It'll Be Over Before You Know It (Dec 31)

It's over, already?
Here I thought
that it was just beginning.

I don't even remember
the single days I spent
mourning, crying
and tantruming
for all the days I've lost.

And oh, I've lost so much more.

But who knows?
I certainly don't
about the uncertain tomorrow
or the overmorrow
or the infinite morrows
that follow and follow.

All that's left,
to be quite honest,
is to have hope.
Yes, I know it sounds cliché
but what else do you have
that makes it all worth it
in the very, very end?

Just the looking forward to
the passing of the sunsets
with regret, yearnfulness
and perhaps, painfulness.

So take it in!
As you take your things
before you leave your house.
As you take your feelings
like a scared little mouse!
Carry it, all you did
and lament it a lil' bit less
as each year dies
as each year dies.

Try to make it manageable
and hell, even amicable
without so much self-hating
and self-deprecating.

That way, you can grow
and become a little less pathetic
in comparison
to however many years ago.

Until you can finally
kinda sort of accept yourself.
Maybe you're not a fan of the whole thing
but you're satisfied with what it is.

But for now,
take this hangover of the year
and stand in the way of it.
It'll hurt, and you'll cry
(and that, my friend,
is a motherfucking fact)
but trust me, trust me.
It'll all be over
before you know it.

Like this year.

Like the next year.

Like this worthlessness.

Like the awfulness.

Like the hopeful, hopelessness.

It'll all be over before you know it.

Well, that's it for 2013. Thank you to all who took a second of their lives to read these words, and if you left a review, even more so. May the next year be better, if only a little bit better, than the last for all of you. I know it can be hard, but have hope, even if it's hopeless.

As for me? Same deal as last year. Taking a break from Words A Day this next year. Of course, I'll keep writing poems, but it'll be less frequent. So, tune in to "A Boring World", for that. Also, don't forget to check out "Words A Day 2013: The Collection", where I round up the best poems I did this year.

See you later, everyone. Happy new year.