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When Friday arrived, Annabelle woke up to the sound of her parents talking back and forth about their trip. She got dressed quietly, putting her books in her backpack. After washing up, she noticed Phoenix had yet to emerge from his room. She walked over to his door and knocked at it lightly with her knuckles.

She didn't wait for him to open the door but rather headed downstairs. Annabelle ate a bowl of cereal while her parents continued to discuss their itinerary. Before Annabelle and Phoenix left for school, Addison and his wife said a few more words regarding their responsibilities then bid them a farewell.

The ride to school was quiet; Elijah had finally gotten over Annabelle's strange happiness. At school, it seemed as if everyone knew about the party later on that night. Various girls kept clinging onto Elijah, asking whether or not he'd make an appearance there. Elijah was tempted not go, a party this large at scale was bound to end in chaos.

"Don't think too hard Jo, you might hurt yourself," Elijah said solemnly.

Joanna looked up at Elijah with concentrated eyes as she squinted at him.

"Thanks for your concern," she said with sarcasm.

"What is it?"

"What's what?" Joanna asked back.

"What's got you thinking so much?"

Joanna shrugged back to Elijah, "Are you going to the party tonight?"

Elijah actually considered the question for the first time all day, although he was oblivious as to whose icy blue eyes he was looking into.

"That's what it seems like," Elijah tore his eyes away from Annabelle to look into Joanna's brown pair, "What about you?"

Suddenly the guy sitting next to Joanna draped his arm around her and looked straight into Elijah's eyes.

"Our little Joanna will be there, won't she?" he added in a challenging tone.

Elijah perked an eyebrow but Joanna responded before he could.

"Fuck off, Daren."

Elijah watched as Daren, after much consideration, removed his hand from around Joanna's shoulder. Daren was one of the best known kids at their school, and Elijah was glad to have a best friend whom Daren could not touch.

"What's his deal?"

Joanna chewed on her nails, "He just wants to get in my pants. That's all."

Elijah mimicked her care free tone, "That's all," then he added with a smile, "whore."

Elijah laughed when Joanna rolled her eyes and didn't deny his sarcastic accusation. As the school day drew closer to an end, the buzz about the party only intensified. Elijah wondered how the administration could be so clueless, or if they were in fact not clueless and just chose to ignore what they heard.

When the final bell rang, Elijah was just glad to be off school grounds. When he found Annabelle, as always waiting in the car, he noted that she looked noticeably more tired. Although they had been left alone most days after school, the house felt dramatically empty.

"Do you want anything to eat?" Annabelle asked from the kitchen.

Elijah was flipping through the television when he answered, "No."

Annabelle grabbed an apple and headed to her room. She spent two hours finishing her homework before she headed downstairs. She went straight to the living room, sitting on the couch Phoenix was sprawled out on. She casually rested her head on her palm, closing her eyes for comfort.

Annabelle woke up a few hours later to the sound of the microwave. She waited for her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting of the room, as the sun had already gone down.

"What time is it?" Annabelle asked groggily just as Phoenix walked back in the room.

"Ten," Elijah stated as he forked his macaroni and cheese.

He plopped down next to Annabelle, causing her body to jolt. The smell of cheese greeted Annabelle's senses. She didn't realize she was eyeing his food until Phoenix turned to face her.

"There's some more in the kitchen," he said in a calm tone.

Annabelle nodded, hauling herself off the couch. She lifted her hands above her head and arched her back to stretch out her muscles. She walked into the kitchen, finding a bowl of macaroni and cheese ready to be placed in the microwave. Annabelle placed the bowl in and set it for the appropriate amount of time. She then headed upstairs and washed up. She figured she might as well change her clothes.

She slipped on a black pair of jeans, throwing on a large white v-neck that draped loosely around her frame. She covered her feet with white sandals then pranced down the stairs to retrieve her food.

"Isn't that shirt a little too small?"

Annabelle almost dropped the bowl from her hands, not only because Phoenix had scared her, but because it was searing hot. The bowl, however, managed to slip from her hands and loudly clang on the counter top. Phoenix let out a muffled chuckle as Annabelle turned to face him with a threatening glare.

"That was not funny."

Elijah tried to hide his smirk, but failed, miserably, "Whatever you say."

He walked to the sink and placed his plate in it. The shirt Annabelle was wearing made her fragile frame seem more delicate, as the thin white fabric drowned her body. Her pants made her legs look thinner as it easily contrasted her white shirt. Elijah most appreciated her hair; still messy from napping on it as it was pulled back in an awkward loose bun, with many strands falling loose and framing her face.


Elijah was suddenly whipped out of his trance as he shook his head. He walked upstairs and headed into the shower. Annabelle waited downstairs for him, and eventually he came down with his curly black hair damp, dark jeans and an olive green shirt. Elijah was having second thoughts about this party, but at the same time, something was telling him to go.

