Kya stood in front of the window again. In her hand she held a walkie-talkie, and she waited silently for a response.

"Still no sign of the ship ma'am," clarified her lookout Raquel from the highest crow's nest on the vessel.

"Keep looking," she responded. "Look everywhere; up, down, left, right, anywhere you can—"

The captain was interrupted by the shaking of her ship. Eyes wide, she looked to Wesley in confusion before bringing her walkie-talkie up to her again.

"Never mind," she snapped. "Just get down here as soon as possible."

"Captain," the girl replied shakily. "They're coming on from the bottom."

"That idiot," Kya mumbled, eyes large she realized what Colton's plan was. Turning to her crew she began shouting orders.

"Close all windows shut and pay attention to any outside noises," she began. "And do not; I repeat do not shoot at the ship! Even if you can hear them climbing on the outside and you think you have a good a shot at them. You will cause us to go down!"

Making her way past her bustling crew she made her way into her room.

"Wesley, Reg, and Pauline come with me," she called out behind her.

Going up to her desk, she changed out her gun, checking it over before turning to her friends.

"Okay so the plan is this," she explained. "You all are each going to take one of the balconies on this side of the ship. I'm going to climb down and see if I can settle this somehow."

She turned to Wesley, giving him a pointed look.

"You're going to take my balcony," she stated, before turning to the others. "You two decide amongst yourself who has to climb farther for the third one."

Wesley opened his mouth to argue, but closed it at the look she was giving him. Nodding she, used grabbed her key ring, picked one of the shinier silver ones, and opened up her balcony. The forced of the wind nearly blue her hat away and she frowned as she noticed the setting sun.

"It looks like it's going to be getting dark pretty soon." She yelled over the wind. "Be careful you all."

They all nodded before Pauline and Reg began climbing to the balconies that were to the side of hers. Kya bowed dramatically, smiling at Wesley as she hopped over the balcony and began her decline down the ship.

Noting the large vessel that was below her own, she couldn't help but roll her eyes at the sight of it. It was big and golden, not discreet in the slightest. The many accents on it were in blacks and silvers, the superfluous engravings on it making her want to scream. Lights adorned it nearly everywhere, blinking ever so often in bright neon colors. She nearly growled every time another happened to pop up. If they didn't get them off soon, they could alert any passing aircrafts of their locations, bringing them both down.

As she landed quietly on the ship, she was met promptly with two large fellows. She rolled her eyes at this.

"You're coming with us," one of them snarled (she declared this one Snarly in her mind).

"No need to be so abrasive," she answered, making her way to the open hatch. "I was planning on doing that anyway."

The other one (she named him Blunt, his sword speaking volumes for him) grabbed her arm, glaring at her. She met his stare just a fiercely.

"You can't just go in there without—"

"Get your hand off me," she seethed, interrupting him. "Or else I will cut it off myself."

Blunt's eyes inflamed with anger as he reached for his belt where his pistol was, but before he had even reached it, she had sliced his belt off, kicking it, along with his pistol and sword off the aircraft. Blunt looked to her again, even angrier than before and went to reach for her; however, she had just hopped into the open hatch.

Kya looked at her surroundings and found herself surrounded by pirates. Other pirates. And any pirate not of your crew was never a good thing. She stayed on guard, however, searching for their captain.

"Well, that's a bit rude," said a voice from behind the crowd. "You know, jumping onto someone's ship with a sword pointed at his crew."

A crowd parted slightly to make room for a pale, dark haired man.

"But nothing unexpected." He finished, smirk present on his face,

Kya sheathed her sword at the sight of Colton, but still remained alert.

"What do you want?" she demanded.

Before he could reply, the two strong men from a top the ship had jumped down, with much less grace then Kya. They stumbled before falling down completely, tangled in a mess of limbs.

Colton spared them a glance before making his way to another door, opening it and looking to Kya expectedly.

