dotting the lines is through the means of whatever detection is used necessary to map out the dimensional existence of the dots to keep them in line.
I, of another color of those dots, see something else.
Not a prize, nor a desire, not a goal, nor a philosophy.
It is neither my obligation nor anyone else in regards to what I acknowledge, but it is of importance.
You can't give it, can't even buy it, and possibly not even comprehend it.
I thus live a life of complete understanding, but not of this world.

As I eat breakfast, the voices stop, thankfully.
Every morning I attempt not to think, as thinking brings about emotional instability.
With emotional instability, comes frustration and insignificance.
With insignificance, inquires that nothing can be done.
When nothing can be done, then what are you doing here in the first place?
Therefore, I act, lie, and deceive.
Every person I meet seems to be clueless, ignorant, and, more importantly, gullible.
Such consequences of gullibility I fear may be beyond their comprehension.
Therefore, the consequences of their ignorance occur, without choice or consent.

After I finish eating, I enter my bathroom to begin a shower.
This shower is different; I installed my own hydraulic pipeline and showerhead for purposes you would find insane.
I purify my own water supply, as I think of the dangers otherwise.
As I shower, I once again attempt not to think. But fail miserably at it.
The voices return, they attempt to reason with me.
"You have other options; do you understand what you're setting others up for? Do you realize what is as stake? Why won't you inform others?"
I may have other options, but I don't know how to use them efficiently.
What's at stake cannot simply be described in words, but yes, I think I do.
Depends on what you mean by "others."
The voices seem reasonable, but not advisable.
"The future depends on you; you acknowledge that, what does it take to acquire resources?"
I don't know, but I can do everything for myself.
"You're one of the few people who know, what is it that you want?"
What I want is a better world, but I need resources. And I'm afraid to say you're not advisable.
The voices were quiet by that point. I finished my shower afterwards and got dressed.

Turning on my computer, I begin my research for the day.
Research is part of what I work hard in, but working hard altogether is another matter.
My work is different than others; I don't work for a company, a business, or anything similar.
The kind of work I specialize in is truth.
Yes, the truth, something few know.
I didn't find out the truth by someone else, but on my own.
No truth wizard came into my bed and woke me up and said that it was all real, I stumbled and researched, the conclusion was accurate.
However, to know the truth, is to suffer serious consequences.
I have stocked up on organic food that I calculated to last for two years.
I have ensured my water supply is purified and efficiently delivered.
I have purchased a large arsenal of weapons, explosives, and even built my own weapons.
I have designed and made my own bullet-proof vest and helmet
I have blockaded my house, set up high-tech security systems without any assistance, and have planted camouflaged landmines in certain locations.
I spent almost a year building the car I drive that I installed bullet-proof glass on the windows.
I'm prepared, but not everyone else is.
These voices, they want me to awaken others, but how do I awaken them?
I may be telling them the truth, but they don't want to hear the truth.
They are sheep, controlled and manipulated without even knowing it.
Their future is certain, but not positive.
The world has come to a serious survival depending on the acknowledgement of information.
I am one of them, not one of the billions of sheeple throughout the world.

I may have woken up, but many others haven't.
Others are asleep, watching television, attending school, going to work, going on Facebook, and going on Twitter.
They don't know how, why, and even if they are asleep.
How am I going to change them?
I never get an answer.
Answers, that's another desire of mine.
As a truth seeker, I can give answers on what is locked out of public access.
The public, or masses, consist of victims of present-day problems and a worldwide conspiracy.
A conspiracy with irrefutable evidence that few people research, examine, and conclude accurately.
Since I woke up, I have educated myself and have researched extensively.
In spite of this, I have refused to attempt to inform others.
I experiment, and see no competence, seriousness, or intelligence is of activity with my experiments.
Therefore, I keep my knowledge and work to myself.

The expenses are high, but I won't be a part of the casualty list.
The world was left behind long ago. THEY are the future.
A future that I know what I wish to have, but not what THEY want.
As I am now writing these thoughts, I can only hope that my desires for the future and world come true, not expect them.
I have chosen to walk the cruel path of reality, one that I have no fear or regret for.
Reality, something that people are either not aware of, or too emotionally weak to accept.

