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We rode the train to the seaside in silence. It wasn't unusual. We barely spoke to each other when travelling. Most siblings would I suppose, but not us. We just sit a let our imaginations wonder. Today I was thinking about whether ghosts exist. And monsters too. Then I thought; what if this whole train carriage was filled with monsters, ghosts, ghouls, and every manner of abnormal creatures? That'd be cool. But what if it is? And we just can't see them?

The train stopped with a harsh jerk that made me and my sister fall off our seats. I came out of my reverie and looked around the old, tattered, abandoned carriage. A bored voice spoke through the speakers of the train, "Last stop, all passengers please get off the train. I repeat, get off the train." I would hate to be a train driver. They have no imagination. We hopped off the train at the station, and made our way down to the beach. "Kayley, can I have my bunny?" My sister asked. She was so sweet, i couldn't say no. I reached into my backpack and retrieved her plush bunny toy. It was brown, with a cream nose and tail. It still smelt faintly of chocolate, even though it was years old. I won it at a carnival when we were younger, when Maybelle was very little. Those memories are faded now. The memories of my father. He... died a year ago. He worked in the navy. He was an okay father I guess. But... I remember coming home from school and hearing screams from my mom. He... abused her a lot at home, we were glad when he went out to work. But the news of his death still came as a shock. My mom has to work a lot now, as she needs to feed the both of us as well as herself. So every weekend we come down the Cornwall to visit our Grandma, so mom can get some rest.

I must've been walking silently for a while, as Maybelle had slipped her hand into mine. "Sorry Maybelle, I was thinking about... never mind." I said. I need not worry her. This was supposed to be a fun day. I hoisted Maybelle up onto my shoulders and ran down the worn steps to the beach. She stuck her arms out and pretended to be a plane. I zig-zagged down the steps but stopped when the beach came into view.

It was completely deserted.

"Where is everyone? It's fine weather." Maybelle said, peering at the beach. But just as she spoke, a clap of thunder reverberated across the beach, and it began to rain. I sighed, and got our mac's from my backpack after I had placed Maybelle carefully back onto the ground. I zipped up her pink coat, and buttoned up my mossy green one. "Can we still look around?" Maybelle asked, eyes pleading. I smiled at her. "Of course we can. What time is it?" I said. Maybelle grinned at me.
"Adventure Time!" She exclaimed, as I lifted her back onto my shoulders. We carried on down the steps and walked around the beach for a bit, but the tide was beginning to get dangerously close.

"Maybelle," I called, "We have to go back to Grandma's house now!" I heard Maybelle groan. She unwillingly trudged towards me, her feet dragging in the wet sand. She always did what I asked her to. Not that I asked her for a lot, we just have a good relationship. I gave her a piggy-back ride up the steps, as she was complained about her legs being tired. We were winding up the path next to a big cliff, when Maybelle screamed. My heart lurched in my chest. Small hands tightened around my neck. She was clinging onto me. I placed her on the ground and she put her arms around my waist, hiding behind me. But from what? I looked around; nothing was out of the ordinary. The beach was still deserted; the sky was dark and gloomy... What... what's that? I thought. Up on the top of the cliff there was an ominous figure. It must've been six feet tall, just like my father had been. It staggered towards the edge of the cliff. Moments before reaching the crumbling edge, lightening flashed, and it threw the figures face into sharp relief.

It was a male face, I was sure of that. But no humans face looks like that. The corners of his mouth have been turned upwards, and pinned to the higher parts of his cheeks in a creepy and unnatural smile. He had no eyes, just grey skin stretched over eye sockets. A blank face, except for the sinister smile. It was perfect nightmare material.

