A melodious song played as I downed my whiskey. All around me people were laughing, sharing the stories of their lives. We sat in the Green Town

saloon, The Broken Wheel, where people could feel at home, surrounded by wooden walls, chairs, and tables endorsed in the joys of the townsfolk. My name

is Andru Hollister and I am the sheriff of Green Town. Everyone here was happy and at peace this morning. But then we were interrupted by the sound of

rapid gunfire, coming from outside. I got up and strutted outside to see what was threatening my town.

Swinging open the batwing doors I saw the drunkard, Garry Whilhelm, gun in hand. He has had it out for me ever since I took the place of his father.

His father was a greatest shot there ever was but Garry barely could reach his standards. Yet here he was, challenging me to a draw for wear the badge. He

had never been a good shot so I walked out there in my black leather chaps and stood before him. I stared him down, right into his eyes, to see how sure he

was he wanted to do this. There was determination and confidence in his brown eyes. He was still but a child at heart, he would never become a man. Seeing

as Garry wouldn't be backing down anytime soon I pulled out my pistol, he followed suit, I fired. Before he had fully pulled out his gun my shot blasted his

handed, knocking the gun from his hand. He hemmed over in pain.

I closed the jail cell door on the poor man, not in the right state of mind. After making sure he had gotten the proper treatment, I made my way back to

The Broken Wheel. I was greeted by the cheers of the townsfolk. It wasn't that impressive, yet they insisted upon buying me drinks. The serene music played

on, we were happy. But then, the floors started shaking. At first it was nothing but hardly noticeable, but it quickly grew in strength and speed. The music

stopped and the people stopped laughing. It almost felt like an earthquake. Next, blaring through the window came an overly luminous yellow light, blinding

us all. This was followed by an overpowering wind blasting through the batwing doors knocking over everything including me causing the whole bar to be

entirely amuck. After our eyes had gotten able to compensate for the light, folks, men, women, and child started sidling outside to find the source of the


I was lone of the last to get out. The lonely road of Green Town was dotted with citizens eagerly searching outside. In the sky, eclipsing the burning hot

sun, was something which we had never encountered before in our lives. Floating in the sky was a large machine made of metal like that of a train. It

ominously slunk down towards our peaceful town. We all blankly stared at it in awe. It made no sense how such a huge metal object could be suspended in

mid-air. Then the large, humming, bulky, metal, carriage shook and shot forth a hulking metal claw the size of a horse at the earth. Then three more shot out

crushing buildings which the town had put so much work into building. It was lassoing itself to the ground. It was pulling itself to the ground, right to our


Not knowing anything better to do anyone who had a gun handy opened fire to the ship. We desperately tried to keep the metal object from obliterating

our town, but it was to no avail. The ship reached the ground unfazed by our shots crushing our hard work and those within. Splinters shot forth and streaked

across my face. Then with a thud, the humongous metal ship landed violently shaking the ground lying over the ruins of half of the town. I was thrown back.

I blacked out.

When I came to it was dark and Green Town was deathly silent. The flying metal machine was overpoweringly planted in the city ruins. Scattered

around me lay the limp bodies of my friends with inexplicable burning holes in their bodies. They would never wake. Sadly the ones lying around me were the

ones with the strongest wills and good fighting power. The rest of the community was missing, but there was no question as to where they were. I turned to

the invading machinery.

All the people who could defend themselves clearly had tried; it hadn't turned out well for them. Something must have come in with the metal thing and

taken everyone hostage and were able to destroy my best gunmen. They had the technology to burn a hole into human bodies. Seeing as all the gunslingers

in town were dead and that the fate of those stuck inside was unknown, I had no choice but to save them myself.

Beaten and busted I picked up all the guns and ammo I could before creeping up to the resting, metal ship. Up close, the dark contorted metal reeked

of rotting onions and was hotter than the burning sun on Sunday morning. Sliding around the perimeter of the ship and looking inside is saw what looked like

a fire burning emerald behind a grate. Rounding the corner I found an opening. I went in.

I stepped through the machine. Inside it was like a furnace, my black leather clothes sadly contributed to the extreme heat. They were covered in my

sweat. My boots clanked against the metal wiring floor. I continued on gun at the ready. Nothing but the jangle of my spurs to keep me company, I turned

corner after corner to locate my party. The jangling echoed with each step I took, the only familiarity of home I had with me. I stare down the dark, twisted

halls, for, up ahead, I see my family's captor.

At the end of the hall was a lizard-like creature of black and forest green scales, it walked on two legs and carried a massive gun. The gun it carried

glittered silver despite the lack of lighting and was much bulkier than a pistol but shorter than a rifle. The creature stopped in its trot and turned to me. I

aimed for the head. Three pulls of the trigger did the trick. Instantly I crouch down to reload my gun before inspecting my kill. Two shots to the eye were

what got him; the third shot merely bounced of the helmet it had had on its head.

I was bending over the lizard creature. The wall that the creature was lurking around shook. I stood up as the wall slid aside. There was another room. I

jumped back four steps. I pulled out my reloaded my pistol, prepared for whatever may come out of the door. Churning and twisting the door revealed more

of the lizard-men. As they piled out, over their fallen compatriot, I am able to catch a glance of my friends behind them. But, since seeing what was being

done to my friends was of lower priority to the clashing of lizard men clad in armor clearly searching to eliminate the intruder, I released bullets to their eyes.

Time slowed down as I backed away simultaneously finding the eyes in the billowing forest of scales. They had invaded our Earth, but also my little town.

They deserved to die for killing my fellows.

But my pistol held but a few bullets and I was only able to down a few of the lizard-men before I ran out. Only two remaining of the original five I

stepped back fumbling with the bullets to reload it. I tripped over my boots falling flat onto my back. All the bullets scattered, clattering through the wire floor

deep into the inside of the machine. The lizard-creatures gained up on me handling their bulky firearms which had blasted the top gunslingers of Green Town.

I scrambled backwards to prolong my life. It was then in that moment I realized. I didn't have my spurs. I fumble with my hands and fall to the floor supine.

If I didn't have my spurs, what was the jangle I had heard when I prowled the halls?

From behind me came a yell. I turn around and, jumping over me, is Garry Wilhelm. As Garry screams I realize, safe in his cell he escaped the havoc

caused by the ship. He must have broken out about the same time as I came to. How he had I may never know. As he leaped towards our enemy my eyes

caught the gleam of his shiny, steel spurs. His hand still bandaged, he flew at the lizard-men. He latched onto one of them and unleashed a thousand blows

to it. When the second one turned I took the chance to move. I reached between the legs of the lizard and grabbed one of their guns, it was heavy. The

second one, unhampered by Garry, aimed his gun and with a bzzzzt it unleashed a flurry of shades and tints of red, right at him as Garry let his victim fall,

dead. Feeling a trusty trigger on the bulky gun I aim, and fired. BZZZT. He fell dead.

I walked into the room and found the rest of the community unharmed. Together we all sped through the halls to find the way out of the machinery.

Turn after turn in the dark halls, lit dimly, with glowing pea green, we saw light, pure, warm, true sunlight. We all amassed outside into the warmth of the

west. We all took in the burning sun. It'd be difficult to rebuild our city as we had to mourn for those who died fighting. I would have been among them and

everyone dead with me if it hadn't been for Mr. Wilhelm. After burying the dead we all went to our homes to rest up for the following day. As I walked to my

home and opened the door I turned around to look at the setting sun casting lovely warm colors to the sky. So much to happen in a single day, and yet there

was so much more life to live. Closing the door to get to bed I turn my back on the metal machine resting just outside the door.