I smiled tenderly, but I didn't mean to tempt him.
I rubbed my leg against his, but it was an accident.
Sure, I fell on top of him, but I tripped.
So why did he kiss me then?
And how did it lead to this?

"You are mine." He growled, ripping the clothes of the girl.
"I-Jason, I-" He frowned, then unclasped her bra forcefully.
"Ugh-Jason, it hurts-"
"Shut up." He silenced her, sucking her nipple.
"Mmm...Jason, I-"
"Shut up, you stupid girl. You are my toy. You listen to what I say. Toys don't make sounds." The girl became silent.
Laughing, he pinched her nipple hard.
"Uhn..." She let out a cry of pain.
"What was that? Didn't I say no sound?" He ripped off her panties and forced a finger in.
"Gah!" She shouted.
He forced another finger in. She shouted again. And so he forced in the third finger. This time, she only whimpered softly.
He laughed and removed the three fingers.
"Seems you are ready."
With a smile, he pulled out his dick.
Her face became as white as a ghost.
"No..." She made the mistake of letting out a sound.
His face contorted in anger, and pushed the girl's head down.
"Suck." He commanded.
She let out tears, but he did not care. She brought the tip to her mouth and started sucking gently.
"Ah... That's great..." He started moaning in pleasure.
"I'm coming!" With a heavy breath, he spilled his white seed into her mouth.
"Swallow." He ordered and she swallowed it gingerly.
He smirked and slammed her against the wall.
He laughed.
"Ready, sweetheart?" He slapped her ass.
She nodded, crying. What could she say? Even if she said no, he would continue anyway.
With a smile, he pushed in.
"Ahhhhhh!" She screamed, but this time he did not punish her.
"It's alright to scream now, baby."
He thrust in and out, gradually he thrusts deeper and longer.
Finally, he groaned,
"I'm comingggggggg!"
He came inside her, and she screamed.
"You'll have my baby, sweetheart." He smiled.
"Un..." She snuggled against him.
He let out a satisfied smile, and patted her head.
"You did a good job, baby."
She smiled at him, and his heart jumped. Oh, how he loved her smile.
"I love you."
"I love you too."

Why do you say you love me, after all the cruel things you've done to me?
Why do I still say I love you, after all the cruel things you've done to me?
Am I wasted?
I feel dirty.
But I know, when you said you loved me, it wasn't a lie.
I didn't lie either.


Questions, all of those, questions I want to know the answer to.