Chapter 5

Christie's POV

When I woke up I could tell I was blindfolded, gagged and my hands and feet were bound. I could also tell I was in a this tight small metal cage. I heard these plane engines and I thought to myself 'Oh dear I can't go on that plane, then I'd be lost forever.' I heard these men voices talking but I couldn't hear what they were saying over the roaring of the plane engines. Then all of a sudden the cage I was in was picked up and I was being carried until after a couple minutes I was roughly thrown into the plane. I knew I was in the plane because the plane engines weren't as loud as before, and after what felt like forever I felt the plane taking off. I then knew that I was in deep shit and there was no why out.

As I was laying there I heard these men talking about what they were going to do to me and I shuddered at the thought of them even touching me. I heard this man saying "Tom have you seen the gun she had hidden behind her shirt? It's like no other gun I've ever seen before, here take a look at it."

"Wow it is different." said a deep male's voice, he must have been Tom. "I wonder where she got it?! Do you think she stole it from the government and that's why the FBI is looking for her?"

"I don't know sir, but it doesn't look manmade. I've been inspecting it and can't seem to find where you'd put the bullets. What kind of gun doesn't have a slot to put bullets in? Besides have you seen her eyes, they're bright red! No human being has that color of eyes even for contacts. So what are you going to do to her when we get to the base, sir?"

Tom said "I'm going to break her state of mind and crush the very thing she calls hope. But first we need to brand her with our symbol of our gang membership, once she's branded there's no way she can escape us, she's our for the taking! Now you three get her out of the cage and tie her down while I brand her, but first I need to take her shirt off so then I can brand her stomach. Give me a pair of scissors I need to start cutting and brand her quick while the iron is still hot. Get her out of the cage and tie her down!"

I then felt a pair of hands grabbing my legs and pulling me out of the cage. My hands were quickly unbound and then bound again and so were my legs. I then could feel my shirt being cut off me and after a minute I felt this searing pain on my stomach. I screamed into the gag and cried out in pain. But the man just pushed even harder into my skin and I could hear him laughing at me as I was withering in extreme pain. What felt like an eternity he then stopped and I heard him say "My, my…..Don't you look lovely my dear. Don't worry the pain will soon pass, but that was only the beginning of the torture! Boys why don't you put her back into the cage and we will be at our base in just a twenty minutes. They put me back into the cage still bound and I must have passed out from the pain I don't remember much afterwards.

When I woke up I was sitting on a cold wet ground, still in the cage, and I knew immediately I was somewhere rainy. Because I could feel rain pouring onto my half naked body, and I knew none of the guys had bothered to put my shirt back on me. So I laid there shivering and whining out in pain as the cold freezing water hit the place where I was branded. I couldn't hear anything that might help figure out where I was at and the worse part was I could hear loud muffled music coming from somewhere, and I could hear people voices but I didn't know which direction they were coming from. I laid there and a long while after the rain had stopped and I heard the music more clearly now and the faint sound of people screaming for help, but I still didn't know where the sounds were coming from.

Then I heard the sound of the same male voices that was on the plane with me coming towards me, and I heard another male voice as well. They were soon right over me and I heard on person ask another person "How much do you want to sell her for? Depending on where you found her and how strong she is, I'll negotiate a price for her?"

The other person said "Well I have already branded her with our trade mark, so she goes to who ever is in our gang, and you my sir, are not in our gang, so I must kill you now. Just to be sure you don't spread the word about her appearance, because she's wanted by the FBI and I don't want to deal with them. So sorry but you must die!"

"Nope it's you who has to die!" said the other man who was asking to buy me. Then there was the sound of a gun barrel clicking into place and a couple gun shots, I heard a loud 'Ugh' and then silence. I then heard the man who was asking to buy me say to me "My dear you have just got lucky, in a way." Then I heard him talking to someone else, and I guessed he was talking on a cell phone. He said "Yeah boss, I found her and I also found the human-trafficking headquarters…No I just killed their boss…Yes, but think about it I just saved a bunch of women from dying. Okay I'll call the police and FBI agency here in town. What do you want me to do with her, the boss gave me her gun and she already been branded…..She also in a dog cage if you wanted to know and who knows who long she's been out here in the rain…She gagged, blindfolded, and bound by the feet and hands with a wire…..Okay I'll get her out and bring her back to headquarters. Good-bye sir." Then I felt a pair of hands pulling me out of the cage and they person took of my blindfold, took out the gag and unbound my hands and feet. When the blindfold came off I stared up at the dark sky and I saw the moon. Then I saw this man's face staring down at me, he looked like he was worried but also happy that he found me. He asked me "What's your name and how do you know how you got here?"

"No I don't know how I got here and my name is Christie. Who are you?" I stuttered out..

