Princess Emily was by far the fairest in all the land. Her beauty was said to be rivaled by none in the kingdom of Farnham. Many princes traveled far and wide to seek her hand in marriage. None of them had been successful thus far. Emily's father King Philip Renoir was growing weary of his daughter's reluctance in getting married. One night a handsome prince stood before the king.

"I would like to have your daughter's hand in marriage." the prince said.

"If my daughter finds you suitable then you can marry her." the king said. The king called for his daughter when she arrived he left her and the prince alone so they could get acquainted.

"You are by far the most beautiful maiden I have ever laid eyes on." the prince said.

"You are not the first person that has ever said that to me." Princess Emily said.

"I could give you a beautiful castle with as many servants as there are stars in the sky." the prince said.

"I already have all of those things." Princess Emily said.

"I have traveled a long way just to seek your hand in marriage." the prince said.

The princess grew bored and glared at the prince before her. "I am tired of you, you do not suit me so go away." the princess said. The royal guards escorted the prince out of the palace. No prince could ever be good enough for her.

King Philip came back to the throne room frowning. It seemed that the princess denied yet again another suitor. It was the same as always. The king had was beginning to get frustrated with the situation. He was trying to be fair by allowing his daughter to pick her own husband, but at this rate he might just have to choose for her.

"What happened this time?" the king asked.

"That prince was nothing more than a bore. I had him thrown out." Princess Emily said.

"You will have to choose a husband sooner or later." the king said.

The princess went to her chambers and bolted the door. The princess looked at her reflection in the mirror. She really was the most beautiful in all of the land. There came a knock at the door, but she refused to answer it.

"Emily I really do wish that you will come to your senses." the king had said through the door.

"I will never marry because no prince is good enough for me." Princess Emily replied.

"Fine suit yourself," the king said. Emily listened as her father stormed off. Emily called for her maid and ordered her to prepare her for bed. The maid tucked Emily in and the princess drifted off into sleep.

A couple of weeks later another prince came to stand before the king. The king had half a mind to just send the prince away. The king already knew that his daughter would refuse this prince as well. If all of the others had their shot this one might as well take his chances too.

"I would very much like to have your daughter's hand in marriage" the prince said.

"Very well if you can convince her that you are the one for her then you may marry her." the king said. The king called for his daughter and when she arrived he left to let this prince try his luck.

"You are by far even more beautiful than can ever be told." the prince said.

"Do you honestly think that I don't already know that." the princess said. This prince was even more handsome than the last, but he couldn't possibly be for the princess.

"I will give you whatever your heart desires." the prince said.

"I have all that I desire right here." Princess Emily said.

"I could give you a beautiful castle by the sea." the prince said. The princess laughed.

"I am not impressed. Now go away I have no interest in you." the princess said. The guards took the prince away just as the last.

The king came back with hopes that his daughter had at last found a husband. Just like the rest it appeared that the prince was sent away. The king was not surprised though.

"Where is the prince?" asked the king.

"I sent him away." Emily said.

"Will anyone ever be good enough?" the king asked with a sigh.

The princess did not answer. Emily went out to the gardens and stayed there until supper. The king and his daughter ate in silence. Emily finished her supper and went to her chambers. The princess went to bed convinced no prince would ever be suitable.

A few more weeks went by and yet another prince stood before the king. King Philip began to wonder why he even bothered giving these poor princes a chance. The king began to worry though that soon word of his daughter's coldness would spread and there would be no potential prospects for her. Against his better judgment he decided to grant the prince an audience with his daughter.

"I wish with all my heart to have your daughter's hand in marriage." the prince said.

The king frowned for a moment. "If you can convince her that you are worthy then I shall grant you her hand in marriage." the king said.

The king called his daughter once more to the throne room. The princess entered the room and her father left shaking his head. The king already had a good idea of how this would end.

"You my fair princess are even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined." the prince said.

This prince was by far even more handsome than the others. He was the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. Any princess would certainly be happy to accept him as her husband. Emily was convinced that even this prince couldn't possibly be suitable enough for her.

"Do you really think that I don't know by now just how beautiful I am?" the princess asked.

"I will offer you my heart." the prince said.

"What could I possibly want with that?" asked the princess.

"What is life without love?" the prince asked.

