Love Is

Words are not enough sometimes.

I imagine being in the stars with you.

I imagine

Defying every person who ever said that this

Could never happen.

This happened.

This happens every day.

Every moment.

I think,


And it is not enough to describe these


If only…

You were here.

I could tell you everything

Without having to say anything.

You will be here.

Or I will be there.

Either way, we will be



One day.

And those days together,

We will say everything

And anything.

And no one will tell us

"No. You cannot."

No one will deny us our love.

Society is

A black mark in my heart.

The pain will pass in time.

I know,

Because you said that last night you

Forgot your fear.

If being together means that you

Forget your fear,

Then being together means that I

Can forget my pain.

Both will heal –

The fear and the pain.

They will pass.

Love is stronger.