The figure took one last trembling step off the edge of the cliff, and fell. Despite my terror, I screamed in shock. Despite my conscience telling me to run away, I ran to where the figure had fallen. I ran to the mouth of a cave. It had been made due to the sea water, but it looked so neat and tidy- almost man-made. I searched around for the body, but I couldn't find it anywhere. It had disappeared without a trace. Maybelle came up behind me, rubbing her eyes. She stretched and yawned. "Where is it?" She asked. I shrugged at her. She began to wander into the cave, and, due to being on auto-pilot, I followed her. There were no noises, save the slow drip, drip, dripping of water. Maybelle was intrigued by the cavern; it must have been a real adventure for her. She probably felt like a pirate looting treasure, or an adventurer stealing a dragon's hoard. I felt no such pleasure in the cavern. It was dark and eerie, and too quiet for comfort. Maybelle had been squatting close to the ground, fiddling with something, until she stood and walked over to me. She opened her hands and showed me a fish. I frowned at her hands clasping the wriggling fish. "Where'd you get that?" I asked her. I assumed she had found some sort of rock pool, but something of that nature did not belong in a cave. She gestured to the cave floor, and I jumped up from a boulder i had been sitting on. The entire floor of the cave was covered in water. The tide was coming in, and fast. I grabbed Maybelle's hand and we sped through the cavern. I mentally cursed myself at letting us get carried away. This cavern was massive, and we had wandered so deep into it. We splashed through the water; it was up to my knees now, and half-way up Maybelle's thighs. I wondered whether we would get out in time, then banished the thought from my mind. Of course we would get out in time. We had to.

The mouth of the cave came into view, so I kicked off from the bottom of the cave and swam. Maybelle had been swimming for a while now, and she was quite out of breath. I put one arm around her and dragged her through the current, making sure her head didn't dip under the surface of the water.

We were almost there. We were so close. But the current got too much for me, my arms grew tired and heavy, and I... I let go of her. I regretted it as soon as I did it. She was swept away by the strong current, I couldn't do anything. I turned back, my hopes of escaping fading as quickly as they had come. We were cutting it close now. But I had to save Maybelle. Or... Let us die together. I shivered at the thought, but it had brought a new sense of courage bubbling inside me. My arms felt less tired, and I swan faster than before. I was getting closer and closer to Maybelle. She was trying her best to keep her head above the water, tears pouring down her cheeks. I was seconds away from reaching her, when I noticed her face drain of colour. Her eyes were focused on something behind me. My heart plummeted in my chest. I craned my neck to see behind me, but just as i did, a hand grabbed my ankle and dragged me down. My lungs filled with salt water, and my eyes stung. I kicked off from the rocky bottom, and shot upwards. I breathed lungful's of air once I broke the surface, but my head hit a piece of jagged rock and my vision blurred. I coughed and spluttered, getting my breathing back to normal. I saw the man from before swimming straight for Maybelle. "NO!" I screamed. The man looked back at me; I was fading in and out of consciousness. I saw Maybelle's pale face, filled with terror. All of the sound had gone, except for the one scream, "Kayley! Help!" Maybelle. My sweet little sister. Then the man grabbed her, grabbed Maybelle. "I have her now." He rasped, baring his yellow and bloodied teeth. He submerged them both under the water. "No... Don't... take her... take... me..." I gasped, the cavern was almost filled with water now, I would've panicked if I had been in a fit state. Maybelle's hair ribbon floated towards me. I grabbed it and stuffed it into my coat pocket.

Then I was surrounded by darkness.

I awoke to a bright light above me. The sound of a steady beeping. Like a heartbeat. My heart beat. I was in a hospital bed, wired up to strange machines, a bandage wrapped around the wound on my head. I looked around and saw my mom seated next to my bed, her eyes red and her face blotchy. She smiled weakly at me. "Hey sweetie," She said; crying again, "I'm glad you're awake." Confusion was followed by understanding as I saw Maybelle's pink hair ribbon on my bedside table. My throat tightened as I fought back tears. My mom grasped my hand in hers and sobbed into the bed sheets. I stroked her hand, tears silently trickling down my face.

Days after the incident, I was still in the hospital, but I was well enough to sit up and do things. I was reading a newspaper, when my eyes fell on an article labelled;


I continued to read.






I stopped reading once I had reached Maybelle's name. I still remember the man's face. How could I forget? It was my father's face. It was only natural that he should stop the kidnappings.

After all, he had her now.