In the early years of the Final War, a new race of human was introduced. The Willful. A new species that possessed powers which were incalculable and undeterminable. Powers as useful as mind control, invisibility and telepathy or powerless as an extra finger. And though they looked human enough, there was something strikingly off about those born of Will.

To remedy the chaos this new breed of human caused, the first of the Willful were drafted in the Army. Noticing quickly that this was a challenge they rose to -that the willful were born to fight- Pete Nord, The first president of The Realm (formally America), made his first announcement on live broadcast on the twenty-third of January, 2023.

The Willful were born to serve The Realm.

And since there was no other explanation for why they existed, no one disagreed. Not even the willful. Twenty-three were selected at random to be the presidents personal guards. And a tradition was marked. The Willful died for their president and for their country and twenty-three years later, in 2046, the number was thirty. In 2069, it rose to thirty-four, or at least, it was supposed to.

OneManParade here: The rest of the story is in First Person present tense. I'm still working on my prologue. Sorry it's so terrible.