and the pains-

they're making a skinny girl even skinnier

and that boy, god know what's in his backpack? The gag order is disrupting.

Scandal, reputation, fear? He sits, mourning his glory days while the principal

Thinks the. Same. Thing.

Curiosity is probing in. They want names, answers.

But she doesn't care, that's so distant. The goopy stew burns her stomach.

Is a boy lighting up right now, head turned? What's in the plastic baggies, everyone seems to want to know.

When's the beginning and

When's the end? (A parade of bad reputation)

Who shoulders the blame? In muttered phrases and carefully-counted syllables, we press on.

Oh, that girl, she'll walk away as always.

The tests are waiting

And the pains are making it not so real.

She's not much skinnier this time, so that's that. Only to hear of another's skinniness- is she numb yet?

One down (oh, too soon, huh- my b I suppose)

Sympathy will flow endlessly from this wretched body.