Sunset in Harumachi, as I was walking across the street from Sakura Academy with my hands in my pocket and my head down in despair because the girl I was crushing on rejected me just like the first two. I didn't pay attention to the stop light on the crosswalk as the light changed from "Walk" to "Don't walk"—I didn't realize how many cars there were coming because of how I was ignoring all of my surroundings. Why do girls have to be so cruel! Just when I was in the middle of the crosswalk, a flash of bright light appeared before me and no, this wasn't the light of the pearly gates. Long story short, I felt myself getting pummeled by something metal, sending me about two feet away from where I was. That was the day I died. Before everything started fading to black, I could hear people circling and mumbling around me.

This can't be happening!I thought as a started to drift in a void of darkness.This has got to be a dream. I can't die; I haven't finished high school or kissed a girl, yet! Damn it, why did this happen to me!

It was dark and empty with no sign of life anywhere. It was very somber and depressing. Was this the afterlife for me?

Drifting into an abyss of nothingness, I looked to see a bright light. Now, that was the light I was hoping for. Then a loud powerful voice started to call out my name "Akira!" I looked around, but there was nothing but darkness and a bright light in front of me. "Kita Akira!" As I listened in closely, I could hear the voice coming from the light.

"Yes, I'm Kita Akira. Who are you and how do you know my name?" I asked the voice, hoping to find answers. The voice replied: "I am the great Kami and you are in the netherworld, my son! I am here to give you a second chance and take you to another world where you can live a new life…as a hero!"

I couldn't believe it. I was talking to Kami and he was offering me a second chance. I guess I really am dead after all. Kami continued: "Will you accept this offer, Akira, and become the hero of this new world or would you wish to stay in the netherworld and return to your world in a new body?"

I started to think it over:Huh, become a hero or be reincarnated? I guess I have no choice but to choose the first prize since there was nothing for me in my old life and I don't think my next life would be any different and even if it is, I wouldn't remember who I was. I would even forget my friend and family.

Taking in a deep breath and letting out a deep sigh, I finally responded to Kami's offer, "Okay, I wish to be taken to another world." Suddenly, I began to recall some memories from before I died. I started remembering my little sister, Akiko, waking me up this morning as she barged into my room, shouting "Onii-chan; time to wake up!" I remember my childhood friend, Fujikawa Haruna, walking with me to school: "Hurry up, Akira! We're going to be late for school!" I remember my classmates and I remember the girl who broke my heart. That was when my eyes began to water.

Surprised, I stared at the bright light and asked Kami, "Wait, what about my family and friends!" There was only silence. Then he finally replied: "Your friends and family are mourning over your loss, as we speak. You will be missed in your world, but it is too late for you had already made your decision."

That was everything started to get even weirder than it is know. The light started to flash even brighter and then everything became dark, again. Waking up, my eyes began to slowly open. I started to moan from fatigue as I pulled myself up. I looked around and saw myself in a forest while scratching the back of my head with my right hand.Oh God, how the hell did I get here?Speaking of my right hand, I noticed a strange symbol branded on the back of it that looked like a diamond inside a circle with four arrows on each side. I didn't remember anything about getting a tattoo. I don't remember anything after last night. This day couldn't get any weirder than it is now.

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