It was 4:00 in the morning when the police finally arrived to the small house in the quiet little neighborhood.

A few of the neighbors stood outside their homes, watching the two officers slowly walk up to the porch.

Several neighbors had complained about disturbing noises from the Montez's place along 21 Dawson Street.

"What do you think it is, Howard?" The red-haired officer asked to the blond one, approaching the house with caution.

"Probably another domestic case. Either way, we need to be on guard if something jumps off..."

The two policemen walked up the porch, Howard knocking on the door while his other hand hovered over his gun.

"Mr. and Mrs. Montez? This is the police. We got a report of screaming coming from your house. Is everything alright in there?"


As Howard tried again, more neighbors peered over their fences to see just what the loud noises were all about.

"Mr. and Mrs. Montez?"

Howard tried knocking again, getting ready to bust the door down. "If you're in there, you need to answer us now."

"...Hey, look man…"

The redhead, Johnson, pushed at the door, which opened slightly with a soft creak.

"..It's open..."

Suddenly, Fred shot past them, startling the men a bit. The feline looked positively disturbed and quickly darted down the sidewalk.

Howard and Johnson looked to the cat bewildered and then glanced at each other warily.

Nodding with an understanding, they made the ultimate decision to walk into the house.

Stepping inside with their guard up full-force, their noses are instantly assaulted with the smell of death.

Johnson almost stumbles back and covered his mouth and nose in utter disgust.

"Jesus…What the hell happened in here…?"

Howard ave him a wary look, and they continued to trended carefully, their guns drawn and ready to aim at any threat.

To cover more ground, the two of them decided to split up and search around the house, hoping to find anything of use.

Giving the living room and kitchen a once-over, Johnson couldn't shake the feeling that something was off.

"Damn. It's like the place was ransacked."

He suddenly feels something sticky beneath his shoe; looking down, he makes a face of concern when he sees the bloodied footprints leading into the kitchen.

"..Oh man..."

Stepping in there with anxiousness, the policeman sees that one of the larger butcher knifes was missing, which increases the fear growing in his heart.

"Johnson…You better take a look at this."

The redhead turns to his blond partner, who was crouched by the bathroom and looking to him grimly.

The floor of the bathroom was spotted with crimson, and Howard's white glove was stained red.

"Blood…and lots of it."

Similar bloodied footprints led out the bathroom and headed down the end of the hall.

The smell had grown stronger by then, and the men glanced towards the parents' bedroom door.

As Johnson stepped closer, his gun raised, the smell seeped into his nose with overwhelming power.

He gulped harshly, hoping he wouldn't vomit, and carefully opened the door.

The silence was interrupted by the wood creaking, and as he peered into the room, redhead's brown eyes widen with fear.

Sweat ran down his face, and the man could feel the bile in his throat.

Howard came closer behind him, and saw the horrific scene.

"My God…"

The policemen saw the parents' mangled bodies...

Both beheaded and heads impaled on the bed posts...

Both with their eyes grouched out and missing...

But worse of all…They saw Amanda.

Still in her pretty purple night gown, which was stained with dark crimson, Amanda's body was nailed to the wall by her ankles and wrists.

Sharp wood sunk into her soft skin, pinning her there as blood had dripped along her body and to the floor.

Painted on the wall in blood was a large circle with an X around her body. The crimson still dripped gradually to the floor, telling them that it was done recently.

As he looked on, his heart thumping against his chest, Howard noticed Amanda's whole torso was ripped open gruesomely.

The blond's face grimaced in complete repulse when he saw that her organs were completely gone, torn away forcibly.

Her head was slumped over, and her long brunette hair hung low, covering her face.

Johnson stepped forward with a shaking hand, his mouth dry as he reached for her head.

As he lifts it up gently, his fear finally busted forth, and he shouted out in shock, backing away with panic.

Amanda's once pretty little face was dry and cracking, drained of any fluids.

Her tan skin was pulled tight against her skull, and it slowly fell off her in clumps.

The men stood there froze, paralyzed by the haunting gaze of her glazed dark blue eyes.

As Johnson began to step back, stumbling a bit, he swallowed deeply while he put his gun away shakily.

"W-We gotta call for backup!''

Howard agreed, and they slowly turned around to head out the door.

They only making it a few feet before they hastily bolted down the hallway and exited the house in horror.

The frighten policemen left her body there, and her head slumped back on her shoulder.

Her body was mangled, abused, and horrifyingly dehumanized...

Yet, a sweet smile was stuck on her dead face.

A smile of deep insanity and overall defeat.

...Those silly men.

If they'd only taken the time to look around…

Of course, when another team would come in later, they would noticed, to their horror, that the killer left one message hovering over her in dark, revolting blood:


The End.

(Wow...I actually finished a story... Welp! I hope you all enjoyed this. But it's not the end. Far from it; there will be a sequel to the mayhem. My work is not done...and neither is Slenderman's... Please review everyone! (^3^)