He watched Annabelle call her dad, as she was instructed to do every night. After she hung up, he followed her to the car.

"Do you think if I get you drunk you'd tell me your secret?" Elijah asked with a hint of challenge.

Annabelle turned to narrow his eyes are him, "I'm not getting drunk, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you my secret."

Elijah smirked, "Wait until the alcohol starts doing the talking."

"Oh yeah? What if I get you drunk?" Annabelle replied, trying to be witty.

"What if?"

Annabelle rolled her eyes, turning her signal on to turn right.

"You know you're supposed to go left," Elijah said quickly.

"No, I'm supposed to turn right here," Annabelle replied strongly.

"Trust me, it's left."

"No, it's right."

"Don't argue this with me Annabelle, I know it's a left."

Annabelle began making her right turn into a residential neighborhood as she responded.

"I'm sorry, who's the one who drives?"

"The one who apparently doesn't know directions."

"I know where I'm going."

Elijah groaned, he knew she was going to wrong way, "Annabelle, you're going the wrong way."

Annabelle's stomach twisted when he said her name so calmly and surely. It didn't sound foreign on his tongue like she had expected it to.

Annabelle immediately started slowing down the car when she noticed the road dead ended.

"Make a u-turn," Elijah directed, trying not to sound smug.

"No, I'm going to go straight," Annabelle said with slight frustration.

"I wouldn't put it past you," Elijah turned to smirk at the driver.

Annabelle found it hard to keep her anger as she turned the car around. She drove back the other way, losing her pride.

"I don't think I know how to get there," she mumbled quietly.

"I'm sorry, what?" Elijah smirked.

"You heard me," Annabelle growled.

"No, I don't think I did."

"You're right you didn't," Annabelle stated confidently.

She pulled out her phone and began dialing Jane's number. Phoenix suddenly grabbed the phone from her hand.

"Make a left after the second light."

"I thought you didn't hear me?" Annabelle said with sarcasm.

"Not the first time, I lied."

Annabelle rolled her eyes but gratefully followed his directions. After a few more minutes of driving, Phoenix instructed Annabelle to park the car a few houses down.

"Paranoid?" Annabelle asked as she walked out of the car.

Elijah walked to her side as they headed to a dim lit house.

"Tell me why you're here again?"

"Why is everyone asking me that?" Annabelle whined.

"Because it's not your scene," Elijah shrugged.

As they reached the front door, Elijah couldn't help his tongue, "Just don't take any drinks from people. Or food."

Annabelle nodded, slowly starting to feel queasy. She wasn't sure why, she had been to parties before, but something was off this time. Phoenix opened the door and let themselves in. The atmosphere of this party was different from the last. The intimacy levels were lower, the level of chaos was higher. The music was more rave fashioned, as were the decorations. There were bright colored lights, and white clothed people.

Annabelle and Elijah walked further into the house, aware that the party had started long before their arrival. Elijah slipped away from Annabelle momentarily, grabbing two beers from an unopened case.

"Here, this'll at least ward off the drink offers."


Annabelle took the unopened beer bottle and began weaving through the crowd. She could feel her blood pulse in sync of the beat pounding throughout the house. The colorful lights were disappearing on her black pants and decorating her white shirt. After trying to shove through the crowd of dancing teenagers, she found herself amongst them.

Time began to prance on by as everyone continued their escapade. After over an hour of dancing, Annabelle headed straight for a couch. She fell down in the only vacant spot, facing the intoxicated, dancing teenagers. She rested her head on her palm, jolting her foot to the beat.

*Suddenly, she saw Phoenix walking coolly through the crowd towards her, his fingers clenched around something.

"We've got to go."

"What?" Annabelle asked, sobering up from her tired state.

Elijah didn't wait for her to be on the same page as him. He grabbed the hand that was holding her head up and plucked her off the couch. Just as Annabelle got to her feet, the entire crowd turned into a hectic mess.

"What's going on?" Annabelle asked frantically, yelling into Phoenix's ear.

Elijah pulled Annabelle closer to him, "Cops."

He then proceeded to swiftly and speedily push past people, towing Annabelle behind him. The music was still pulsing as the intoxicated teenagers tried to straighten out their minds. Elijah was aware that they were heading away from the entrance of the house, where everyone else was headed. He was also aware of the many cops that were standing outside, ready to interrogate whatever teenager that stumbled out.

Annabelle was walking fast behind Phoenix, his hand still clamped around hers. She didn't doubt his choice of direction this time. Suddenly, he was opening a bedroom door, pulling her in.

Elijah closed the door behind them, releasing Annabelle's hand and walking to the window.

"I didn't expect you to be so calm," he said honestly.

Annabelle smiled, "It's adrenaline rushing. I like it."

