We're not able to surrender ourselves-
No matter how heavy the weight planted on us
For we are not a typically easy bunch,
We'll hold our own against the tides themselves,
We'll expose or hide, whichever happens to be at the time,
For we have no need to explain nor run, nor tell,
We are not shameful, not boastful,
If people look, let them;
Though we'll not care if they don't.
If they shed spare ear onto our trysts,
Or watch us blunder towards each other desperate,
Taste and scent our sweat in the air,
Feel my pain, fear, feel my overwhelming passion,
It's no concern of ours,
For they take issue, interest-
Whatever name they use,
-Not us.

Through fleeting steps-
And words spoken through gags;
Words without sound, near formless by the silence of our eyes,
Though somewhat shaped by our bodies.
Like a warm clay, flexible and shapless,
We're able to morph and shift into a multitude of beautiful things,
And never once commit to a single structure.
We exchange glances in a langauge we could speak since birth,
Yet only us two alone could speak it.
Taps and spins riddled with romances,
No other rightous man, or an insignificant hand like me
Could ever dream to twist and turn in our words.
To dance together, we might as well dance with Jack Ketch,
Twirling a deadly threesome, as we'll not part for death,
More and less than a man; and try though he might,
Jack could only watch
As we danced around him in a haze of desire and lust,
A foggy rain love that no one could see in through,
We can't see out.
-Just us

This was written in inspiration of the ballet 'Le Corsaire'

Love from your dearest