Hey I'm IOU! So this is a story that I wrote a while back dedicated to one my favorite historical figures, whom I really admire in general. I guess the title says it all, huh? This is my first fiction writing...actually, I'm lying because I also have this same account for Fanfiction , so I kind of know where this is going already. As a kid, I realize that this is a much quicker and easier way to publish my wrtings for the world to see. So enjoy! No hate! Please, please with 10 cherries on top with sprinkles REVIEW! I CRAVE feedback! XD


Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that a young girl can save a country? Well, about 600 years ago, that is exactly what happened in 1429, France. France was a troubled nation, wrecked by almost a hundred years of war, brutality, misery, and corruption. Torn apart by civil wars, being invaded by troops from an alien country, and most of the population wiped out by the terrible Black Plague, all seemed lost for poor France. The hearts of the people were without hope.

But then, there was the miracle! A miracle so great and wonderful, that none in all of history can match it! This miracle did not come from the halls of nobility and royalty, nor was it even earthly, but from the great Lord, God himself, through a humble peasant girl.

Yes, that is correct! God has chosen for France, a savior, and from the lowest and humblest of society, too! Yes, that might seem difficult to understand, but it is true! The savior that God has chosen to save France...is a humble, young peasant girl, who knew nothing of the art of war. This is her story, the completely true and amazing story of Joan of Arc!

Joan of Arc is a figure that has been romanticized over the last few centuries. Even in her own time, Joan was a huge superstar among her people, but a threat to her enemies. Countless talented minds had made their own works about her, which includes: Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Victor Fleming, Andrew Lang, and Luc Besson.

"She is by far the most extraordinary person, ever produced by the human race", as Twain so bluntly puts it. She is also one of the best known and well documented figures of history. Everything we know about her came from the testimonies of real people, who have known her throughout her life and career, honest witnesses to her actions in life. We even have a wealth of detailed accounts in her autobiography, in the form of trial transcripts from the court that tried her for life . In her own simple words, she is speaking through to us about her many experiences and memories, to which we could not but listen attentively and declare her innocent against all wrongdoings! Joan of Arc is also the youngest person, either male or female, to ever held supreme command of the forces of a nation. She started off as an unknown country girl, living in the remote village of Domremy in eastern France.

Meanwhile, her country was suffering and devastated. She, ignorant and untaught, was living a normal and peaceful life, learning to spin and clean from her mother, working in the fields with her brothers, and mingling with all the other village kids under the sacred 'Fairy Tree' that grows there. She soon rose up above all others to save her king, and her country from alien rule. God has chosen her and molded her in His holy image, and sent the Archangel Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret to guide her along her destiny. Joan of Arc was many things; she was kind, compassionate, wise, gentle, charismatic, noble, honest, modest, fair, trustworthy, clever, brilliant,virtuous and spiritual, patriotic, superior, and all other good things.

So going forward with unwavering faith and confidence, she rose through the ranks of the army, transformed a cowardly and depressed prince into a King, outargued the treacherous advisers of the king, instantly reversed a hopelessly lost war into a national crusade for freedom, and courageously defeated the English over and over again! Her meteoric rise was nothing less than miraculous. She won the hearts of her people, and they honored her, loved her, and cheered her on all through her glorious days! The soldiers were overjoyed to have her as their leader, and held her sacred and believed in her mission. She ultimately turned the tide of the war and fatally crippled the English power, sweeping them away like a tidal wave!

Sadly, for all reward, her king whom she had served so well and did so much for, abandoned her when her time was come, when she was captured by her ruthless enemies and when she needed him most. They were thirsting for her blood, because with her out of the way, they can carry on with taking over all of France. The English tried her, though unjustly, for they were making up false accusations and fake charges for imaginary crimes, and then they shamefully and cruelly burned her to death at the stake. No doubt her soul went to Heaven, where she shall live with all of God's holy host. Many of her enemies, including the executioner and some of her judges, said that they regretted burning her, feared for their souls of being damned.

As rightfully, France has never forgotten the valuable service done for it by Joan of Arc, and has built statues of her throughout the country, founded numerous churches in her honor and even made her a Saint. Even in death, as in life, her unlimited love for her country can still be reflected through the spirit of her people. To this day, she stands as a towering figure of French pride, unity, and nationalism. She has made her name and fame completely immortal, earning her a place of the highest honors in the history of the world. The amazing story of such a beautiful soul shall live on for all eternity! No other human life can match the brightness of hers. She is like a star, the most brightest star in the whole universe, a star that points to HEAVEN.