Elijah smirked, "You want to know the best part?" Elijah waited as Annabelle perked her eyebrow, "Dave is leading them."

Annabelle's jaw dropped and she lost her feather-light feeling, "We have to get out of here."

Elijah turned around, his smile still in place as he opened the window. He climbed out of it, motioning Annabelle to follow suit. Annabelle braced herself by holding onto his shoulder as she threw her leg out the window. Suddenly, the bedroom door opened to reveal an angry man in a dark blue uniform with a flash light in hand.

"Go!" Elijah yelled as Annabelle jumped out the window, her large white shirt getting caught on an exposed nail.

Elijah pulled Annabelle out of the window as he watched her shirt tear. The instant Annabelle's feet hit the ground, the two bolted through the backyard, aware that a cop was on their trail. Elijah turned around to make sure Annabelle was behind him. His stomach twisted with an odd emotion as he saw a sincere smile of enjoyment on her lips.

Behind them the house was being emptied like ants escaping in frenzy. Teenagers were scattering left and right, trying to weave paths away from the cops stationed outside. A few of them succeeded, running into the nearby neighborhoods, but most were caught and trapped in the front yard. The house took a lifeless form, the soul being drained out of it, while the heart pumped music into the empty rooms.

Elijah and Annabelle ran towards the back wall of the yard. Without stopping Annabelle jumped onto the brick wall. Elijah helped hoist her up before following suit and narrowly escaping the cop's clutches. They jumped over to someone else's yard, running through it. Elijah occasionally yelled directions, jumping more fences, trespassing more backyards.

They ran into a particular house with all their lights on as an old lady yelled at them with a shoe in hand. The two tried to focus on running instead of the comedic situation. After being chased away by a few angry dogs and two homeowners, they finally protruded onto a street. Annabelle was in front of Elijah and she was the first to slow their pace to a walk. As she continued going straight, breathing heavily, Elijah grabbed her wrist and led her to a park.

"I didn't take you as the dangerous type," Elijah panted.

Annabelle shrugged her shoulders, trying to control her breathing, "Me neither."

She lay down on the cool grass, feeling the damp green leaves reduce her body heat. Elijah stood towering over her, taking in her composure. They both remained silent, letting their adrenaline course more evenly through their veins. The sound of a nearby car caused Elijah to snap his gaze onto the nearby road.

He quickly nudged Annabelle's leg with his foot, "The trees."

Annabelle nodded, standing up and following Phoenix to the trees that bordered the grass field. She sat down, leaning against the dry bark. Phoenix followed suit, sitting on the opposite side. Neither one could see the other, the surrounding darkness offering a sense of security.

"Why'd you have me park away from the house?" Annabelle asked with a tranquil tone.

Elijah shrugged, "Had a hunch."

Silence drifted over them as Elijah began swiveling a lighter he had picked up at the house.

"Did Dave see you?" Annabelle asked untroubled.


Annabelle ran her fingers through the grass surrounding her, the tree bark uncomfortably pressing against her back. It wasn't until Elijah involuntarily shivered that he suggested they should head home. It had been probably over an hour since they left the party, and if he was cold, no doubt Annabelle was.

They walked side by side to the car, Annabelle was dead tired.

"Do you want me to drive?"

"Please," Annabelle dangled the keys towards Phoenix.

She was ready to go home and pass out, except she passed out before they got home. When Elijah pulled into the driveway, he sat in his seat debating his options. He could either leave her in the car, maybe bring back a blanket to cover her, or he could wake her up, or just carry her inside.

Elijah settled on waking her up. He pulled the keys out of the ignition, taking care to make as much noise as possible, but Annabelle didn't even stir. Elijah stepped out of the car and slammed his door shut, but that only cause Annabelle to snuggle further away from consciousness.

Elijah walked to the passenger side of the door. When he opened her door, Annabelle's body almost fell out, but she jolted away just as he put his hands out to support her. Annabelle opened her eyes to see Phoenix's green confused pair looking down at her; she smiled and closed her eyes again.

"No, wake up," Elijah said with frustration.

Annabelle made a sound of protest from her throat as Elijah reached over and unbuckled her. He grabbed her arm and placed it around his shoulder, heaving her up. Annabelle slightly cooperated, her eyes still closed. But by the time they got inside the house, she was becoming dead weight.

Elijah locked the front door behind him, and then hoisted Annabelle up, holding her bride-over-threshold style. He walked up the stairs, taking her to her room. As he laid her in her bed, he noticed where her shirt had been torn by the nail, exposing part of her abdomen. There was a faint pink line where the nail had etched at her skin. Phoenix struggled to take off her sandals, aware that he wasn't being too gentle, and then threw her blanket over her.

Annabelle better make him a kick ass breakfast tomorrow for taking care of her.

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