Sora drove up to a parking space near Penny's Cafe as it was 1:10 p.m. I got out of the car and waited for him. Everytime we planned something big, we always met here. Penny's Cafe was similar to Moonbucks but less busy and the coffee was definitely so much better.

I felt my phone vibrate.

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We're already here. Couples on the usual spot. I'm happy that you're coming.

I chuckled. The idea she specifically said "couples" was meaning Johnny was here. That is lovely. If I knew Johnny was here, I wouldn't have asked Sora to join.

Sora bumped into me and grabbed my hand. He dragged me inside the cafe opening the door.

The café was a lot calmer than it normally is. It had some slow song whispering the background. Four people were in line waiting impatiently. The smell of fresh, soft coffee roamed around the café swirling magically in the air. I sniffed deeply enjoying the smell of the fresh coffee. I looked around looking for Veronica when I heard a shout.

"Hey, Monicah! Over here! Over here!" someone sparked.

I looked around and saw Veronica all over Daniel. I cringed, staring at the foreign couple. Ugh. Disgusting. I do not like this at all. Why of all people she has to choose my brother. I know my brother's okay-looking, but doesn't mean she has to choose him. Sora walked and front of me and heard him speaking "rudely" to Veronica.

"Hello Veronica, I see you're whoring as always." He smirked evilly.

"Aw Sora love, how are you? I see you're getting gayer and gayer as always? So how's your sex life? I heard you got fucked by some old gay man. Is that true?" Veronica snickered.

"Ha Veronica, how's your sex life? Since, you know, you ARE dating Daniel. I mean have you?"

Veronica gasped and growled softly mumbling away.

Veronica and Sora never liked each other. I guess it started in Freshmen Year. I remember when I met Veronica, she already knew who Sora was. I guess Sora was friends with her friends and they told her that she's a ho for sleeping with older guys around (which is sadly kind of true) and her friends told her that is was Sora who said it all. Sora told me there's more than that but he just left it at that.

Daniel glared at Sora then to me. I couldn't help it but to walk away to the line of the cash register. This is too much to handle...

"Hi Monicah, did you want the usual?" the cashier said.

I snapped out of my thoughts seeing Tyler Liu smiling at me. Tyler is my classmate. You can say is he's kind of like your average adorable hottie. He has short black hair and pretty light brown eyes. It's pretty hard to tell that he's actually Japanese/Chinese. According to rumors, Veronica tried to hook up with him but he turned her down hard.

"Ah, Tyler yeah thanks I want the usual." I laughed, "I didn't know I had a one."

"It's okay, your go to the is Chocolaty Mocha Latte with extra whip cream, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup." He smiled at me happily, "it'll be $4.25 please"

I gave him a $5 and smiled softly. I walked to the coffee pick-up line waiting patiently. I could hear Sora and Veronica arguing away as always and Daniel looking away pretending not to know them. Christa is late as always so we're waiting for her. But we were missing someone. Ah...Ani... Ani is gone. How could I forget?

1 year ago.

It was the same time we were suppose to meet up. I was waiting for someone. In the same spot I am today. Christa was late as always and Sora and Veronica were arguing as usual but with a different boyfriend who was pretending not to know them. Daniel was here too but he was with his group of friends across the room from us.

"Hey! S-A-R-A-I!" someone called.

I remember turning and smiling happily seeing Ani waving at me. I remember waving back and was about to walk over there to her when I saw a guy behind her, holding her hand.

"Sarai, I want you to meet someone." She smiled, her eyes twinkling.

I faked a smile as I walked towards her. Who is this guy? When did this happen? Is this the guy she met on Summer Break?

"Sarai, this is Michael Soo, the guy I've told you about."

I looked up and saw a 5'9 guy staring at me. He had medium brown hair and really big grey eyes? He had on squared glasses and a small lip piercing on the bottom of his lip. His lips were plump and round, but his face structure was very defining. It define his body structure and the way he moved with it. Is he really Asian?

"Michael Soo." he smiled.

Oh gosh his teeth are perfect! No one's teeth can get that white. I guess he can if he bleached.

"O-oh. OH! Monicah Lee." I managed to say my name, "Great to meet you."

I remember that was the guy my best friend dated. The same guy that's been with her for almost two years. The same guy she went to college with. The same guy she died her arms in.

I stared at the door, waiting to see if she would come through it smiling. She would be cheering for everyone. She was an equal. She was the other half of me. She was the girl who showed emotion while I didn't..

"Monicah?" Tyler held my cup to me.

I looked back and faced Tyler. I blinked and smiled taking my cup from him. He had a serious expression. His eyes worried and in thought. I wonder what happen. He pat my shoulder and whispered softly.

"I'm sorry about Ani."

The word spreads out fast. I hate it.

I smiled and sipped my drink. I looked down and thanked Tyler as I walked off to Sora, Veronica and Daniel. They were still having a heated discussion about a movie. Hmmm... I stared at my brother as he sipped his coffee still looking away from them.

"Where's Chris-"

"I am soooo sorry, I am late!" Christa came running in the café putting her hands in the air.

"You're always late." Veronica and Sora chimed together.

She apologized and smiled, grabbing her coffee from Tyler then coming back.

"So where are we going?" she asked

Daniel finally spoke staring at all of us, "We are going to the Festivale"

"Wait the Festivale? Babe, do we have to go?" Veronica cringed.

"Yes we are. It took me a long time to get these tickets." he kissed her cheek.

My eyes twitched as I saw the scene play through over and over my head. I despise that she dating him. I despise him for dating her. I have never seen Veronica act like this. I can't believe she just whine. Have they fucked? Oh gosh, Johnny why.

"Aw the Festivale is terrible, I hate it."

"You don't even know what it's about Veronica." Sora rolled his eyes at her.

Veronica looked at glared harshly at Sora. She didn't say anything, but we could suspect it was going to about Sora having sex with men. It always seemed like they had a competition to see how has the most people to have sex.

"Anyway," Daniel continued, "I heard its coming in the neighboring city, Rosemont. We should definitely go, my gang got the tickets for you guys as well."

Christa nodded, "I think it'd be fun. We haven't been anywhere since..."

She trailed off as her voice started to shake. We all knew what she was going to say. The last trip we went was to the bay. Ani and her boyfriend came back to visit one last time before school started. That was almost two months ago. Our faces grew grim except for Veronica.

"Since Ani's last visit" Veronica finished, "Let's go then, Daniel and his friends put a lot of effort into getting the tickets."

For once, it was actually something we all agreed to. He showed us the tickets and wanted to get a head count who was planning in coming. Besides his friends it was him, Veronica, Sora, Christa, and me. There were two tickets left. We then discussed who should we invite among each of our group of friends.

It went on for majority or the afternoon. It went fairly well until the moment Daniel decided to bring up the one thing I was not expecting. After this day, my perspective of everything shifted.