"My name is Dexter and I'm taking you back to the FBI headquarters. Can you stand up?"

I tried to stand up on my feet but I kept falling down, he picked me up and carried me to this black car and he put me in the back seat. Then we were driving away from the building that I was taken to, I asked him "Where's this headquarters at? What do the FBI want with me? It's been at least four years since that dreadful night and I wasn't even part of that gang that tried to kill the mayor's daughter of Wellington, Iowa. I wasn't even in that town during that incident, though I heard about that incident on TV, but I had nothing to do with it. So why do the FBI want me so badly?"

"Because you tried to kill the president two years ago, it has nothing to do with the mayor's daughter of Iowa. We have video footage of you running out of the White House with a gun in your hand. How do you explain that?"

"I really don't know what you are talking about? I've never even been to the White House, let alone near the president! This is madness, you go the wrong person! LET ME OUT NOW!"

I started screaming and cursing at him until he pulled over on the side of the road and went to the back of the car and opened the trunk, then he came back to the back seat door and opened it and roughly grabbed me by my hair. "Listen here bitch," He hissed out "you are the one who tried to kill the president and we have evidence. Until we get back to headquarters you will be riding in the trunk of the car. Now come on don't be like that!" He hissed at me as he tugged me towards the trunk of the car. Sweat was running down his face and mine as well as we struggled against each other. I was still half naked and so Dexter could only grab hold of my hair. I could feel my hair ripping out of my head as I struggled to escape his grasp, he slammed me into the side of the car and I whined out in pain, because it hit the mark where I was branded at. We somehow managed to fall to the ground and I managed to be on top of him, but he still had a tight grip on my hair. I bit his neck and he let out a scream of pain and he let go of my hair just long enough for me to stand up and start running away from him.

I saw a wooded area not to far from were I was at so I ran towards it. I could hear him screaming for me to stop and I like 'No way in the hell am I going to stop! I'm going to keep on running until I can't run no more.' I kept on running until I was swallowed by the dense green trees. Once I made sure he wasn't following me was it then did I stop to catch my breath and was it then I felt the pain in my left shoulder. I touched my shoulder with my right hand and I pulled out a dart. I knew it wasn't a tranquilizer dart or I would have already been passed out. So it confused me, what kind of dart was this.

As I started walking I noticed how cold it was getting and I looked up at the sky and saw it was still dark out and the wind had started to pick up. I could feel it in the air that there was going to be a thunderstorm and I had nowhere to take shelter at. So I kept walking and as I walked my head soon started spinning and it felt at the ground I was walking on was moving in a wave like motions. So every time I tried to take a step I kept falling down. Soon I just gave up and the world around me just got crazier and crazier. I kept seeing things, and the things kept getting closer to me until they right on top of me. I heard Orion's voice saying "Die already, my dear! Come visit me in hell…I got plans you !"

"No I won't die tonight!" I managed to gasp out before losing consciousness.

When I woke up I was strapped to a table and I knew I wasn't dead or in hell, because in hell there would be the smell of death and the radiating heat of the flames of Satan's borders. I couldn't even move my head, I heard a door sliding open and the sound of feet walking across a tile floor. A male voice said "Christie you've caused us lots of trouble to finding you. But that doesn't matter now, you are here and you'll never escape this place again. So tell me what were you doing at the White House two years ago?"

"I…..WASN'T…..AT…..THE…..WHITE HOUSE!" I yelled out. "I've never even been to the White House. You got the wrong person, please just let me go!"

"Sorry but it's against the regulations. Now if you won't talk I'll just go through your memory and find what I'm looking for and if that doesn't work then I am allowed to wipe your memory and then toss you back onto the streets. So do you want to stick with your story or do you have anything else to say?"

"Yeah I do. Go to hell you dick head." I sneered out. Then I disappeared and jumped, I stood right behind the man for a second before going off to search for my gun. When I found it I jumped out of the complex and out into the bright sunny air. I stayed invisible and I saw this sign that said "Top Secret Facility- No Trespassing! All who pass will be shoot on site!" I looked down and covered up by some dried up mud, that I quickly knocked off, I saw the words "Area 51: Nevada, USA." I gasped and stumbled backwards, thinking to myself 'How in the world did I get here?' I knew I couldn't jump back to Nebraska and that meant I had to hitchhike for rides. I jumped as far as I could and I landed a few miles away from Area 51 complex, so then I turned myself visible. I looked down and saw that I still didn't have a shirt on and I had bruises all over my skin. I knew I had to find a shirt to wear and find a way to get back to Golds Burg. Then what would I do, I couldn't risk the lives of the people of Golds Burg. So that meant I had to move on to a different town or city. But I really didn't want to move, but if it meant living another day, I'd do it.