So hey people. This is my first entry in fiction press. I hope you like this piece of poetry that popped into my head in middle of my math class.

If there was no death,

There will be no life.

If there is no time,

There will be no moments.

If there is no pain,

There is no gain.

If there is no Darkness,

There is no light.

If there is no sadness,

There is no happiness.

If there is no tears,

There are no smiles.

If there is no night,

There is no day.

If there is no failing,

There is no achievement.

If there is no war,

There is no peace.

If there are no questions,

There are no answers.

If there are no thorns,

There are no roses.

Everyone sacrifices themselves to bad to experience the good.

Peace out peoples,