Chapter 1

Wolfs that just what we are. Men that walk the earth but nothing more than hot blooded killers. Sons of the moons. Each to our own packs.

Along with the 4 moons we live by. The red moon, the time where we fight each other to see whose clan is the strongest. The white moon, what every human sees but it's our time to morn those we've lost. The yellow moon, when our people come together to celebrate life. Finally the blue moon, the time were we find our life. The one and only person to give us existence in this retched world.

In the final nights of the white moon we all have fought. Each of us showing our own scars. Never ending battles. The mourning of lost ones tear us apart. I myself have mourned the most in it. The remembrance of the loss of my mother at birth. The loss of my father during a raid when the clans got out of hand. The loss of my older brother. Who protected me during one of the red moons. His life shouldn't have been taken. The fight was cheated and a weapon was used. Needless to say I've spent my nights drinking away. Plotting my revenge.

One of those nights I was drunk and started a fight with some humans. They had nothing on me. I beat them all to a pulp. But I couldn't stop. My morning became too much for me I lost control. But that's when Baito and the others found me. From what Baito's told me, I howled at the moon so loud they found me at a train's station about to jump. But they stopped me. Next thing I knew I was adopted into their pack.

I finally found something to call brothers. And it was refreshing how they were close to my age. Our part of the pack is the hunters. We hunt for food and keep the others safe. There's 8 of us. Suho, the oldest, 22. He's the one who jumped after I leaped from the railings. Lay, he's the quietest next to me. Who is 21 going on 22. Me and the twins Chanyeol and Chen, 21. Both of them are total opposites. Even their hairs is different, Chanyeol is black while Chen is white as snow. Yin and yang huh?

Then there's the middle kids, Xumin who's now 19. Kai also 19. And our small fry. Sehan. He's basically my responsibility. When I joined the pack he was about 13, and needed someone to help in his hunting skills. And he reminded me of my brother. Both so full of life. And sneaky as hell.

We're the only ones in our pack that hasn't "settle down". The older wolves say we should be "hitting it up", or whatever they say to try and be young.

Their right though, at my age I should be thinking of my next fling. But that never happens. Different women come and go. Saying things like "You look so lonely and sad. Maybe I can help you." But I never laid a touch to them. They all reek to me.

They say that in the old day's males of my clan could sense when their life has come. Lives are the other half of us. Ones that give us more. It's like everything becomes color. We see things that we pay no second mind too. My brother Jin believed it still could happen. He would say, "We just need to look within. Open our eyes to what could be."

How his words were right, because the night it became 6years since his passing. I found that life...

-The beginning-
It was late at night and a girl no more than 5'4 at an age of 19, walked down the cold streets of Seoul. Walking passed drunks and merry people. Clutching her bag to her person more. Its 7:00 and she should be at home, writing more lyrics or sleeping the night away. But last minute things happened and she was needed at the bar she worked at part time. They kept her age private to others because she needed the money.

As she neared the pub she noticed that her bangs were out of place. Stopping for a moment she fixed the foxy piece back into her hat. She walked into the bar. Only to have it snatched off by her "uncle" Luhan. He always seemed to crack jokes when things were needed. With his fiery red hair, and tall stature. He looked like a bad kid, which he was growing up but things changed for him. And he made it his goal to protect Saki from the same fate someone he knew.

"You're such an ass! Give it back!" The man chuckled, "Why should I? That hair needs to be shown off." While the debate is going on, a sitting there was Kris. Stunned and speechless.

As if something has clicked inside and he felt alive. Looking around he could see that every color was brighter than the minute before this creature stepped into the room. Looking up and down her, he could see that she was short. Could probably barley reach his chin. Being 6'4 did that for people his height.

Looking at her face, she had a soft one. Not over baring drop dead, or plain. It made her different. What set it all apart was her eyes, full of mystery, different shades of brown pooling into her deep irises. Then her hair that flowed down her back nearly reaching her plumb bum that was there, the color was a very dark brown but had red mixed with it. An in the light all you could see was a bright deep red coming from it.

