Hey, everyone, this is kman134. i know it has been a couple of years and i promised to updates Trapped in a Fairy Tale World, but to be honest, I think i'm going to pull the plug on it. volume two became bland and i had some hack edit it, wanting it to be more descriptive or longer, which i naively complied and made it worse. Also, i can't think of anything to write to continue it and have lost interest in doing so. lastly, after my step-mother died, i los the will to keep this story going since i gave her a copy for her to review and tell me what she thought, and seeing this on my story section just feels me with dread.

If you're going to ask if this is the end of me, then i'll reply that i'm still going to write stories. i just want to pull the plug on this one. That's all i have to say.