Solutions, that's what people want.
When there's a problem, a solution must occur.
In doing so, reassurance is fulfilled, lives are relieved, and the burden of the issue is no longer of their concern.
However, the large problems, beyond one's control, beyond one's knowledge, and beyond good and evil.
These are the cynical, the boundaries, and the underlying difficulties of my desires for personal solutions.
My desires and thoughts are beyond a simple discussion, so people don't know who I am.
I can't say that I'm proud or appalled at who I am, all I can say is the truth.
Since I've acknowledged this, I have isolated myself to some extent.
Somehow, voices in my head keep attempting to give me advice, direction, and motivation. As if they have any credibility.
You would think that I would speak to a psychologist by now, but I don't for an understandable reason.
Psychologists adjust people to the world, not question and improve it.
You would think that I'm depressed or suicidal, when I don't even express many emotions in the first place.
You would think that I'm a part of a cult or some strange religion, when I'm an atheist.
Misperception is where I'm getting at.

When I started out, I knew that society can easily go against certain individuals.
One of those individuals would include me.
From that point on, you realize who your friends are, and who your friends are not.
It's a sorting, one that is of frustration to some, but of complete acceptance to others.
When you attend parties or social meetings, you find that you have to act unlike yourself to others.
What you know can frighten people easily at a point where they fear you and the truth, and therefore ignore both.
It's not the question of agreement; it's the question of credibility.
Credibility is what breaks people free from illusions.
With illusion, comes an artificial view of a supposed reality I no longer see.

If you wish to find out how quickly society can turn against you, stand up and speak the truth about anything that you wish to stand up and speak the truth about.
From the reactions, you see fear, disbelief, and deep concern from others that avoidance occurs.
Once you research and arrive at the conclusions that you know to be true, you no longer see people the same way.
You find that even your relatives and friends act and think not unlike children, people who are not in the real world.
You find yourself in another world that has nothing to do with the activities and thoughts of the masses that they think are important.
You find that people have lost touch with reality and what really is important.
Regardless of one's background, income, or education, the major loss one may have from knowing the truth is their sanity and hope for the future.
It is with these losses that people have fear, an emotion that doesn't give solutions to problems.
We have problems, but I have found numerous solutions that ultimately reassure hope.

However, since I began, I've worked in the shadows, no one knows my name, heard my voice, or have seen my appearance.
The shadows are safe, but cannot guarantee a mass awakening.
With my credibility and lack of fear, I will eventually find myself in the fortunate position necessary to accomplish my goals.
Still, I have a large amount of work to do, plans have to be made, and resources have to be acquired.
As I think about these matters, I wonder how people may react if they were able to read my thoughts, for I don't know them enough to conclude accurately.
However you may feel, you must understand my statements and reevaluate your life.
Without reevaluation, you will be left behind.

People feel as though I think far too much, while they themselves find difficulty thinking.
I consider my ability to think beyond simply a gift, but of a rare skill received under past circumstances and experiences.
Other minds are clouded, confused, and distracted. The message to such failure of proper thinking is that human compression and intelligence are not of the necessary level to do so.
That most of us must cease to exist to restore the Earth to its proper form.
Some people take to that message, but don't know the actual reasons for it.
They don't know what foods they consume on a daily basis, what they drink, and the risks of the electronics they use.
They fail to acknowledge what lifestyle they have chosen. If one were to ask them, the answer would vary in spite of it being the same form of lifestyle.
In this way, dependence is established and people no longer think.

One of the voices returns, in attempt to show me a different perspective.
"Of course they're dependent; they can't excel and therefore rely on government. You understand that, so why haven't you informed them of what chemicals they're consuming?"
You just stated what I logically concluded to. Why is that?
"Because I'm your thoughts, not just one of the many voices attempting to guide you. Besides that, the point is you have to explain that fact to others, you understand that, but it's the question of scientific literacy that brings about credibility in that area of truth."
You, of the voices that I've heard, actually have reasonable and logical advice, but why? Why are there multiple voices?
"You can think there are multiple voices, but the truth is you don't know."
That doesn't answer the question.
"Of course it doesn't, where I'm getting at is that to simply believe that you know exactly what action to take and not thinking any further will ensure that your goals will never be completed."
I'm left with more questions than answers, I assume the truth is hard enough as it is to acknowledge?
"You're one of the few who knows, so why wouldn't it be?"
The logical voice was quiet after that, no other voices spoke out afterwards.
These voices, they're not unlike ghosts, always in the shadows, always advising me anonymously in their direction.
If this is what I receive for deciding to know the truth, then my life has ultimately become a maze of distorted choices.

