No one can know how dark
it gets inside these walls,
no one can know how bitter
my blood runs through my core.

You see the surface and that
is more than enough,
you will never stop and wonder
how that darkness settled inside me.

It is a fact, we selfish beings,
it is a fact, we monstruous creatures,
we give nothing but devour it all,
we are not satisfied, we want to burn.

You weren't here to hold my hand,
your tongue spoke heavy with poison,
I was drowning and you smiled,
yes, no teeth, yes, no lies.

I wrap your hands around my neck,
oh so tight, I see the stars,
oh so tight, I hear you cry,
it's not supposed to be so easy.

There's only destruction ahead,
there's nothing bright and hopeful,
I'm a grenade of regrets and cynical smirks,
hands tied, no way to take the pin off.

Stop laughing, I can see your chords breaking,
stop smiling, I can see your lips bleeding,
it hurts because I can't find a reason,
so give me one, sleep may come soon.