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Hey everyone, this is an idea I had floating around my head for some time. I really have no idea where this is going though, so I'll just write and hope It doesn't turn out awful. I hope you enjoy, "Abandoned"

I haven't spoken for at least three months, though I'm not sure of the time. It's, hard to keep track of nowadays. Most of my time is now spent searching the empty streets for some form of life. The birds are the most numerous here in the city, though dogs and the occasional cat are not unheard of. So perhaps it would be more accurate to say, searching the empty streets for some form of human life. I suppose, for any future readers, that I should explain what has happened. Though I don't see how I can do so when I don't know myself.

Chapter 1: Gone

It was May 3rd 2016, and it was sunny and beautiful. I had woken up in my dorm room, my final exams had all been completed and I was expecting my parents to come and pick me up in the afternoon. I loitered about my tiny room for a moment before I left to go have a shower. I saw none of my 5 roommates but that was not uncommon. I showered and returned to my room. Opening my fifth floor window I saw that cars littered the streets, unoccupied and strewn randomly along the road, as if the drivers stopped all at once and abandoned their vehicles.

I quickly got dressed, grabbed my keys and took the elevator down to the main floor. It was a Tuesday morning, around nine am yet the halls were empty. I told myself not to panic, there was a logical explanation for it all, there had to be. I exited the building and there wasn't a soul in sight. Some car doors were left open; others had the keys in the ignition, the car still running. I clumsily took out my phone and dialed my Moms cell number. No response. My Fathers, nothing. Each of my sisters and I got no sound.

Growing even more agitated I checked Facebook, nothing had been updated since midnight. And the last update was from a friend of mine. It read

Does anyone else see that really bright light? Or is it just me?

Responses included.

"Yeah, weird"

"It's so late yet it looks like lunch time! What's going on?"

"This is so strange."

The messages stopped at midnight.

I ran to the nearest car, its door wide open and the keys rested on the seat. I turned around and screamed.




I ran across the street and began pounding on the doors of houses begging for someone to answer me. There was no response. I could hear the occasional dog bark or bird chirp, but that was all. I desperately called every number in my phone, I even called 911, but there was no response. When 911 didn't pick up, I could feel myself snap.

I rushed about like a madman, calling for someone to answer me. I finally broke down and laid in the street crying and ranting that everyone was dead. I stayed that way for what felt like years. But most likely wasn't more than an hour. When I couldn't cry any more I shakily stood up and began to think.

I would need to be able to feed myself, and set up a place to stay. The university seemed logical to me simply because I had a key card for it, but it was huge, and it would run out of food eventually. I began to search the parking lot for a suitable car, I came across a tough decision. There was the deans Mustang right next to a large truck with a cover over the truck bed, both had the keys in the ignition and their doors wide open. I nearly slapped myself for even considering the Mustang and pulled the truck up to the doors.

I went back inside and returned to my room. Filling up my suitcase with all my clothes and packing my computer and bedding, I made several trips, piling up my things near the elevator. I packed the back seat with all my things and returned to the building carrying my suitcase. I stopped in the cafeteria and looked at the locked refrigerators with coke, juice and water. Scanning the room I grabbed a chair, and bracing myself, I swung. The chair bounced off the glass, leaving only a small crack. I swung again, and again, until finally it broke, I gave it a final kick and the glass flew everywhere, and I gained a few small cuts. But I was victorious.

I filled up my suitcase with mostly water, but I added a substantial amount of juice as well. I gave into temptation and grabbed a few soft drinks for myself and returned to the truck. I loaded the back of the truck with the drinks and returned, this time in search of food. I smashed open a few more doors and filled my suitcase with energy bars, fruit, prepackaged sandwiches and some sushi packs. I took much more than I needed, much more that could last without refrigeration, but I wasn't thinking about that.

I drove to the nearest hospital, weaving slowly between the abandoned cars, and parked in front of the main doors. It wasn't locked, fortunately, and I entered the building, suitcase once again in hand. Passing by the security room I opened the door. I was delighted to find a set of keys and pass cards on the table; I sat down at the monitors and attempted to find a way to watch the security recordings from midnight. After a long and tiresome time trying to figure out how the computer worked, I finally managed to find a recording from midnight. I watched the film carefully and what I saw was mind boggling.

