The television blared in the background, simply noise to the battle she was currently engaged in.

Her mind calculated all the possibilities before her, scanning ideas and tossing the maneuvers that would surely lead to her downfall. All sorts of scenarios flitted in and out of her head as she tried to assure the best plan of action. The possible responses and rebuttals of her rival were added into her mind and she grimaced slightly as she tried not to overwhelm herself.

Suddenly, as a route was opened to her eyes, she raised her gaze to her opponent, the ghost of a smirk dancing across her lips. In a flash of movement, she made her strike, speaking only one word.


"No fair!" Naomi cried, her finger pointed at the older girl. "You cheated, Kya!"

The accused girl simply chuckled before leaning into the small table they were situated at, elbows resting on the edge as she supported her head on her hands.

"You saw me the whole time," she replied evenly, her tone remaining calm but smug. "I warned you that you hadn't gotten enough practice to beat me."

The Naomi narrowed her eyes, glaring at Kya for a split second before turning her head to the kitchen.

"Mom!" she hollered, getting up from her seat. "Kya is being mean again!"

"Now there's no need to scream," replied their mother as she stepped out of the kitchen. "So what's the problem this time?"

"Mama," sniffled Naomi, causing a look of outrage to erupt on her older sister's face. "She cheated in chess."

"Did not!" interceded Kya. "And that crying is all fake, mom!"

"It is not!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Then where are your tears now?"

"Well I can't cry while I'm yelling at you!"

"Okay!" intervened their mother, clapping her hands together. "Naomi, why don't you clean the table? Kya come in the kitchen and help me bring the food out."

Kya was about to object but closed her mouth at her mother's pointed look. Once making a face to retort to her little sister sticking her tongue out at her, she rushed into the kitchen after her mother, grabbing the first plate of food she saw.

"You know," her mother started. "You could've let her win. She's only seven."

"Exactly!" exclaimed Kya, gesturing wildly with her one free hand. "She would brag to all her other little friends on how she beat her 14 year old sister!"

Her mother chuckled, walking through the doorway to the dining area, where Naomi had just finished putting away the chess pieces.

"I'll turn off the TV," she volunteered. "Like a good, honest daughter should."

Ignoring Naomi, Kya sat at the table, eyes wandering over the map that was splayed on the floor, half colored thanks to her younger sister.

"Mom," she began. "Dad's a navigator on his airship, right?"

Her mother simply nodded, distracted as she tried to get Naomi to come back to her seat.

"Then why is he needed to often?" she inquired further. "I mean I know they have other navigators on the ships, and reading a map isn't even all that difficult."

"There's a bit more to being a navigator then just reading a map, Seraphina," her mother chuckled. She furrowed her brow as she noticed her eldest daughter's faraway look.

"Kya, are you—"


The young woman bolted awake, gasping heavily for breath. She checked her room quickly, her eyes scanning for anything out of place in the dark. As her heart rate finally started to reach a normal pace, she glanced at the clock, groaning when she saw the arms telling her she slept in. Again.

Getting up, she rapidly changed, sparing herself only a quick glance at her mirror to make sure she looked at least a little decent. She frowned at the sight of her long knotted straight hair, quickly raking a brush through it as she searched for her other boot. Upon finding the lost footwear, she grabbed her hat and sword before she was out of her quarters.

"Attention on deck!"

"Oh would you cut that out, Wesley!" she scowled, fixing her hat on her head. "This isn't even a military ship so we don't need the terms."

"Well sorry for trying to bring a little order to this chaos you call a ship," replied the first mate, who ducked accordingly to the fist that was aimed at his face.

"There'd be more 'order' as you call it if you made sure I was awake at a reasonable hour," she seethed, before straightening herself. "Besides, what kind of pirate ship would this be if it didn't have a little chaos?"

"Not your pirate ship that's for sure," Wesley quipped before yowling in pain at the punch Seraphina had successfully planted on his arm.

"You're lucky you're the best Wind Reader I know," the young captain grumbled, making her way to the navigation area of her airship. Walking up to the large window that showed her the sky, she smiled at the view, taking note of the large, fluffy clouds her vessel flawlessly navigated through, the deep blue of the sky, and ocean below that glimmered with the sun's reflection.

"How's the status?" she asked the girl who happened to be passing her, eyes never leaving the scene.

The young woman stammered for a moment before collecting herself, rising to her true height. "All is well on the ship," she reported. "However we are running low on fuel."

Kya nodded pensively, thinking over what to do. Turning around, she briskly walked over to Wesley, who was now joking about with some of his friends. Rolling her eyes she grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the shenanigans.

"What is it?" he cried once she released his arm.

"I need you to tell the crew to start heading towards 38.3 degrees north, 22.3 degrees east," she told him. "I have some matters to take care of in my quarters so only disturb if there's an emergency."

"Greece?" he questioned happily, eyes lighting up.

"It's for business only, Wesley," she reminded warily. "Please at least try to remember that."

"Aye ma'am," he responded sarcastically with a mock salute.

"Oh just do it," she snapped, making her way back to her room.

