Marksman Short Stories Four

'17th of August 1906

I had just caught the notorious Edward Agar; his was a professional criminal and associate of crooked barrister James Townsend, Townsend had recently been arrested for forgery using the nickname Jim Penman, both had been a part of a train robbery and had made off with 12,000 Sovereigns worth in gold, in fact the gold was going to the mint to be turned into 12,000 Sovereigns, now both were caught bang to rights and were being taken by train, under guard for questioning on where the gold was.

I was sitting in the break van at the back looking out for any trouble, and it came'

Several housemen were catching up with the train, which had slowed down as cattle were blocking the line, Marksman took his gun out and began shooting at the riders, several houses fell over as they had been shot in their legs knocking the riders over, as the remain riders drew passed Marksman recognised them as Agar's men, no doubt coming to bust the two prisoners out. The train's guard came out from the inside of the van "What's going on?" Marksman filled him in as he scrambled to the roof "I'm going to try and shot them from above, the next station has a telegram system, write a message and have the station master telegram ahead" the guard nodded as bandaged man pulled himself onto the roof.

Further down the train in the van coupled onto the locomotive Agar and Townsend had just shot the two men playing cards, who were supposed to keep an eye on those two, Agar grind "Now we open the door and wait for the boys to unlock us"

"You sure that will be out, I mean that Marksman is on the train to"

"True Jimmy, but there is a first time for arriving thing, so maybe this'll be the first time a man escapes the Marksman"

"You mean you don't know?" Townsend said with a shriek of surprise and horror.

"Hey I can't for any eventually can I" Agar said open the side-door of the van, just as they passed a station and then Marksman swung in kicking the criminal back into the wall "Sorry Agar" the bandaged bounty hunter said "no one escape the sights of the Marksman" The last of Agar's men was drawing up holding two horse by their rains he had his gun pointed at the back of Marksman's head, a shot rang out and the horse he was riding on fell over and the man got trampled under the two other horse. Marksman leaned out of the van to see the engine driver holstering his revolver.

"Thanks for the save" the warped man called out

"Not at all, I want Agar to pay for holing up my train and taking that gold" replied the driver, and he returned to his controls. The Marksman then turning back to the two men, one spitting out the teeth that had been knock out by the kick he received "So gentlemen, you have stolen, murdered, forged and tried to escape the law, I take it you men had to bribe officials to get the location of the train" the two kept silent "this is not looking good for you".

'The train arrived at the next station and lawmen were there and took the two in and congratulated me on my work, I just said it was my duty to up-hold the law as best as I could, shock hands with the Sheriff and hoped back on the train'.