Moving down, he could see long legs that were covered by black jeans that hugged every curve. A jacket to match its color that was taken off to show a baggy sweater that hug off her right shoulder.

Brushing her hair back he also noticed a cross laying upon her pale skin. And a few piercings on her right ear. Taking in her appearance she opened her mouth again to speak to the man before her. Filling his hearing with sweet vocals.

Sighing she spoke, "Why are you so obsessed with my hair?" He walked to the bar and sat down on one the stools. "It's simple really." She rolled her eyes. "It gives you more mystery." And with that he threw it back at her. She put it back on, but let her 2ft alburney colored hair out. Moving to the back she stopped when two pairs of dark blue eyes caught her.

The eyes belonged to a boy-no man sitting alone. He looked to be about 21. His face like it should be on a Greek sculpture. Body that of a more than fit person. Toned muscles and what it looked like tattooed arms. Only doting tribal markings which caught her attention. Wearing a black shirt that showed off his "sex" appeal. His skin was a simple tan that suited him. She moved her eyes back up to the watchful gaze before her. Noting that his hair was black as night, and had that messy look to it at the top, and shaved against the sides. But again was made just for him.

She simple gave a shy smile and walked passed him. Only to feel as if he followed her. Glancing back she saw that he was turned slightly only so he could follow her movements. She blushed and ran inside the door. Scaring one if the workers there. "Jesus! Sak! You scared me!" A woman about 38 said. Holding her hand to her chest to calm the beat. "Sorry!" She put her stuff into the locker and went back out.

The man there was still looking but he had a jacket on. As if he was about to leave. She walked closer to him and he stood up. She was shocked as to how tall he was. Hell she could barely reach his chin. Continuing down the walkway. He stood in front of her. She looked up and saw that he had a smug smirk on his face. He reached to her hat and took it off. Placing it on his own he walked away.

"Hey! You can't-" He looked back at her from the door. She blushed again. His gaze was both smothering and amused. Then he said, "See you around... Little mouse." And walked into the black night. She just stood there, her cheeks flushed and dazed.

"Hey! Juliette!" Saki turned to the bartender working that night, his name was Baekhyon. Who she had an older brother attachment too. "Yes?" He pointed to customers, "Get back to work." She sighed. "Yes sir." And began working.

-With Kris-
Walking out of the bar he could hear her heartbeat flutter at the name he'd given. Remembering how his brother told him the meaning of it. It was something his father called his mother when she was alive. He flashes back to when his brother smiled and laughed, "She used to hate that name. She'd always say- 'Stop calling me that! I feel like your food!'-Dad would laugh, and she get pissed and push him away... I miss that about them. They never got tired of each other."

Opening his eyes he looked around, seeing that he was in the famous Dream Forest, he decided to go home. "Not much else to do... Huh?" Kris nodded to the shadow to his left. It let out a annoyed sigh, "How you know it was me?" Kris chuckled, "I taught you how to sneak up on things. Sehun."

A boy about 18 stepped out into the light, his stature of a normal jockey high school kid. Hair blond with wild colors here and there. Pale skin, but his eyes were a cool green. "Come on bro! That's not fair! I helped you-" , "Yea with college physics. But that's not the same. Small fry."

Sehun appeared in front of Kris, grabbing his shirt. "Don't call me that." His eyes became red. Kris grabbed his wrist, his eyes redding themselves. "Make me." Then they both smirked. And went at it.

Kris grabbed both his arms and threw him up into the air. Sehun grabbed the branch and raised himself up onto it. "Che. Cheater." Kris looked up at him, claws started to appear, and his canine teeth elongating. "Tsk. Gotta think fast." Then he speed up the tree. Sehun jumped down only to be tackled. "Shit!" They struggled for a while till Kris lifted him up and slammed Sehun into the tree nearby. "Shit! Ok you win!" Holding his hands up in defense, Kris just got closer until he shouted, "I'll get her name!"