I was ten when they first came. That was six years ago. When they first came, the Earth was in a state of perpetual chaos. War and famine raged. Many called it Gods punishment for mankinds sinful ways. Maybe they were right. All I know is, they came to take our home from us, and we won't let them. My name is Joseph, Joseph Michael, and I am the only one who can stop the Trilobites, tall, jet black extraterrestrials with DNA based on a combination of silicon, chlorine, and arsenic, from taking over Earth. I've been traveling for the last six years cross country, from San Diego to DC, the main headquarters of Trilobite occupation force. You all may be wondering how one man is going to stop an entire alien invasion force from conquering Earth. Well, I happen to be in possession of a bomb of extraterrestrial origin that when detonated, violently disrupts the atomic structure of the Trilobites, causing them to disintegrate. Setting it off in the middle of the invasion forces headquarters would cause such chaos that they would be forced to retreat. But in order to carry out my plan, I still had to reach DC. The way I figure, I was approximately 230 miles from DC. I continued to trek through the forest of oaks and hickories, my rifle at the ready. Suddenly, I felt a jerk at my ankle, and before I could react, I found myself suspended above the ground by a good twenty feet.

"Dammit. A freakin' booby trap!", I shouted I'm anger.

I reached for my hunting knife, and began to saw at the rope. I heard the rustling of bushes and looked around to see several humans, thankfully, walking towards me.

"If I was you, I'd put the knife down," said a man who looked to be in his mid forties. In his hands, he held what appeared to be a M4 carbine with an ACOG sight. I dropped my knife and let it fall to the ground.

"Now, who exactly are you, and what are you doing trekkin' through these here woods?", he asked.

"If you must know, I happen to be on a mission of great importance. I have a means to defeat the Trilobites, and I have to get to DC asap," I answered.

"Well now, I don't reckon' you'll be goin' anywhere see as how you're strung up in a tree," he replied.

"I see your point, which brings me to my question. Can you cut me down now?", I asked.

"I 'spose so," he answered as he signalled for one of the other group members, I girl about my age, to cut the rope. She did, and I hit the ground with a very painful "thump."

"Now, how 'bout tellin' us your name," said the man.

"I'm Joseph, Joseph Michael," I answered.

"My name's Jep, and this here's my daughter Kayla. We're part of the 82nd Appalachian Militia," replied Jep.

I awoke from my dream, and looked around me. I was still lying on the floor, in a pool of Jeb's blood.

"Wow, my life went downhill fast," I thought to myself. I surveyed the room I was trapped in, looking for some way to escape. Just then, I spotted the bomb, mere inches from my grasp. I could end this now. I had to. Kayla and Jeb were dead because of my stupid plan, and I intended for them to have not died in vain. I stretched my arm towards the bomb, and managed to get a grip on the very edge of the handle. I pulled it closer to me, and was finally able to get a firm grip on it and pulled it to my lap. I quickly began to initiate the countdown sequence, and set it for ten seconds. Suddenly, the wall slid open and two Trilobites stepped in. They raised their plasma rifles and took aim at me.

"Not today you ugly piles of crap," I said as I started the countdown and threw the bomb into the corner. They opened fire, and I felt the plasma bolts tear through my skin. I slumped over, and landed on Jeps lifeless body. I knew I was going to die, but at least I'd take these bastards with me. Just then, the bomb detonated, blinding me as my vision began to go dark. I saw as the two Trilobites instantaneously disintegrated.

"Well, looks like I won," I said as I slipped into the cold void of death. At least I will have died knowing that I was able to give mankind another chance. At least then Jeb, Kayla, and everyone of the 82nd will have not died in vain.