I have a realization, it's not that they don't wish to know, it's that they are uncomfortable with thinking altogether.
The weapons of mass deception that are being used have produced people who like to think that everything is fine.
It is when you break away from such deception that you are seen as insane.
However, the majority of people in the world are unsane. Not insane, unsane meaning, having been exposed to methods that are now obsolete.
They say ignorance is bliss, whoever came up with that saying must have known something beyond important.
The saying isn't just true, it's used by people who themselves are blissfully ignorant.
It seems that even mirrors cannot visually show sheeple who they honestly are.
If mirrors were able to reflect that, then the term sheeple would no longer exist.

As I dwell into my long thoughts and deep research, I notice it's getting late.
I begin to yawn, realizing that I should be more concerned about my personal needs.
I ate, showered, and lied down to begin some much-needed sleep.
Amazingly, I never thought about anything while doing so and no voices spoke to me, very relaxing, among other things.

I wake up, recalling the same dream as before, giving me a repetitive emotion of insignificance.
I slowly move out of the bed and attempt to balance myself before walking.
I make my way to the kitchen to acquire a drink of water.
I take a glass and receive water from the filter, clean, pure, and not contaminated.
I drink the water down quickly, as the unusual feeling of the consumption of said water moisturizes me.
I set the glass down in deep thought.

Research, Weaponry, Technology, Silence, Shadows, these, are my tools.
My name is Garrett, Garrett Lage. I've been called many things, Thinker, Rogue, Charlatan, even a Savior.
But I identify myself as a truth seeker.
What do I do? I expose lies.
Beyond that, I know your future.
Your future is oppressive; it begins with tyranny, and ends with your death along with your already-established enslavement.
However, such a future can be altered, that is, if you acknowledge beforehand the cause.
So what else do I do? I experiment with people, in attempt to wake them up from their ignorance of where the world is coming to.
Those who I experiment with successfully, wake up and support me, those who don't, will suffer the consequences.
As for myself, I won't have to be concerned about such a hopeless death in my position.

The many questions I'm asked I rarely elaborate on, so allow me to explain to you more about myself.
I'm an engineer, more specifically, I hold a bachelors in electrical engineering and computer science.
With this knowledge, I know how computers work, I'm able to build and maintain electrical devices, I know how to program and code, and have the means to hack.
With this knowledge, I'm mathematically literate, enabling me to be more logical and rational, thereby making better decisions.
With this knowledge, I can read electrical signals.
With this knowledge, I'm able to counteract eavesdropping.
With this knowledge, I can pinpoint a person's location if they ever contact me.
With this knowledge, I can hack into cars, security systems, and databases.
I'm independent for my personal needs, which makes government management for someone like me difficult.

Do you recall that I stated that the world has come to a serious survival depending on the acknowledgement of information?
What I meant was that unless if you know and are aware of what I and a certain amount of people know, your chances of surviving plummet at unthinkable levels.
The masses don't know what their future is, what they know and are familiar with is everyday life.
Because of this, I know that if I want to alter the course, I need to inform and receive assistance from the masses.
Yet I'm alone, which makes my goals unattainable unless if I acquire resourceful power.

But that is beyond the matter, the matter at hand in is one question.
Where is everything we care about at?
It is where you are willing to draw the line and are willing to die for what you believe in, that is where everything we care about is at.
Why is that? Because for so long THEY have stolen resources, victimized millions of innocent lives, taken away privacy, and will continue to take away everything from everyone until there is nothing else left to take.
It's all gone, and either you're dead or you're a slave.
How are they going about doing this? Through planned genocide.
Through genetically modified food, fluoridated water, flu vaccines, deadly and toxic chemicals constantly being consumed, THEY have killed people off into casualty records without a trace.
I once had a life and personal issues, now; I'm involved in an invisible war.

This invisible war is through the use of silent weapons, or soft killing upon the masses. Who are the perpetrators? The Global Elite.
These are extremely wealthy families and individuals who are responsible for instigating and executing almost every major war, tragedy, attack, assassination, political overthrow, and global strategic event.
These people now control our financial systems, our governments, our foreign policy, the mainstream media, and therefore our world.
They are now in the final stage for their plan of global domination, beginning with committing mass genocide through soft killing.
Every day, lives are dying off without a trace, as people fail to find answers.
Every day, people use cell phones that are tracked and are dangerous to one's health.
Every day, chemtrails are sprayed throughout the world, as people mistaken such trails for contrails.
Every day, people fail to think properly and lack any sort of capability to critically think.
Every day, one event occurs after another in a chain of planned events.
One day, a false flag attack occurs, other days, long-term war begins.
Eventually, this invisible war will indeed become visible.
I'm one of the few that has awakened; because of this, I have a mission.
That mission involves a plan against this Global Elite, before we are terminated.
It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.