Wish for me; Pray with me; Set me Free

Everyone makes wishes,

Hoping they'll come true.

But doesn't that make us selfish;

When no one wishes for you?

When you cry,

People turn the other way.

If you'll die,

It'll be like nothing had ever changed.

If we're all equal as human beings,

Then why do many still suffer?

We're told to cooperate, yet we still disagree,

What's the point in working together?

I want to be a child again,

Where my innocence made the world seem like a better place.

It's not fair to have to bear the burden,

To live in a world that is ongoing a drastic change.

If I close my eyes,

Will I be able to dream?

Horrendous views have filled my sight,

Is life really the way it seems?

Are we meant to be slaves?

Of the ones who are privileged.

Do they really expect us to simply behave?

While they push our sanity to the edge.

It's not fair!

We don't deserve this.

Yet no one cares,

It's simply the way life is.

Maybe one day,

Several generations from now,

There will be a change,

Where human sufferance will not be allowed.

So pray with me,

To set our spirits free.

To liberate them from all the pain and suffering,

So that they can receive the ultimate offering.