I trust certain people when I
have no reason to
I've had this friend
long since
before I was ten and she

disapproved when I told her
I had feelings
for the one who is made of
jagged edges, who was roughly
cut out of his environment and

she told me today that she thinks he talked about
me; she heard him say "messy hair"
and she automatically tuned it because
she automatically assumed it was
me and

I don't think I believe
her because, while I do have messy hair
I don't think that what she said he said is
able to be born from his
lips and

she said that said "she's perfect" and I
just don't believe it because
it just doesn't add up with his personality and it
makes me want to throw up my bones because
I actually cared about this boy and

I don't think I
believe this girl
this friend
of mine
the hell
would he
even say
about me.