"After you," he called, his ever present smirk only seeming to widen at her narrowing eyes. Remaining silent, Kya made her way into his office, noting all the souvenirs he had placed.

"You know a little subtly could do you good," she quipped. "Those ridiculous lights of yours are going to get both of our crafts seen."

"Hopefully that will help make this meeting quicker," Colton replied.

"And to what do I owe the pleasure," responded Kya, voice dripping with sarcasm. "It must be so important for you to have sought me out."

Colton chuckled, shaking his head.

"You should show a little respect," he warned. "One word and I have you surrounded by my entire crew."

"And one word and you're entire ship will be unlatched from mine," she retorted with fervor. "And you'll go plummeting to the ocean."

Colton's eyes narrowed at her threat, smirk gone from his face.

"Fine then," he began. "The reason I called you hear was because I know you're headed to Greece. And probably for the same reason I am."

"I doubt that," she snorted,

"You mean you have no interest in the large aircraft race and show?" he inquired, disbelief in his eyes.

"I'm going there to pick up some cargo," she lied easily, not daring to bring up her crafts lack of fuel. "So that's a no to your question."

"Don't tell me you don't see the great opportunity there!" he exclaimed. "All sorts of rich elite with expensive vessels loaded up with all sorts of treasures."

"Not to mention the intense amount of security and military aircrafts that will be surrounding the area," she reminded. "Both you and I are wanted pirates."

"Flattery will get you nowhere darling," he drawled, causing Kya to inwardly wretch. "But I'm afraid that doesn't scare me."

"Well I'm not sure whether to call you stupid or suicidal," she responded, smirk now gracing her face.

"Ah, you didn't let me finish," he continued, grin growing on his lips. "It doesn't scare me if you and your crew are on my side."

"No." she stated firmly.

"I'm afraid it wasn't a request," he replied.

"If you're asking for a duel, please remember what happened last time," she quipped. "And every time before that."

His eyes narrowed once again, but the grin never left his face.

"I'm not asking for anything," he replied slowly. "I'm telling you that you will assist me in my venture."

"What are you suggesting?" Kya asked her voice dangerously low.

"There's an explosive placed in a very specific spot on you craft and if you—"

"You put a bomb on my ship!" Kya cried, standing up. "And for what, the sake of some treasure?"

"I already explained to you why—"

"No enough with that," she declared drawing her sword and pointing it at his neck. "Tell me the true reason you want to go there."

"In one word your entire ship will be in pieces."

"In that same word you'll be dead."

Kya locked eyes with Colton, both their words echoing in her mind. She didn't know what terrified her more, the bomb that was on her ship or the fact she wasn't even sure if she could kill this person.

Colton sighed, leaning back in his chair.

"There is something particular I'm interested in," he admitted, eyes averted.

Kya slowly retracted her sword but remained standing.

"What is it that you want?" she questioned, her tone firm but curious.

"The Jupiter," he said so softly Kya had to lean in to understand him. But once she did, she scoffed.

"You have got to be joking," she said. "You really are suicidal. You want to go after the most esteemed military craft of this day?"

"I like to call it ambition," he said, smirk back on his face. "But yes that is my goal."

"And why," she began. "Do you need my ships help? Why not chose some other ship?"

"Well for one you are one of the best pirate crews to sail the air," he admitted, albeit begrudgingly. "And second of all because I trust you."

Kya stiffened, having not expected that. She shifted her gaze away from him, slightly confused.

"Don't think just because we knew each other back in school means anything," she muttered, hoping her words came out more bitingly then they sounded.

"Well you certainly think it means something," he commented. "Or you wouldn't have saved my life."

"Get something straight," she snapped. "I saved because I'm a decent human being who can tell when someone is in need. It had nothing to do with our past lives."

"Whatever the reason you claim," said Colton, unfazed by her harsh glare. "You still saved me. And for that I have some trust in you."

"Whatever," Kya snarled. "We'll help you. Just get the bomb off my craft."

"Wonderful," Colton declared. "The bomb will be off when we all land in Greece."

