Part 3

I sat tied to a chair wondering how my last year of CONA turned out to be me watching five dead delegates and the director of the program be puppeteers in a sick show. Nicole sat to my right in the second row of the Heaton Auditorium. We had alerted the board members of what was happening and who was doing the killings, but they didn't believe us. We gave them the note we were given and they just said it was a prank. So, here we are sitting ducks about to be shot.

"Welcome, to the Conference on National Affairs. You are about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of your life. You will meet new friends, debate national issues, and go on to be leaders of this great country," Andrew the PO from Florida announced walking out on stage.

"Before we start tonight's plenary session let me introduce to you our first delegate Patricia Hamilton from Texas," Melissa said coming out from behind the red curtain on stage pushing the dead body on a wheelie.

I looked over at Nicole with eyes wide with shock and terror. Our mouths were taped shut so we couldn't say anything, but our spoke for us.

"You have two minutes delegate for opening statement, but wait where is our chair and co-chair is?" Andrew asked just as Jonathan and Georgia were wheeled out in wheelchairs. The sight made me vomit in mouth and swallowed. I kept trying to lick the tape loose from the sides of my mouth and after they brought out the last three dead people I had managed.

"You're sick! What is this?" I yelled and they all looked over at me.

"This sweetcheeks is what the same thing we've seen the last three years we've been here. Dead delegates who think they're going to get somewhere at the end of this conference," Mark from Missouri said from the stage.

"Now, shut up and enjoy the show. Fireworks will explode at the ceremony," Clara said maneuvering her own dead body to sit at the side table. The director of the conference was set behind the dead delegates as if monitoring the whole show.

"I don't get it," I said rubbing the ropes together behind my back that had me bound. I looked over at Nicole who was doing the same thing.

"It's not about getting it," Valerie from California said.

"We've been planning this since our first year and we thought we would shake up this scam a little," Sarah answered.

"Now let us get on with it," Andrew said getting bored with the small talk.

"As serial killers we don't have to explain ourselves. We'll be legends when this is over," Mark added before going the chair delegate.

They performed a scene in front of me that I'll never forget as long as I live. The POs did a mock plenary session with the dead delegates. Just as I had almost freed my wrists Andrew came up behind me and held my wrists above my head.

"I think the author has two minutes for her closing summation," Andrew said dragging me to the podium next to Patricia.

"I would like to a say that last year was the best year of my life and whether or not you believe it, I will go on to be something great. You have killed six innocent lives that were your friends and perhaps lovers. I won't pretend that I know what has happened in your lives to have made you do this, but it doesn't matter because you could overcome it. Maybe you are all just psychopathic, sadistic killers and for that I hope you rot in hell for what you've done," I said at the end and they all laughed and clapped.

"Well said sweetcheeks, too bad you'll be with us," Mark said holding up a knife to my throat and I tried to scream but pushed his lips hard against mine muffling my sound as he began to cut my throat. The metallic knife burned against my flesh and I bit down hard on his lip. He swore and backed away allowing me to knee him in the groin and elbow Andrew. I picked up the knife and ran to Nicole who was still tied to the chair. Freeing her we ran out the door of Heaton Hall just as the police were coming in.

The scene that played out before us was indeed fireworks as the police arrested the five POs and had ambulances take out the five dead delegates and conference director. I looked at Nicole with tears in my eyes and wondered how this could have happened. What makes a smart, intellectual teen turn in to a killer?

The ride back home was somber and I knew I would never return to that mountain. No one would ever return to that mountain.