A Silent Killer

Rated M

Disclaimer: I do not own the character Slenderman; the original creator is Victor Surge. I only the story idea and characters involved.

"Hey, you guys. Ever hear of the Slenderman?"

Amanda's ears perked up; she looked from her book and saw a few girls from her school. She recognized the three: Heather, Janey, and Donna from her History class.

'Slender Man?'

Intrigued, Amanda pretended to continue reading her book as she began to eavesdrop on the conversation.

"No, never heard of him." Donna said bored, sipping her shake. "What about it?"

"Well," Heather started to remember, twirling her raven hair. "It's said that he lurks in the deepest parts of the woods. Y'know, those parts you can't go in when you're little?"

The other two nodded.

"Well, you see, he comes out when you go deep deep into those parts. And he really likes to come out when night falls."

Amanda scooted a bit closer to hear more; her heart raced a little, but she ignored it for the time being.

"W-What does he look like?" Janey asked nervously, the blue-haired girl being the scaredy-cat of the group.

"He suppose to wear a black business suit and be at least 8-ft tall," Heather exaggerated with her arms. "He also has a creepy thin body. Like super thin. With these very long fingers that'll stretch out at you."

There was a sudden sting in the pit of Amanda's stomach; out of nowhere, fear came over her, and she didn't ignore how her heart rate sped up.

"His skin's albino, like a ghost, and… get this…" The raven-haired leaned in to the other girls secretively, smirking:

"He has no face."

Amanda twitched a little as sudden fear pounded inside her; something was wrong with that story. It sounded…hauntingly familiar…

"Re-Really?" Janey whimpered, hiding her face behind blue hair.

"Yeah.." Heather said in a low voice. "What's worse is that you can't see him, but he can see you. And if you do see him, run. Run real fast and far away before he can get you."

"T-Then you'll be safe?"

"…No" Heather replied. "'Cuz after you leave the woods, he'll continue to stalk you.

The fear was eating at her now, telling Amanda to leave immediately.

'Leave…Get out of there.'

"He'll appear out the corner of your eyes. He'll appear in your pictures, inching closer and closer towards you."

'Get out. Get out. Get out. Get out!'

"He'll appear in your dreams and plague your thoughts. You'll never be safe until you go mad in the head and kill yourself or…until he comes for you."

"Th-Then what?" Janey clung on tightly to an unamused Donna.

Heather smiles sinisterly: "You're never seen again until later….when your body's all chopped up."

'Get out NOW!'

A sudden slam of a book startled the three girls; Amanda had abruptly gotten up from her seat, breathing slowly.


She jerked a bit, looking towards them; slowly, she picked up her book, blushing in embarrassment. "S-Sorry…Was I too loud?"

"Oh, no!'' Donna said, smiling reassuringly. "Did you hear us talking over here?"

"O-Only a little." The brunette states, walking over to sit with them. "So… you know about t-the…?"

"The Slenderman? Yeah, I just heard it recently." Heather said, looking at Amanda. "I didn't scare you, did I?"

"Uh, no! No…" She says softly, though a little doubtfully as well. "I…had already heard about it. T-To be honest, it creeps me out."

"Speaking of which," Janey jumped in. "Why are you telling us this, Heather?"

"Yeah, what does this have to do with us?"

"Well…I was thinking," Heather said hopefully. "That we go to the forest near your house Donna and-"

"NO." Donna said firmly, straightening her own brunette hair; she leaned back in her seat, giving her friend a stern look.

"I am not getting mixed up with one of your little stunts this time, Heather."

"I'm with Donna on this." Janey agreed meekly. "I don't wanna see the Slenderman."

"Oh, c'mon guys!'' Heather chuckled. "It'll be fun! 'Sides, it's not like he's real." She playfully nudges Amanda with her elbow. "Right, Amanda? There's nothing to really fear."

But Amanda couldn't hear. She was too caught up with the details…

A 8-ft tall, slender, no-faced man. It sounded just like-

'No…it couldn't be.'


She looked at Donna, who wore a face of concern. "You ok over there? You're shaking quite a bit."

"Uh, yeah…" Amanda said, gathering her book and getting up. "I-I'm fine."

"Wait, where are you going?" The bluenette asked softly, Janey and the girls watching Amanda walk towards the entrance of the cafe.

She paused briefly, her heart still racing and the dreadful feeling not fading away.

"Home." She said simply. "My mama's going to scold me again if I'm late. I'll see you guys at school."

The brunette throws them a forced smile and leaves in a hurry, leaving the other girls in slight confusion.

Amanda noticed she was walking a bit quicker than she usually did. That Slenderman talking really riled her up, and she wanted nothing more than to get home.

Her house was a mere two blocks down the street…but to her, it seemed like a mile.

The feeling was growing stronger now and Amanda really wanted to get to the safety of her room.

Stopping at a crowded intersection, Amanda took slow and quiet breaths to calm herself; she tried clearing her thoughts, which seemed difficult at that moment…

'Calm down, Amanda. You almost lost it back there.'

The light changed green and she walked with the rest to the other side, her mind still racing.

'He's not real, okay? He's not real…'

But she couldn't kid herself; she knew he existed.

And as she crossed the street, Amanda looked out the corner of her dark blue eye and saw him.

Her heart pounded against her chest…she knew he was coming for her.

And he was getting closer.

End of Chapter 1

(Well, this is my first attempt at a long horror story. I hope you guys will enjoy it!)