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It's no big deal. It's just an old, abandoned, really spooky house! A dare is a dare. Even if it means walking up to the deserted Manor House-On Halloween.

I slowly reached up to my neck. Normal pulse. And no Vampire bites. Just the thought of something on my neck makes my skin crawl. As I slowly crunched through the autumn leaves that are thick on the mossy terrain, something suddenly snapped underneath my feet. My pulse sky-rocketed upwards so rapidly I felt like my chest was going to explode. I slowly glanced down at my dirty converses and breathed a sigh of relief. It was just a twig. I looked up to the towering trees as the wind whistled sinisterly through the branches. A sharp CAW cut through the chilly night air. Crows, I thought. That could only mean one thing. Death.

I stumbled backwards, staring into the bird's evil, yellow eyes. I turned, and ran. I didn't dare look back. My friends Marv and Gwen looked at me in surprise. "What's up? Got too scared?" Sneered Marv. Despite my terror, I nearly scoffed at his remark. Marv jumped at the slightest mention of the word 'Spider'. I spluttered and tried to catch my breath. "Crows… everywhere!" I gasped. "Have you never heard of crows meaning death?" Gwen laughed at me and rolled her eyes.
"Oh, come on Holly! You're being ridiculous! You're superstition never ceases to amaze me." She said.

"Well, if you think you can handle it, go on up and have a look!" I snapped back. Gwen's smile faded, only to be replaced with a serious expression. "Fine. Come on Marv, let's go on an adventure!" And with that, Gwen and Marv started trudging towards the Manor House. I stood there, dumbfounded. Why didn't they believe me? I ran to catch up with Gwen when she said, "I just knew you'd change your mind." I grumbled and thought to myself, who says I've changed my mind?

When we arrived at the house and Gwen proclaimed it safe, she wondered whether we ought to go inside. "Are you crazy?" I exclaimed. "You don't actually think we should go in there, do you?" I asked. This girl had something wrong with her.
"Well, it would certainly make an excellent story to tell!" She pointed out. Gwen and Marv slowly walked up to the front door, with me shuffling behind them. "Yeah, it would make a good story. If we were alive to tell it." I grumbled.

Gwen knocked on the mouldy door. "Why are you knocking?" It's not like anyone lives here anymore." I said, my hands stuffed into the pockets of my duffle coat.
"That's what they thought in episode 79 of Scooby Doo! But it turned out that a monster lived there!" Interrupted Marv. Gwen and I looked at each other and laughed. "Thanks for that Velma! Hey, why don't we split up and look for clues?" Giggled Gwen. Whilst we were laughing at Marv's expense, the door opened, squeaking ominously. It was beckoning us in.

We all walked across the threshold in a simultaneous fashion. As we entered the hall way, the door slammed behind us. "Can we go back now?" Marv whimpered, as he looked around the hall way. "No." Gwen replied firmly. "I want to look around some more."
"Okay, but if things get any more creepy, Marv and I are outta here!" I assured her. Gwen decided to look upstairs first. We creaked up the decaying staircase, and I noticed the faded elaborate carvings on the rosewood. Gwen stopped in front of me and I walked into her. "I wish you'd tell me when you do that." I sighed.
"Shut up!" She whispered. I could hear the alarm in her voice. "There is something right there." I looked over her shoulder and staggered, my jaw hanging open. Standing a few metres away with its back to us was a great big, ugly, stinking creature. Marv whimpered as we edged past it, and crept into another room. We waited for what felt like forever, but we didn't dare move. Just as we thought it was safe, my phone rang and 'Perfect Weapon' by Black Veil Brides came pumping through the speakers. I fumbled into my pocket and pressed the red phone button- but it was too late. Gwen gaped at me and I winced as the creature let out a terrifying- ROAR! "Marv," Gwen whispered. "Give me your torch, now." The terrible six foot creature sent the door flying off its hinges, and it stomped into the room. Gwen darted out from an alcove and switched the torch on with trembling fingers. She shone the bright light into the monster's face. "Run!" I yelled. We all sprinted onto the landing whilst the monster was still confused. It regained its balance as we came bounding down the stairs. Marv leapt over the porch and ran down the driveway.

"HOLLY!" Gwen screamed. Her jacket had snagged on a jagged piece of wood on the bannister. The monster heard the cry of help and turned. Gwen tugged desperately at her jacket, tears pouring down her face. I glanced to the front door. Escape would've been just too easy wouldn't it? I sprinted back up the stairs and yanked at her jacket. The material ripped, and Gwen was free. Just as we were pelting down the stairs, the monster swept one of its clawed hands at Gwen and scraped deep cuts into her back. She screamed in anguish, but we carried on running nonetheless. We bolted down the driveway, meeting Marv, who was hidden behind the recycle bins. The creature roared again- it had been cheated out of its prey. We gasped and spluttered, Gwen whimpered at the pain from the deep grooves in her back. Marv was pale, and I was willing to bet that I was too. I felt sick, like none of this was real. But the sight of the blood dripping down Gwen's back made me realise, this was real. There was a terrible monster living in our village. We escorted Gwen to a hospital to get her cuts cleaned and bandaged up. We told the police all about the monster in the Manor House, and they went up there. But they came back to us saying that there was nothing in the house, nothing had been in there for over fifty years. We had to pay a fine for wasting police time.

But it wasn't fair. We did see a monster there. We did. In fact we see stuff everywhere. Nobody else can see it. We're different.