At 11:50 a bright light began to shine into the building from the doors, and I noticed that people began to become, transparent. They began to run, and I switched the camera to the one at the entrance, they reached their cars and some opened the doors, (this explained why at midnight so many car doors were open and strewn about, people must have seen it coming and tried to flee) then the light grew brighter, and the people vanished, all at once.

Sitting in that security room I could feel a numbness setting in, like the disappearance of possibly the entire world no longer mattered to me. I had always been able to adapt my mental state to fit that around me, my grandparents dying, my sister moving out, pets dying. It always seemed to affect me for a few hours, maybe days, but then it no longer mattered; though this extent of apathy scared the hell out of me. But I needed to survive, and panicking wouldn't help me.

I returned to my search of the hospital, I filled my suitcase with as many first aid kits as I could find, as well as a few surgical tools and bottles of painkillers. I had no idea how to use the majority of equipment, so I left what I did not understand. I started up the truck once again and glanced at the fuel, nearly empty. Shaking my head I muttered "Figures" and drove until I saw a gas station. I pulled up at one that still had the lights on and promptly filled up the tank. It felt odd not to pay, but there was no one to take my money that no longer mattered.

Stepping towards the truck I paused, turned around, and looked up at the sky. I began to wonder what that light was, and why everyone was gone. My brain seemed unable to fully process what had happened, and I gave up quickly. I sat in the front seat of the pickup and thought a moment. What should I do? I needed to set up a place to live and bring supplies back to. I wondered how long the power would stay on, how long until I needed to dig a cellar to keep food cool. How long before I would need to slaughter animals for fresh food.

It was unthinkable, what had happened, and I had no idea how I was going to survive this without losing my god damn mind, or if I even wanted to live through this, completely alone. I drove until I saw a hunting store, it was locked up of course, but I was going to do my best to get around it. Since it was a hunting store, I was sure that the glass would be bullet proof. No amount of swinging a chair would get me through it.

I circle the store on foot, and noticed that the back door's window was relatively large. Perhaps if I could break it I could unlock the door from the outside. I thought again, surely this glass would be bullet proof also? But I was going to try. I searched the premises for a suitable weapon, and can across an old drain pipe in a garbage bin. Steadying myself I swung, closing my eyes in an attempt to prevent the glass from getting in them. Surprisingly the glass cracked on the first blow. I swung again, not quite as hard and the glass broke inwards, sparing my a shower of glass in my face.

Carefully I reached inside and opened the door. I switched on the lights and fetched the suitcase once again. I wandered about the store, unsure of where to begin. I grabbed jackets and hard hats, as well as work boots and overalls. I had to empty my haul into the truck after only those items. I searched and found a sledge hammer, turns out it wasn't just a hunting store, and moved over to the gun racks. I looked them over and realised that I had no idea how to use a gun. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and looked up a tutorial, finding that there were plenty I grabbed a couple shotguns and a bunch of bullets I hoped were for the guns I picked.

Once again emptying my stash I came across a whole row of camping gear, I made sure I grab a tent, chair, Swiss army knife and fishing rod. Grabbing a fileting knife I made a final round of the store. Deciding I could come back later if need be, I once more returned to the truck, and began to think out a place to stay. I didn't want to stay in a home, it felt to intrusive, I came to the decision to head for a gas station and stay there. Food, electricity and gas. It would do, for now.

I came across a gas station that was close to both the hunting store and a Walmart. So I chose that location as my base. It was dark out now, and I had hardly noticed the hours slipping away. I dug out a water bottle and a sandwich and ate and drank in silence. Only then did the silence creep up on me. When my thoughts were quiet and the sky was dark. I felt my emotions return to me, now that my survival was assured for the night.

I was far too tired to cry, though I did anyway. I cried slow, quiet tears that were accompanied by no sobs, no hiccups, no gasps for air. I curled up in my bedding and thought of all those who were gone. Not dead, just no longer where I was. Sleep seemed impossible at first, though the exhaustion of the days (Had it only been one day?) events soon had my eyes closing. And so the first day ended, and I had survived.

Soooo, you made it through the first chapter.

Yes there is no name, that's intentional.

I did not include a gender on purpose. I want to see how the character develops before I assign them a gender.

Thanks for reading, have a cookie ^-^