Once in solitude she plopped onto her bed, mind reeling. Greece was their best option, but if what she heard was true, they wouldn't be the only ones headed down there around this time. Grabbing her phone, she dialed a memorized number quickly, waiting slightly anxiously for the recipient to answer.


"Tristan, its Kya."

"Will you ever just keep one phone?" the girl on the other side laughed, shaking her head though Kya couldn't see it.

"And let someone track me?" replied the captain. "You wish."

Tristan chuckled again, before clearing her throat.

"Something tells me you didn't call just to talk about phone tracking."

"How'd you figure that?" replied Kya sarcastically. "I need to know how about how many people you have asking to land into your field."

Tristan hummed thoughtfully, purposely driving her friend insane.

"I'd say," she started slowly. "About 8."

"Goodness," muttered Kya. "How many have you accepted?"

"None," she laughed. "I figured you'd be coming and thought it wouldn't be wise to let a pirate ship in with a whole bunch of other military vessels."

"Thank you," Seraphina replied.

"Don't thank me yet," remarked Tristan. "You're going to have to pay quite the fee considering the people I had to push away."

"I'll pay you once I'm in the field, free from worry. I'll call you if anything changes," she replied, before pausing, a mischievous smile creeping onto her face. "And don't worry, Wesley will be there."

Laughing at the younger girls stuttered protests; she hung up, saving Tristan from further embarrassment.

Rising from her bed, she climbed the ladder that was attached to the wall behind her desk. Climbing it, she opened the hatch, goose bumps rising on her skin as she felt the wind blowing on her skin. Continuing up, she made her way into her crow's nest on her ship, her favorite part of her quarters. She leaned back, letting the wind whip at her hair and dance across her skin, humming to herself. The force of the gust was loud enough that it nearly drowned out all other sounds, leaving her only to her thoughts. Nearly.


"What is it?" Kya groaned, annoyed her time of privacy was being interrupted. Looking down, she saw Wesley with his head poking out of the hatch, amused expression on his face.

"I was just going to let you know that we'll be reaching Greece about midday Wednesday, two days from now," He smugly replied. "And I was also wondering if there was any room up there for a first mate to hide away into, as well."

Kya readied a comeback, but something in the distance caught her attention. Eyes widening, she gestured for Wesley to stick his head back down. He gave her a look of confusion before realization dawned on him and all jokes left his eyes, a serious face nodding his understanding before he swiftly left her sight.

Turning her attention back to the mass she saw, she pulled her telescope from her belt, trying to focus in on what type of vessel it was. If it was a commercial or private owned one, she could easily avoid being noticed. If a military one, well, it would not be as simple.

As her sights became clear, her breath hitched at the sight. This was no commercial, military, or private ship. It was another pirate ship. And one she recognized all too well.

Quickly putting her telescope away, she slid down the rope ladder, ignoring the burning feeling on her hands. Running out of her bedroom, she quickly scanned the deck for Wesley, or any other trusted sailor. Finding a reliable face, she ran up to her lead navigator.

"Reg," she called. "Did Wesley fill you in on anything?"

"Affirmative," nodded Reg. "He reported to us about the oncoming craft and then made his way down the ship, ma'am."

"It's not just any ship," she said seriously, overlooking calling him out on his formal tone for once. "It's Colton."

Reg's face took an even more solemn look.

"I'll alert all on the upper deck," he responded. She nodded and he took it as his dismissal, making his way to prepare all on her ship.

She left to continue searching for Wesley, her mind racing. Colton was no stranger to her, or her ship. She grimaced at the thought of their last encounter, the damages he did not only to her airship, but also her crew. Fist clenching, she continued her way down the ship, trying to figure out why Colton was here. Most times their paths crossed weren't on accident, thanks to her foe. While there was some sort of event taking place in Greece, she knew it was no place for pirates to appear at. Not unless he was planning something.

In all her thought, she didn't notice her first mate walking directly at her, who also seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. She looked up in time to see his forehead as they collided into each other. She stumbled a bit, but kept upright, which is more than could be said for Wesley.

"Oh, goodness, Wes," she said, offering her hand to him. "I'm sorry."

"Thanks," he grunted, pulling himself up. "And it's not a problem. What's distracting you?"

"The ship was a pirate one," she informed him. "And it was Colton's."

Wesley eyes nearly bugged out before a grin played onto his face. Kya resisted the urge to facepalm, simply clenching her eyes closed as she attempted to deter him.

"Don't even think about—"

"I told you so!" exclaimed Wesley. "He has a crush on you!"

"You listen here," she whispered maliciously, pulling Wesley close by the collar. "I don't care about your idiotic little fantasies but let's make one thing clear. That guy you're so happy about costs me a ton on repairs and hurt most everyone one this ship. Including you, kid."

She released her grip on him, her glare softening slightly..

"But don't even joke that way," Kya finished. "I'm sick and tired of him."

Wesley stared at her a moment before slumping his shoulders.

"Why do you have to call me kid?" he whined. "You're not even older than me."

Kya rolled her eyes.

"Whatever kid," she said. "Get ready for battle."