Hey there! It's Vampire From Lorien. I have returned to earth to share these short poems with you all. I wrote some of these years ago. I never really wanted to post them because I have never seen a lot of other poetry on here. Anyone reading this can say thanks to StarryCat. Also you can check out StarryCat's stories. Anywho, these are some poems of mine. Enjoy.

This one is actually a song I sang at Liberty's fall festival. (Such a small town you probably haven't heard of it unless you live here or near here). IO would like to point out to those who don't read/ write music, the / signifies a pause while writing lyrics as does a new line. J Anywho…..

What It Means

I've been wand'ring my whole life

Watching the world pass me by

I've been looking at the birds

And been hoping that I'll fly

But now I know there's more

Than learning how to soar

Why can't / I stay here / fighting by your side

I'll be / your shield or / I can be your guide

Battling / your enemies / you can count on me

Even / if we lose / I will never leave

I have learned that the wind

Carries secrets deep within/

I've been holding out my arms

Hoping me skyward they would send

But now I know there's more

To learning how to soar

I'll be / the warm breeze / underneath your wings

I'll be / your melody / softly as it sings

We can / learn to fly / I'll never let you down

We'll own / the whole sky / the sun will be our crown

I've been running from my life

Never learning how to fly

I am leaning on the wind

I've always been too scared to try

But now I know there's more

Yes, there's always more

Now that / you see me/ I am here forever

We'll be / alright / flying free together

The warm sun / on strong wings / pumping like a heartbeat

You've shown me / what it means

To soar

I wrote this one day during school lunch. I hear all around me people complaining about their lives. It made me think. All people do is wish for more, or in metaphor, to fly. But life is more than just flying. Eventually everyone gets their feet off the ground. It is more than just being up in the air. You have to have someone or something to guide you. You will notice that at the ends of the verses I have 1) there's always more THAN learning how to soar, 2) there's always more TO learning how to soar, and 3) there's always more, yes, there's always more. There is always more to life than what you know. Value what you do know, and then yearn to learn more.

Seek the knowledge nobody knows, but don't abuse the power that comes with it.