"I thought you trusted me," she nearly shouted. "Get the bomb off my ship now!"

"Fine," Colton conceded, dismissing her with a wave of her hand. "But be warned, if you don't help us there will be a price to pay."

Kya escorted herself out the door, aggravated beyond belief. Pushing her way through the crew, she paid no mind to the stares she received, only focused on getting out of the aircraft. As he made her way up the latch, she heard the captain's voice calling out to her.

"Oh and Kya," Colton shouted. "Give everyone on the Serpopord our thanks, from all of us here in the Ophidian!"

Kya rolled her eyes as the sound of his and the entire crews laughing echoed out into the night air. Making her way up, she felt particularly bitter about this meeting, and she tried to keep an eye open for anything that may look like a bomb. When she finally reached her balcony, she was greeted by the relieved face of Wesley. He called out to Reg and Pauline, and then centered his attention back on Kya.

"What took you so long!" he demanded, but at the sight of her raised eyebrows, he calmed himself. "I mean, it's just that you took way longer than usual and it was strangely quiet and—"

"I'll catch you up in a moment," she muttered as Reg and Pauline both reported to her.

"So everything's all good then?" Pauline asked, stifling a yawn.

"Yes, you both are dismissed," she said. "Go and tell the crew and tell the chefs that tonight is buffet night."

Both her sailors' eyes brightened at her words as they raced out into the deck to alert every one of the news. Wesley's eyes followed them before going back to Kya.

"What happened?" Wesley asked, making his way into her quarters. She sighed before pulling out her bed and taking a seat on it.

"Get off my desk," she told him warily. Wesley promptly hopped off and sat on one of the chairs in front of her desk.

Kya sighed once more before delving into all that happened while she was on their craft, from the two men who attempted to "escort her" to the teasing farewell Colton had declared in front on the his entire crew.

Taking a deep breath at the end of her retelling, Kya looked to Wesley for some sort of response. He blinked once, then twice, and then he was a blur of moment.

"How on earth did he get a bomb on this ship!" he exclaimed, pacing back and forth in front of her. "And furthermore, how on earth does he plan to steal The Jupiter? Is he insane! And for goodness sake why didn't you tell me you went to school with that maniac."

"Topic never came up," Kya deadpanned, obviously not amused. "And as for the rest of that, I have no clue. I just know that I would not jeopardize the lives on this ship for anything."

Wesley was silent, obviously thinking this over.

"Well than what was he like back then?"

"Honestly Wes," she groaned. "All that and you're still stuck on this trivial thing."

"Well sorry," he defended. "You just never talk about your past. Ever. So this is all I have to go by."

"There's not much to talk about," she shrugged. "Basic life. It just so happened that me and Colton happened to go to the same school. We both just went our separate ways."

"But did you actually know him?" Wesley pushed further, leaning on the edge of his seat.

"Yeah but that's not a big deal," she explained. "It was a small so school so everyone knew most everyone."

Wesley hummed thoughtfully, tapping his foot.

"Where are you from?"

"Why the sudden interest?" Kya retorted. "This is going nowhere and we have more pressing matters to address."

"Well I've got nothing," Wesley sighed, leaning back in his chair.

"Yeah me neither," Kya confessed. "So I guess we have to help to jerk out."

At the sight of Wesley slumping even further, Kya felt a twinge of sympathy.

"Hey," she said nudging his leg with her foot. "Why don't you go help yourself to the buffet?"

He smiled and got up, but turned to her on his way out.

"Are you coming?" he asked.

"No," she answered, thinking to herself. "I'm going to turn in early."

She heard rather than saw him scoff before he wished her good night and closed the door. She barely even noticed with her mind racing with old memories and thoughts. She got up and pulled out a trunk from her closet. As she opened the dust ridden thing, she felt a wave of nostalgia wash over her as she looked past the old pictures, journals, and books.

Shaking her head, she steeled herself before diving into the disorganized mess. She had some work to do.