Sometimes I feel as if the entire world is so completely different from me that I simply cannot relate. I look at people and it is as if they look right through me, refusing to see the true me underneath my shell. I hide behind a mask just like everyone else only because it seems that lies are much easier for humans to understand than truth. When I look around, I see fakeness everywhere. Commercials advertising makeup to cover up with. Clothes that are supposed to "make a fashion statement" and "show who you are" using fabric. But makeup and fabric are uniform, made in factories, a thousand items at a time. I promise that one day, if you haven't already, you will find someone who is wearing the same T-shirt as you, or has the same pair of Jeans that you have. Or wears the same brand and shade of makeup that you wear. We are all clones of each other.

One day we'll find a way to manufacture humans, like in The Matrix. Except we won't need robots to destroy our world for us. We'll do it ourselves, and we'll be proud of it. We're already destroying our planet, our home, but we can't seem to stop no matter how hard we try. We're going "green", but it's already too late. The damage has been done, and no amount of natural energy from here on out will reverse the damage. We have doomed ourselves.

I preach about how horrid humans are, and I often forget that I myself am human. I fall prey to the same harmful things that everyone else does. So, you could say I have no right to be angry at everyone else. But at least I admit it. I'm not afraid to stand up and tell the world that we humans – as a race – suck! Too many people would get angry at me for saying that for the wrong reasons. They would get angry to hide the fact that they know I'm right.