The princess snuffed and called forth the guards. There was a flash of light and the doors shut before the guards could reach the prince. Princess Emily became nervous. She looked around the room, but alas there was no other way out.

"I am Prince Alexander Xanthos, and you Princess Emily have turned me away twice already." the prince said.

"How could I have turned you away twice?" the princess asked.

"I am an enchanter if you haven't already guessed." Alexander said.

"You made the door close?" the princess inquired.

"Yes, and now for your vanity and conceitedness I shall teach you a lesson." the prince said.

"No, please do not cast a spell on me. I shall marry you I promise." Princess Emily pleaded.

"It's too late for that, but I'll return in three days and if you sincerely want to marry me the spell will be broken." Alexander said.

There was a flash of light and Emily could feel her body changing. Alexander disappeared in a puff of smoke. Emily looked at her reflection in the shiny floor. Looking back at her was the reflection of a dragon. Emily let out a loud roar of shock. The king burst into the throne room and yelled in terror.

Emily tried to let her father know that it was her. The only thing she managed to do was roar a lot. Knights came in and chased her out of a window. Emily knew that she would never be able to go back.

The princess managed to find a cave not far from the castle. The princess found a pond and went to drink. The reflection looking back at her was truly ugly. The princess let out a roar and shed large dragon tears. She curled up and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning the princess woke up and stretched out her large dragon body. She had three days until Alexander returned. The princess decided to try and go home even if it was futile. As she approached the castle arrows flew at her and torches were hurled. The princess fled in terror.

The princess went back to the cave and cried. She was cold and hungry and she wanted to go home. The princess caught a couple of deer for supper and was able to make a fire to keep warm. The rather lonely princess curled up and went to sleep.

It was day two and the princess woke up. Emily flew over the village just to be able to see the castle. She knew better than to get too close. She didn't want any more arrows shot at her.

The princess hunted for some more food and found another pond to drink from. The princess grew tired and flew back to the cave. It was odd, but she wasn't bothered by her reflection anymore. Emily figured that in the event the spell did not get broken she would just have to get use to it. Emily thought about what Alexander had said.

She really was vain and conceited. She always turned away any prince that had asked for her hand. She never even considered giving any of them a chance. Truly she was nothing more than a spoiled brat. She was really the one who was lucky, because when she thought about it no prince would choose her if they really knew her. It was wrong of her to turn those princes away so harshly. The princess curled up and fell asleep.

It was day three and the princess woke up and hunted for breakfast. When the princess came back Prince Alexander was waiting. Emily was glad just to be able to see another person. She had been lonesome. Being a dragon made it hard to seek out company.

"I see that you have managed well princess." the prince said.

Emily just looked at the prince with sad eyes. She wanted him to lift the spell so she could go back to being a person again. She knew it had not been long, but she almost thought that perhaps Alexander would not show up. If Alexander had not shown up Emily would not have blamed him because she knew that she would have deserved it.

"Have you learned your lesson?" the prince asked. Emily only nodded in response and shed large tears.

There was a flash of light and Emily felt suddenly dizzy. She could feel her body twist and contort. It was slightly uncomfortable, but not painful. Emily collapsed on the cave floor. Her normal form now restored. Alexander used his magic to clothes Emily as well.

"What have you learned?" the prince asked.

"Never to judge a person before you get to know them, and that I am not above anyone." Princess Emily said.

"Do you still honestly want to marry me?" the prince asked.

"Yes, I do." the princess said.

"The spell truly is broken now." the prince said.

The prince and the princess went back to the castle and stood before the king. Emily was happy to see her father. She knew he must have been worried sick about her. There was so much to explain.

"Where have you been?" the king asked.

"Away learning a very valuable lesson." the princess said.

"Is that so?" the king asked.

"Yes, and I have decided to marry Prince Alexander." the princess announced.

King Philip was relieved that his daughter had returned and that she was safe. He must have had his guard search as far as they could go in search of her. The Kingdom of Farnham will also be relieved to know their princess is safe. King Philip was also glad that his daughter had found someone to marry. The king was more than eager to learn what had become of his daughter, but he knew that it could wait.

The next day Princess Emily and Prince Alexander were wed. A large feast was held and Emily told her story to everyone. There was great rejoicing and merry making. After the celebration calmed the prince and princess rode off in a carriage to the prince's castle where as in most fairy tales they lived happily ever after.