A poem that is dedicated for my first teacher in High School. I will never forget you ma'am. Although we had our bad times, you are clearly the best teacher I've ever had in my 13 years of life.

Taking us by the hand

You lead us to the right road

Running against the sand

And jumping like a toad

You tell us to do our best

So we could get out of our nest

And face the world with wings of freedom

Only to guide us in God's heavenly kingdom

Now's the time that we spread our wings

And take off like the heavenly kings

We couldn't have done it without you

I know that much is true.

Thank you our dear teacher

For never giving us up like a ditcher

Here in school, you are our second parent

Teaching us on how to be independent.

Thank you.

So how was it? Please relate your thought into a review and tell me what you thought about it. It's really embarrassing to post my first poem here in fictionpress but I want to improve. So I need your help.