The Bullying Poem

You're hurting now,

Being exposed to endless torment feuds,

I know what it's all about,

Because I went through it too.

The provokers are evil,

They each rip at your pure soul,

They try to lower you to their level,

Where their torture will take its toll.

You've had enough,

You want to let go,

Please don't give up!

You have so much to live for, petit beau.

You say: "If I take my life,

It'll make the pain stop."

Don't give up on your fight!

You've hit rock bottom; now it's time for you to climb up.

Come out of your shell,

Release your true potential!

Love and support have filled your heart; they've broken the spell,

Now the road to self-healing is essential.

It will be hard,

And full of challenges,

Your soul will forever carry the scars,

But don't worry; life will carry out your hidden revenge.

You can cry on my shoulders,

I'll always be here,

Protecting you from life's relentless boulders,

And fighting off your fears.

Whenever you feel alone,

You can confide in me,

You don't need to fight on your own,

See yourself as I see you through my eyes; your pure beauty.

So hold your head up high,

And keep on building your life,

Your only limit is the sky,

Everything will be just fine.